Chapter 304 - Nan Wan Likes Shi Xi’s

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Chapter 304: # Nan Wan Likes Shi Xi’s Collapsed House Weibo #

Shi Xi pulled the blanket and said helplessly, “Brother Han, next time before you enter my room, can you knock on the door first?”

Han Chuan: “I did. You didn’t hear me.”

Shi Xi:” …Please wait for me outside. I’ll get up first.”

“Can you get up?” Han Chuan glanced at Shi Xi and said, “I heard that both your feet are useless.”

“I’m just injured, not disabled,” Shi Xi explained.

Han Chuan shrugged and did not care what Shi Xi said. Instead, he said to the short-haired boy beside him, “This is Shi Xi, the person you have to protect.”

Shi Xi’s eyes were filled with confusion.

Han Chuan introduced, “This is the bodyguard that President Shi hired for you. His name is Tian Hongyi.”

“Just call me Xiao Tian.” Tian Hongyi nodded slightly.

“Xiao Tian?” Shi Xi’s mind, which had just cleared up, went blank for a few seconds.

A handsome man was actually called Tian Hongyi, such a rustic name.

And his nickname was Xiao Tian.

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Shi Xi thought to herself, ‘As long as you’re happy.’

“Carry her down first. I’ll wait for you in the living room.” Han Chuan turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

Tian Hongyi was ready to carry Shi Xi.

Shi Xi immediately said, “No need. I can get out of bed by myself. You guys wait for me outside.”

After a few days of training, Shi Xi had learned to get up and down on her own.

Han Chuan did not force her. He brought Tian Hongyi outside and waited.

Not long after, Shi Xi washed up and came out.

Zhu Lin brought breakfast over. As Shi Xi ate, she listened to Han Chuan’s introduction.

Han Chuan said, “From now on, Xiao Tian will be your bodyguard and driver. He will be responsible for your safety and personal safety. Zhu Lin will take care of your daily life.”

Shi Xi leaned against the back of her chair and said, “It will be even better if you can find me a stunt double.”

“Then you can stay in the wheelchair forever,” Han Chuan retorted. He said, “The new series of Kuai Xue will be delayed for a period of time. During this period of time, you just need to focus on filming [Nine Blades of Tang]. I will handle the other assignments.”

There was no need to ask how to handle it.

All of them were rejected.

After changing drivers, Shi Xi realized that even though Tian Hongyi looked young, his driving skills were even more stable than the previous experienced drivers.

She drank the iced americano coffee in the car and did not spill a single drop.

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After arriving at the production team, Tian Hongyi carried the wheelchair down from the car and carried Shi Xi down.

Outside the set, a group of people gathered to film the actors’ daily lives for fun.

The videos they filmed would be sold to fans at a high price. Those with commercial value would be sold to marketing numbers.

And the video of Shi Xi being carried down from the car by a strange man was recorded by a distant representative.

#Shi Xi Being Carried By a Strange Man Princess Style#

The representative shot was very far away. It only recorded Shi Xi being carried down by a strange man, but it was blocked at the back.

However, such a short video had already made it onto the hot searches.

[Shi Xi is in love? Did my house collapse?]

[She’s back on the set of [Nine Blades of Tang], right? Why is she so stubborn? She’s actually in love while her career is on the rise?]

[Looking at her face, I know that her house will definitely collapse.]

[She’s hugging and kissing in public. Looks like she doesn’t care about what her fans think.]

When the black fans saw the news about Shi Xi’s collapsed house, they were both surprised and happy, especially Nan Wan.

“The wheel of fortune has turned!” Nan Wan saw the malicious comments about Shi Xi and liked it.

However, Nan Wan forgot to change her account to eat melons. The Weibo that she liked appeared on her home page.

Hence, another topic also appeared on the hot searches.

#Nan Wan Liked Shi Xi’s Collapsed House Weibo#