Chapter 306 - Why Didn’t You Hire a Female Bodyguard

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Chapter 306: Why Didn’t You Hire a Female Bodyguard

However, knowing that Shi Xi wasn’t in a relationship meant that Ji Yin could give her fans an explanation.

Ji Yin opened Weibo and was thinking about how to edit it when she realized that the trend had changed.

Under the trending searches, it was already a sign of respect and blessing.

[Don’t meddle in the affairs of beautiful women. Shi Xi isn’t a popular idol. Is she going to be criticized even if she’s in a relationship?]

[This is hilarious. Male artistes are unfaithful to others, but female artistes are unfaithful when they are in a relationship? This is really double standard!]

[One must learn virtue before learning art. I hope male artistes can keep their virtue. Unclean men will be despised.]

[Looking at the time, I realized that this is the 21st century. Just now, I thought I was living in the Qing Dynasty.]

A huge figure appeared above Ji Yin’s head: ?

Weren’t they just talking about Shi Xi falling in love and collapsing her house?

Why are you minding your own business now when it’s all about beautiful women?

Ji Yin expressed that she didn’t understand.

However, she still edited the document as soon as possible and posted a clarification on Weibo.

‘???s ??????? ?s ?????? ?? N ovelBi(n)’,

@Shi Xi Fan club: [I have contacted the company and confirmed that the man in the video is a bodyguard. Because Shi Xi is not feeling well, he carried Shi Xi out of the car.]

[The two of them are not in a relationship. Please let everyone know.]

After the clarification was sent out, almost no one cared.

The netizens only wanted to believe what they wanted to believe.

As for the truth of the matter, how many people cared?

@Kuai Xue Entertainment Official Blog: [Shi Xi’s foot is injured and needs to recuperate in a wheelchair recently. In the video, the one who carried Shi Xi out of the car is a bodyguard, the so-called boyfriend rumored online. Shi Xi is currently single. Please pay more attention to Shi Xi’s work. [picture]]

Not only did the official Weibo post a statement, but it also sent Shi Xi’s medical record, proving that Shi Xi’s foot was indeed injured.

The fans in the comment section immediately started to worry. [She’s injured, yet she still wants to act?! Can’t they let Xi Xi rest properly?!]

[Can’t they hire a female bodyguard? If they hug and cuddle like this, won’t the female goose be taken advantage of?]

[How did Xi Xi get hurt? Why is there no news?]

Meanwhile, Shi Xi had no idea that she had become a trending topic.

She was still working in the production team.

Due to the mess Nan Wan had left behind, what the production team lacked the most right now was her scenes.

From morning till night, during her break, Shi Xi would recite the script and rest.

She did not have time to look at her phone at all.

After Zhu Lin and Han Chuan reported the matter, they handled the matter properly.

Seeing that Shi Xi was so tired, Zhu Lin did not mention the blunder to Shi Xi.

‘This chapter is updated by Nov elB i n’,

Instead, Chu Yuan looked at Weibo and ate melon seeds the entire time.

After work, Chu Yuan asked, “You hired a bodyguard?”

Shi Xi nodded and said perfunctorily, “Yes.”

Chu Yuan commented, “He’s quite handsome.”

“He is quite handsome.” Shi Xi thought about Tian Hongyi’s face, then looked at Chu Yuan and said, “You’re even more handsome!”

Chu Yuan asked, “What do you want to eat today?”

Shi Xi asked, “Director Yan still wants to reimburse us? Why is he so generous?”

They had eaten five figures yesterday, and Director Yan’s face was dark today.

Chu Yuan could not help but laugh. “It’s my treat.”

Shi Xi stepped back half a wheel and said, “After a while. I’m a little tired today.”

After acting for a whole day, her face was about to stiffen.

Chu Yuan did not insist. “We’ll meet again when we have time.”

Zhu Lin hurriedly pushed Shi Xi away.

She was afraid that her female goose would be cheated away by others.

When they got into the car, it was still Tian Hongyi who carried Shi Xi into the car.

Zhu Lin whispered, “Brother Han, seriously, why didn’t you hire a female bodyguard?”

Tian Hongyi said, “Huh?”

Zhu Lin quickly explained, “I just thought that it would be more convenient to hire a female bodyguard.”

Tian Hongyi said inexplicably, “I am a woman.”