Chapter 294 - Unspeakable Secrets

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Chapter 294: Unspeakable Secrets

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“I’ve been in love with you for many years. It’s a blessing that I get to marry you. Now that you’ve confessed to me, the feelings are mutual. The past is no longer important.”

Upon seeing that Song Ci was not upset or angry, Lu Gan let out a sigh of relief and smiled.

‘It seems like she’s not ready to tell me her secret either.’

Lu Gan was not a fool. He did not believe that Song Ci had a crush on him from the very beginning. The love in her eyes developed gradually. She married him for other reasons. Basically, the two of them were using each other.

‘It’s okay. I can wait until she’s ready.’

Song Ci had always been a considerate person. Lu Gan believed that she would not cause him any harm. Hence, he was not that bothered by her secret.

Lu Gan kissed Song Ci.

“I just hope that you don’t feel uncomfortable.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not a child. I understand your position and you’ve never caused me any harm. Besides, if not me, who will you use? Su Ru Ling?”

“How is that possible?”

“What about Song Peihan?”

Lu Gan hugged Song Ci and coaxed, “Song Peihan was the one who approached me. I didn’t know you back then. If I did, I would’ve contacted you immediately. After all, she’s no match for you in terms of looks.”

Song Ci raised her eyebrows smugly.

“In the end, it has to be me.”

Lu Gan rubbed his wife’s cheek intimately.

“Yes. Thank goodness it’s you.”

Song Ci felt that everything was just right. If she had transmigrated any later, their marriage would never happen and she would probably be dead.

The smile on Song Ci’s face became even more obvious.

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci and asked in a puzzled tone, “Why are you smiling? What are you thinking about?”

Lu Gan suffered a lot, but Song Ci made his life much happier.

Song Ci looked at Lu Gan and wondered if she should tell him the truth. How was she supposed to explain everything? Moreover, she did not want to expose Lu Suo’s true colors. It would be too cruel for everyone involved.

After everything they had been through, Lu Suo did change for the better. Additionally, Song Yujin was keeping an eye on him. Lu Suo would not recklessly go out of line.

If Song Ci told Lu Gan that his precious nephew was destined to grow up into an unscrupulous villain, he would be heartbroken.

However, if Lu Gan stayed alive, Lu Suo might not sink into the endless darkness.

There was no need for Song Ci to inform Lu Gan about Lu Suo’s supposed fate but if she did not, she could not tell the whole story.

Song Ci could not find the right words yet, so she decided to keep quiet. She looked at Lu Gan before kissing him on the lips.

‘I really want to be honest with him…’