Chapter 1338 - Jiang Xianrou's Reputation Is Completely Ruined?

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Chapter 1338: Jiang Xianrou’s Reputation Is Completely Ruined?

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Jiang Zongnan had yet to speak.

Jiang Yao was stunned. Then, he immediately raised his handsome face and looked at the man in front of him with a frown. He said in a low voice, “Young Master Ye, my sister graduated this year. Isn’t it too serious for you to expel her at this time?!”

Ye Wangchuan touched the prayer beads with his fair fingers. The round and smooth beads had the effect of calming one’s mind. His dark eyelashes were lowered, covering the murderous aura in his eyes. His aura was cold. He even curled his thin lips and looked quite easy to talk to. He asked, “How do you want to solve this matter?”

“Xianrou didn’t know that Zhu Yuanhao got someone to steal the USB drive…”

Like Jiang Zongnan, Jiang Yao was emphasizing that Jiang Xianrou had no idea that Zhu Yuanhao would ask Yin Wenzhi to steal Qiao Nian’s USB drive.

He frowned. Against the immense pressure, he continued, “I’ll get Xianrou to apologize to Nian Nian.”

Jiang Yao paused again. “… Whether Xianrou knows about Zhu Yuanhao or not, she must have done something bad. She should apologize to Nian Nian. But Young Master Ye, what you said about Xianrou dropping out of school is too serious. This matter is far from being so serious.”

Bo Jingxing had been listening at the side. A hint of pity flashed across his eyes when he heard this.

Could it be that the father and son of the Jiang family thought that Master Wang had come over to seek their opinion? The more they defended Jiang Xianrou, the worse her fate would be.

Bo Jingxing raised his hand and gently pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on his nose bridge at this thought. He didn’t remind Jiang Yao and the others. Instead, he stood silently at the side and did not make any comments.

He had always had a good relationship with Jiang Xianrou, but Qiao Nian had helped the Ninth Branch through a difficult time and cured Master Cheng’s insomnia.

He would remember every favor he had received.

Logically speaking, he wouldn’t mindlessly help Jiang Xianrou even if he couldn’t stand on Qiao Nian’s side.

Just as he’d expected.

After Jiang Yao finished speaking, the man’s lips curled up casually. His black eyes were unrestrained as he glanced at the agitated Jiang Yao and asked in a lazy and noble tone, “… Do I look easy to talk to?”

Jiang Yao’s entire body stiffened. His anger was instantly suppressed. “I, I didn’t mean that. Young Master Ye.”

Ye Wangchuan didn’t care if he had such intentions. There was a sharp glint in his eyes. He was neither fast nor slow when he spoke, giving people the illusion that he was distant.

“Zhu Yuanhao will be sentenced to at least three years in prison this time. The girl who helped him will also be punished. There’s a high chance that no university will want her in this lifetime… What makes you think that Jiang Xianrou can just apologize and we’ll let it go?”

“…” Jiang Yao fell silent.

He didn’t just want to apologize. It was just that the other party’s request was too harsh. Jiang Xianrou was only a year away from graduating from university. It would be equivalent to slapping herself in the face if she were to drop out of school at this juncture. She wouldn’t be able to survive in this circle in the future.

He clenched his fists at his sides and looked up. He wanted to say, “Didn’t Xianrou always have a good relationship with you? Why are you so ruthless this time and insist on killing her?”

“I’m already letting her off easy by giving you two choices.” Ye Wangchuan’s eyes were emotionless, and only endless coldness could be seen in them. He said coldly, “If not for the fact that she’s related to Qiao Nian by blood, based on what she did, I would have made her suffer a hundred times worse. I’m just trying to ruin her reputation. If you continue to bargain with me, do you believe that she has a place next to Zhu Yuanhao in prison?”