Chapter 1337 - How Do You Plan to Explain

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Chapter 1337: How Do You Plan to Explain

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Jiang Zongnan used to be considered an elder to the young man in front of him. Ye Wangchuan gave him enough face in the past.

How comfortable he used to be in front of Ye Wangchuan was how embarrassed he was now.

Jiang Zongnan took a deep breath and frowned slightly. He felt ashamed as he said, “… It’s my fault for not educating my children well. As for Nian Nian… I’ll apologize to her. It’s just that this matter might not have anything to do with Xianrou. The Zhu family called me previously, and from his tone, Xianrou didn’t seem to know. She only found out later that Zhu Yuanhao got someone to steal Nian Nian’s USB drive…”

The young man reclining on the sofa didn’t react. He raised his hand, picked up the tea on the coffee table, took a sip, and put it down again.

He was like an ancient noble young master as he drank tea. His smooth movements revealed elegance.

He kept his mouth shut.

At the side, Qin Si couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and mock, “How does President Jiang plan to explain?”

Jiang Zongnan was silent for a moment.

He knew that Jiang Xianrou was more or less at fault in this matter. Zhu Yuanhao wouldn’t have found someone to steal the USB drive if she hadn’t shown that she had a grudge against Qiao Nian.

He stopped hesitating and said softly, “I’ll ask her to apologize to Nian Nian if Xianrou has anything to do with this.”

“Just an apology?” Qin Si smiled and leaned back on the sofa. He spread his hands on his sides with a mocking expression. “Isn’t President Jiang’s explanation too simple?”

Jiang Yao almost asked, “What do you want?”

But his father grabbed his arm before he could do so.

Jiang Zongnan seemed to have aged 10 years. Deep lines could be seen at the corners of his eyes. He had a better temperament and was calmer than Jiang Yao. His shrewd eyes looked past Qin Si and at the young man sitting beside him, and he asked softly, “Young Master Ye, what do you want?”

Ye Wangchuan narrowed his eyes and looked at him deeply.

Jiang Zongnan whispered again, “Nian Nian is my niece. This matter has affected her. Xianrou has more or less done something wrong, and I won’t protect her. But she doesn’t know about this, either. Zhu Yuanhao did it behind her back. Even if she’s in the wrong, it wasn’t intentional. Young Master Ye, I’m not protecting her, it’s just…”

Qin Si couldn’t stand it anymore. He stood up and interrupted him. “President Jiang!”

“You keep saying that you won’t protect your daughter, that Sister Qiao is also your niece, and you’ll treat the two of them fairly. But you’re absolving your daughter from everything! One moment, you’re saying that she doesn’t know, and the next, you’re saying that she didn’t do it on purpose…”

Qin Si laughed arrogantly. “I’m puzzled. She’s so big, but she looks like she doesn’t have a brain.”

He continued, “President Jiang, we’re all people in the circle. You and I know very well whether Jiang Xianrou did it on purpose and whether she sowed discord in Zhu Yuanhao’s ears. No one here is a fool. President Jiang, why do you have to use these words to disgust everyone?”

Ye Wangchuan stood up at this moment. His aura suppressed everyone, including Qin Si.

Jiang Zongnan’s heart turned cold.

The young man’s voice was lazy, just like his usual style. He didn’t say a word of nonsense and said concisely, “Yin Wenzhi has been kicked out of school and Zhu Yuanhao has been sent to the police station. Jiang Xianrou… has to take a leave of absence or go overseas. Choose one.”