Chapter 305 - Cannot Walk Down?

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Chapter 305: Cannot Walk Down?

[I’m dying of laughter. Nan Wan is eating melons, right?

[Is her hand slipping? Or is she secretly rejoicing?]

[Previously, Nan Wan and Shi Xi had a red carpet PK, and then Nan Wan stole Shi Xi’s character, but Shi Xi snatched it back. These two people are sworn enemies! Now that Shi Xi has collapsed, Nan Wan will definitely be overjoyed.]

Nan Wan had yet to realize that she had clicked ‘like’. It was only when her manager called her that she switched off her account.

But she did not care at all.

In any case, Shi Xi was about to flop after falling in love. Among the current female celebrities, there was no longer anyone who was her match!

Nan Wan was dreaming, unwilling to wake up.

Ji Yin watched the video dozens of times, but she still could not find a single point to defend.

The fan club group was also in an uproar.

[What’s going on? Is Shi Xi really in love?]

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

[It can’t be? She’s only 18 years old. It’s considered puppy love, right?]

[I originally thought that Shi Xi was a career-minded person, but I didn’t expect her to be a love brain.]

Ji Yin: [Take a look at the video. Is there some misunderstanding?]

The Head of the Copywriting Team: [What misunderstanding could there be? That man didn’t carry her out of the car? Shi Xi wasn’t in his arms? The video is so clear! What else is there to say?]

[Just take it that I was blind to actually like such a shameless and lowly woman. I thought that she was young and must be very innocent, but I didn’t expect her to be so shameless. Disgusting.]

Ji Yin immediately kicked them out of the group.

Even if Shi Xi was really in love, it wasn’t the reason why fans could maliciously insult her.

When the others saw Ji Yin make her move, they all calmed down.

Ji Yin: [I’ll try to contact the company. Don’t be too anxious to leave the set.]

The higher-ups of the fan club could contact their managers or assistants.

For example, Ji Yin had Zhu Lin’s WeChat.

However, Zhu Lin had yet to reply, so Ji Yin had no choice but to call her.

Zhu Lin, who was on set, received the call and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Ji Yin: “Weibo says that Shi Xi is in love.”

“In love? With who?” The image of Chu Yuan, Xie Yunzhou, Sheng Yan, Director Yan, and Shen Hanquan flashed through Zhu Lin’s mind.

“So she’s really in love?” Ji Yin asked.

“How is that possible?!” As Zhu Lin said this, she opened Weibo and saw the video.

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“That’s Xi Xi’s newly hired bodyguard,” Zhu Lin explained.

“Even if it’s a bodyguard, he doesn’t have to carry her down, right?” Ji Yin’s tone was a little harsh.

Zhu Lin asked, “If you don’t carry her down, how is she going to get down?”

Ji Yin asked back, “She can’t walk down?”

D*mn, there was a difference in information!

As Shi Xi’s assistant, Zhu Lin naturally knew that Shi Xi’s foot was injured and that she needed to be in a wheelchair.

But the fans didn’t know that!

Shi Xi had never told anyone that she had an injury on her foot.

Even if she had been filmed on set, everyone would have thought that it was for the role.

To the netizens and fans, Shi Xi was still considered healthy.

Zhu Lin explained the situation clearly and said, “Xi Xi didn’t want her fans to worry about her injury.”

“Don’t tell anyone either. I’ll ask Brother Han how he’s going to deal with it.”

After knowing that Shi Xi wasn’t in a relationship and only had a crippled leg, Ji Yin heaved a sigh of relief.

Ah, no, Ji Yin was even more worried. “Then when will she recover? Is her injury serious? Why is she injured? How did you… Why did you hang up?”

Ji Yin looked at the phone call that had been hung up and felt mixed emotions.

She didn’t know whether she should be happy or worried.