Chapter 290 - Mommy Sleeps in Too

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Chapter 290: Mommy Sleeps in Too

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Lu Gan stayed close to Song Ci.

“What if I want to look at you?”

Song Ci said in a low voice, “It’s not like I can do anything…”

Song Ci felt embarrassed.

“You’re not allowed to laugh.”

“What if I want to laugh?”

Song Ci covered Lu Gan’s mouth with her hand. She was angry from embarrassment.

Lu Gan took advantage of the situation and hugged Song Ci. Then, he made her lie on top of him.

This position reminded Song Ci of last night. Her face burned up. She dared not make eye contact with Lu Gan.

Song Ci’s reaction gave Lu Gan an itch. He pushed away her hand that was covering his mouth and kissed her.

Song Ci subconsciously looked at Lu Gan. She could not help but return his kiss.

Lu Gan felt a little emotional. He looked at Song Ci’s red face and thought of doing something. However, he decided against it. Song Ci was a virgin until yesterday. She needed to rest. Hence, Lu Gan just kissed and gently caressed her.

Song Ci felt dizzy from the kiss. Lu Gan took the initiative to end it, allowing Song Ci to catch her breath. She did not want to get out of bed. This gentle and sweet experience was a first for her.

‘If only it lasted longer…’

Lu Gan was not in a rush. He let Song Ci lie on top of him and patted her.

Song Ci could not help but hug him tighter. The atmosphere felt very comfortable. Slowly, she fell asleep again.

Lu Gan would caress Song Ci’s face from time to time while looking at her.

Song Ci slept for more than two hours before waking up. The warm blanket and Lu Gan’s presence made her feel intoxicated.

‘I want to stay like this forever…’

Fortunately, Song Ci had some self-control. She looked at Lu Gan and said, “We should get up.”

Song Ci’s nightgown was not enough to cover the hickeys beside her collarbone. She only noticed them when standing in front of a mirror.

Song Ci glared at Lu Gan.

Did he seriously leave hickeys on her?!

She stared at the hickeys for a while before her face turned red.

Lu Gan teased, “What’s on your mind? Your face is so red.”

Anyway, Song Ci went to wash up. When she came out of the bathroom, she saw Lu Gan keeping the blindfold.

“We’re not using it anymore, right?”

“I’d like to keep it as a souvenir.”

‘Does he like my blindfolded appearance? Hmm… What will it look like on him?’

Those thoughts made Song Ci eager.

“We can try out new things in the future.”

Lu Gan felt like Song Ci was a quick learner.

“I don’t have any objections, but do you plan to take the initiative every time?”

Song Ci silently turned around and changed into a turtleneck. Lu Gan also changed.

Subsequently, the couple headed downstairs.

On the way, they passed through Song Yujin’s room.

Song Ci had a habit of checking on her little brother. So, she knocked on Song Yujin’s door before pushing it open.

Inside, Song Yujin was reading while Lu Suo did his homework.