Chapter 286 - Take the Initiative to Attack

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Chapter 286: Take the Initiative to Attack

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Originally, Song Ci did not want Lu Gan to get involved because it might inconvenience him. However, she allowed it after seeing his nonchalant expression.

Everything was ready.

Lu Gan asked, “I only need to put the eggs into the pot?”

Lu Gan smiled helplessly.

“You’re being too considerate. I’m not a child.”

Song Ci did not say anything and tied an apron around Lu Gan’s waist.

Lu Gan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Song Ci gestured and said, “Good luck.”

Lu Suo also chimed in, “Good luck, daddy.”

Lu Gan could not help but smile. He solemnly placed an egg into the pot.

“Let’s cook some noodles.”

Lu Suo said enthusiastically, “I’ll go and get some water.”

Then, he immediately went to pick up another pot.

Lu Suo stepped on a stool and began filling the pot with water.

“Mom, is this enough?”

Song Ci took a look and said, “A little more.”

Lu Suo filled up the pot with more water.

Song Ci nodded. Subsequently, she turned on the stove to boil the water.

Song Yujin looked at the boiling water. There were big and small bubbles everywhere. He turned to Song Ci and said, “You can cook the noodles now.”

Song Ci patted Song Yujin’s head.

Song Yujin jumped down from the stool. He took the noodles that Song Ci had prepared and carefully put them into the pot. After that, he p[icked up a pair and chopsticks and began stirring the noodles.

Lu Suo asked in a puzzled tone, “That’s it?”

Song Yujin nodded again.

Lu Suo could not help but say his thoughts out loud, “This is easy. I can do it!”

Song Ci was supervising the children from behind.

Lu Suo stepped on another stool and watched as Song Yujin stirred the noodles.

Shortly after, the noodles were done. Song Ci mixed it with the sauce that she had prepared earlier. When everything was completed, she put some noodles in two small bowls for Lu Suo and Song Yujin.

The two children took their bowls and headed to the dining room carefully.

Meanwhile, Song Ci carried two bigger portions for Lu Gan and herself.

Since they cooked the noodles themselves, the family of four could not help but go for second servings.

Lu Suo said sweetly, “These are the best noodles I’ve ever eaten.”

Song Yujin agreed. It was much better than the noodles he had cooked before.

“I’m glad you liked it,” said Song Ci.

She turned her head and looked at Lu Gan, waiting for his comment.

Lu Gan said, “Our family should eat soy-fried noodles more frequently.”

Lu Suo nodded repeatedly.

Song Ci smiled. She had never cooked with her family before. This activity really brought them together.

“We’ll do it again when we have time.”

Lu Suo was delighted.

After dinner, Lu Gan went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

Of course, Song Ci did not feel at ease and followed him.

Lu Gan said helplessly, “I know how to wash the dishes.”

Song Ci put on her apron.

“Two people will get it done faster. Then, we can accompany the kids.”

Lu Gan felt like Song Ci was just giving excuses, but he did not expose her. Besides, what she said was true.

It did not take long for them to finish cleaning up.

Song Ci and Lu Gan went back to the children. The family of four spent time chatting, laughing, and watching television together. It was a warm atmosphere.

Soon, it was time for bed.

As they were returning to their rooms, Lu Suo asked, “Mom, can we sleep together today?”

Song Ci said gently, “How about tomorrow? Is that okay?”

Lu Suo did not really mind and went back to his bedroom.

Song Yujin was surprised that Lu Suo did not squabble.

Song Ci pushed Lu Gan into their bedroom. Her heart began beating rapidly. When their eyes met, the nervousness turned into determination instead.

‘Lu Gan is so prideful. He won’t take the first step. I’m not going to wait any longer.’