Chapter 1336 - He Has to Care About Her No Matter How Angry He Is

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Chapter 1336: He Has to Care About Her No Matter How Angry He Is

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Jiang Yao put down his phone helplessly. His handsome eyes were filled with anxiety, but he couldn’t do anything about the current situation.

He put his hand on the steering wheel. After thinking about it, he called Jiang Zongnan. “Hello, Dad, are you in the company?”

Jiang Xianrou’s matter could be big or small.

However, for some reason, Jiang Yao’s heart was in a mess. He felt that this matter would not end well.

Jiang Yao had grown up with Jiang Xianrou. He couldn’t ignore Jiang Xianrou’s life no matter how angry he was.

“… I have something to discuss with you.” Jiang Yao lowered his voice and started the car. He turned around and drove towards the Jiang Corporation building. “I’m driving. It’s not convenient to talk about this over the phone. Let’s talk when I arrive.”

He raised his eyes to the traffic lights at the intersection and whispered, “I’ll be there in 10 minutes, Dad.”

Jiang Yao drove fast.

He told Jiang Zongnan that he would be there in 10 minutes, so he sped all the way and arrived at the company in about 10 minutes.

This was not Jiang Yao’s first time at the Jiang Corporation.

The person at the front desk knew him. Thus, he greeted him respectfully. “Hello, Young Master Jiang.”

Jiang Yao had something on his mind. He ignored everyone and walked straight to the elevator.

The elevator reached the floor where Jiang Zongnan’s office was located. Jiang Yao rushed all the way without stopping for a moment. He passed the people from the secretariat and walked to Jiang Zongnan’s office. He reached out and pushed the door open.

He had just stepped inside when he saw the person sitting on the sofa.

Ye Wangchuan and Qin Si were both there. Bo Jingxing was also present. Beside him stood Gu San. They didn’t even look at him, as if he were a dispensable character.