Chapter 291 - Will Be Very Happy

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Chapter 291: Will Be Very Happy

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Lu Suo’s words made Song Ci feel guilty. She quickly changed the topic.

“Since you’re not hungry, you should go and do your homework.”

Lu Suo said proudly, “I’m almost done.”

Song Ci patted his head.

Lu Suo nodded. He was not being modest at all.

Lu Gan shook his head helplessly and smiled.

“I’m very obedient. I took the initiative to do my homework today.”

Song Ci and Song Yujin were familiar with his true colors.

Lu Gan was the only exception. He took Lu Suo’s words seriously.

“Little Suo is truly obedient.”

Song Ci and Song Yujin were speechless.

Sometimes, ignorance was bliss.

Lu Suo watched as Song Ci and Lu Gan went to eat.

“Let’s go down and see what they’re eating.”

“You just said that you’re not hungry. This is your way of slacking off, right?”

Song Yujin hit the nail on the head.

Lu Suo ignored Song Yujin’s last sentence.

“Actually, I’m a little hungry. I just thought they didn’t prepare anything for us. After all, mommy woke up late.”

Lu Suo pulled Song Yujin.

“Let’s go together. Once we get back, I’ll definitely finish my homework.”

Song Yujin had no choice but to accompany Lu Suo.

Lu Gan was sending a message to Zhang Huan while Song Ci ate.

There was a bowl of soup, some prawn dumplings, chicken feet, and shumai.

Lu Gan saw that Song Ci was enjoying her meal and left more food for her.

Shortly after, Lu Suo and Song Yujin entered the kitchen.

When Song Ci saw them, she asked curiously, “Why are the two of you here?”

Lu Suo said sweetly, “Mommy, can I try a prawn dumpling?”

Song Ci smiled and replied, “Sure.”

Lu Suo happily took a prawn dumpling and stuffed it into his mouth. He looked like a chubby squirrel.

Song Ci picked up another prawn dumpling for Song Yujin. ”

‘Yujin, you should try one too.”

Song Yujin was not hungry but since Song Ci offered, he accepted it.

After eating his fill, Lu Suo sat down and chatted with Song Ci. The latter listened to him while drinking her soup. In the end, she drank three bowls before feeling satisfied.

“This soup is delicious.”

Lu Gan said without any hesitation, “I’ll buy more for you next time.”

Song Ci nodded and pushed the last bowl of soup toward Lu Gan.

“I’m full. You can have it.”

Song Ci did not argue with him.

Lu Suo watched and secretly let out a laugh. When Song Ci turned her attention to him, the little boy quickly covered his mouth.

“I’m going to continue with my homework now. Enjoy the rest of your meal.”

Lu Suo did not wait for a response and immediately pulled Song Yujin away.

Suddenly, Lu Suo thought of something and turned his head around.

“Can we sleep together tonight?”

Lu Suo was pleased. He went back to the second floor with Song Yujin.

“Why are you in a hurry?”

Upon hearing that, Lu Suo laughed cheekily.

“My uncle likes to drink soup.”

Song Yujin was puzzled.

Song Yujin was quite dense when it came to human interactions.

“My mother likes to eat mangoes and my father would peel them for her. After she’s had enough, he’ll eat his fill.”

Song Yujin finally understood what Lu Suo was trying to say.

“So your uncle is doing the same thing for my sister.”

Lu Suo nodded and smiled happily.

Song Yujin looked at the smile on Lu Suo’s face and suddenly asked, “Do you miss your parents?”

“Yes. What about you?”

Song Yujin did not reply, but he clearly felt the same way.

Lu Suo said softly, “My parents are the happiest couple in the world. I hope it’s the same for my uncle and your sister.”

Song Yujin felt that Lu Suo was being very genuine.

Lu Suo had many shortcomings, but he also had his strengths.

“I’m sure they’re equally happy,” said Song Yujin as he patted Lu Suo’s head.