Chapter 292 - Confession

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Chapter 292: Confession

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Song Ci and Lu Gan went back to their bedroom after eating.

It was a sunny day. The two pots of cacti on the balcony were glistening. Song Ci walked over with a small watering can and poured some water over the plants.

One plant was slighter taller than the other. When placed side by side, it looked like they were accompanying each other.

Song Ci said in a low voice, “I think our cacti will bloom before the children’s.”

Upon hearing Song Ci talking about the children, Lu Gan felt like he should tell her about his investigations.

At first, their marriage was basically a contract but everything changed after last night. Song Ci gave her all to Lu Gan and he could not bear to keep things a secret.

Song Ci noticed that Lu Gan’s eyes were lowered. She walked closer and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Gan did not say anything. He just stared at Song Ci quietly.

Suddenly, Lu Gan reached out and hugged Song Ci’s waist. She ended up sitting on his lap. Lu Gan placed his child on Song Ci’s shoulder and they shared a tender moment.

Song Ci’s heart began beating rapidly. She gripped the small watering can firmly. At that moment, Song Ci felt like an elementary school student who fell in love for the first time. She never wanted to be separated from Lu Gan.

In the past, Song Ci was more composed. This changed after meeting Lu Gan. Just his stare was enough to make her feel embarrassed. It was a strange, sweet, and intoxicating feeling.

Song Ci held Lu Gan’s hand. When she looked up, Lu Gan was smiling at her.

Song Ci’s eyes were clear. Lu Gan knew that she wanted him to kiss her. So, he did.

The kiss was sweet and gentle. After it ended, Song Ci leaned against Lu Gan’s shoulder and hugged him longingly.

Lu Gan felt that Song Ci was quite direct when it came to such matters. She would not hide anything. Pure women like her were rare nowadays.

“I have something to tell you. Try not to be let down after hearing it, okay?”

“What have you done to let me down?”

Song Ci did not understand. Lu Gan had always been considerate towards her.

All of a sudden, Song Ci thought of something and grabbed Lu Gan’s collar. Her eyes were wide open. She looked like an angry little kitten.

“You’re not going to tell me that you’ve faked your medical reports, right? Is there something wrong with your body? You…”

Lu Gan did not expect to hear such an answer. He pulled Song Ci’s hand that was grabbing his collar and kissed it.

“My dear wife, I’m touched that you care so much about my body and health. However, can you have more faith in me? Did I look frail last night?”

Song Ci fell silent. Her face turned slightly red.

Last night, Lu Gan was not frail at all. In fact, he was extremely energetic!