Chapter 2498: God! Mary Sue world (40)

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Chapter 2498: God! Mary Sue world (40)

After they went into the office, the reporters were stopped by the security guards.

Sister Mi thought that she was worried, so she quickly came forward to say, Actually, any piece of news on god Yu would be emphasized by the news in the past two years. When I was in the car, I thought that it wasnt you in the picture, so I thought that this was a good thing

After all, you could be on the trending page and gain such large exposure without spending any money. No matter how you looked at it, it couldnt be a bad thing.

So its not a good thing if it was me in the picture? Luo Qing Chen gave a soft snort as a bit of helplessness appeared in her eyes.

The entertainment industry was this complicated. Exposure could also be a double edged sword.

Only when it was properly used would it have its greatest effect.

On the contrary, if it wasnt properly used, one would be frozen for some time if it was light and they would be chased out if it was heavy.

It cant be said that its a bad thing. Sister Mi thought about it and said, So do you know god Yu?

There was a ding sound and the elevator door opened. Standing inside was Jin Yi Xue, Gu Fan Fan, and Gu Fan Fans agent Ye Su who just came up from the underground parking lot.

When Luo Qing Chen was searching the web in the car, she unknowingly caught sight of Youth is a Simple Things starting announcement.

There were around thirty stars and with the popularity of the novel and Jin Yi Xuans fame, it was impossible for it not to be popular.

The biggest problem was Gu Fan Fan!

In another world, due to the previous hosts love for Jin Yi Xuan, they would follow her onto the trending page.

An evil rich lady vs the pure Cinderella, Gu Fan Fans popularity and image naturally rose.

The more people paid attention to their love triangle, the more fame Youth received.

The previous host was that dumb to be the catalyst for their relationship and their career, but then she ended up with that tragic ending.

Isnt this sister Mi? Ye Su was the first to speak. She had a different look in her eyes as she said with a smile, There really are a lot of reporters outside! Your fame isnt bad.

In the office, whether it was between stars or agents, there would be secret competition.

Sister Mi and Ye Su didnt fight in the dark, they had an open competition as soon as they entered the company.

It was a pity that sister Mi wasnt as good as Ye Su and none of her newcomers could surpass Ye Sus.

Of course, Luo Qing Chen was the exception.

Because she chose sister Mi and sister Mi didnt choose her.

The reason behind the fight between sister Mi and Ye Su was because they fell in love with the same boy when they were in the same class back then.

This boy chose Ye Xu and not sister Mi in the end, but that was not what sister Mi was angry about.

What she was most angry about was that Ye Su had dumped him and got together with an entertainment companys vice president after getting him.

Later the boy became depressed and went to America for treatment. He still hadnt come back yet.

Sister Mi hated Ye Su and Ye Su looked down on sister Mi, so naturally their relationship wasnt good.

Then adding in the fact that they had different artists, it was inevitable that they would clash against each other.

But Luo Qing Chen didnt want to!

Its a pity that certain people dont even have a chance to become popular. Luo Qing Chen pressed the button for the twentieth floor before putting her hands in her pockets and looking at Ye Su with a provoking look.

If she wanted to protect someone, it didnt make sense if she couldnt protect them.

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