Chapter 1335 - Master Wang Does Things Silently

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Chapter 1335: Master Wang Does Things Silently

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She was asking why she had to make another one.

Liang Conglin understood her words and was silent for a few seconds before telling her about Yin Wenzhi stealing the USB drive and how it had been destroyed.

In the end, he said with a headache, “This is the first time Qing University has encountered such a thing. That student has already been expelled from the school. It’s just that your USB drive has also been destroyed by her. We’ve tried to copy the data but to no avail. That USB drive can’t even be inserted into a computer. It definitely can’t be used anymore…”

Qiao Nian had expected this outcome from the moment she heard that her USB drive had been stolen. She wasn’t surprised. “I can make a new copy of the contents of the USB drive.”

“Wonderful!” Liang Conglin asked her with relief, “It’s due in a week. Is there time?”

“I don’t know,” Qiao Nian replied quickly and straightforwardly. She said concisely, “It’ll definitely be faster since I’m doing it again. However, it will still take time to write the code. I can only say that I’ll try my best to catch up.”

The school was largely responsible for the flash drive’s loss.

Liang Conglin was already pleasantly surprised upon hearing that she could redo it. He didn’t dare to force her to do too much. “It’s good that it can be redone. I’ll explain the situation to the organizing committee and see if they can give us a two-day delay.”

This was a world-class competition.

It was Qiao Nian’s first time entering the finals. Liang Conglin had said that he wanted to apply for a two-day extension from the organizing committee to submit the USB drive, but he was also unsure. He knew that the chances of the organizing committee agreeing to set a precedent for them were slim to none. It was basically impossible…

Qiao Nian knew that the possibility of Liang Conglin applying for a two-day extension from the organizing committee was very low, but she didn’t say much. She nodded and hung up.

Then, she received a message from the software competition organizing committee.

Annoyed, Qiao Nian opened the message and skimmed through it.

[Notification: The final work of the World Software Competition, which was scheduled to be delivered at 10:00 AM on Sunday, September 21, is delayed until the next week, September 23. The software is to be handed in at 2:00 PM. The way it is to be handed in and the content of the software theme remain unchanged. Thank you for your attention. Please understand if it is inconvenient.]

Qiao Nian’s long eyelashes covered her eyes, which were dark and clear.

She checked the time the message had been sent.

Liang Conglin would definitely not have the time to communicate with the organizing committee, let alone persuade them to postpone the meeting for two days…

Liang Conglin did not have the ability to do this, either.

Qiao Nian’s eyes were clear. She could basically guess who had done it.

She was just a little surprised. She did not expect Ye Wangchuan to act so quickly and even make the competition’s organizing committee give in and directly postpone the deadline by two days.

Qiao Nian didn’t waste any more time. She switched off the mute mode and threw it aside, then opened the programming software on her laptop and began to input codes.

She never did anything that wasted time. In the past, this kind of thing that made her repeat the code twice was called a waste of time!

Only this time, she was not representing herself alone. She represented the country.

The girl’s delicate eyes restrained their frustration. She let herself settle down and stop being distracted and focused on what she was doing.

Jiang Yao realized that he actually had nowhere to go after he left home in a hurry.

He tried calling Qiao Nian, but the busy tone reminded him that he had been blocked.