Chapter 295 - Let’s Take a Bath Together

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Chapter 295: Let’s Take a Bath Together

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Song Ci leaned against Lu Gan quietly.

‘When the time is right, I’ll tell him everything.’

Suddenly, Lu Gan said, “My actions had caused my family to misunderstand you. I’m sorry for that too.”

“But you and Lu Suo still like me, right?”

Song Ci leaned closer to Lu Gan and pressed her hand against his forehead.

“You can stop apologizing. There’s no need to feel bad. Family isn’t only determined by blood. Besides, I don’t mind. I only care about you.”

Lu Gan wanted to comfort Song Ci, but the opposite happened instead. He could not help but hug her tighter.

Song Ci could sense Lu Gan’s sadness. She could only hug him back as a means of comfort.

Subsequently, Song Ci held Lu Gan’s face and said coquettishly, “Kiss me.”

Upon hearing Song Ci’s soft and gentle voice, Lu Gan felt like his world had lit up again. He gently caressed his wife’s cheek and kissed her.

Song Ci smiled and kissed him back. They were like two beasts in heat.

After kissing for a while, Lu Gan let out a faint laugh.

Song Ci asked curiously, “Why are you laughing?”

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci’s swollen lips and laughed again.

“Does kissing me make you that happy?”

Song Ci raised her eyebrows proudly.

Lu Gan kissed Song Ci’s face again.

“Then kiss me whenever you’re unhappy.”

“I’ll probably be very unhappy in the future.”

Song Ci’s eyes were filled with disdain.

Lu Gan smiled brightly.

“Sigh… Do whatever you want.”

At this moment, Lu Gan’s heart was filled with light. He hugged Song Ci tightly again.

‘I’ve lost a lot, but I’m so lucky to have met her.’

Around eight o’clock, Song Ci said to Lu Gan, “I’m going to bathe first.”

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “Let’s bathe together.”

Song Ci was in disbelief.

“Have you been thinking about this?”

Lu Gan had always been a prideful person. He had yet to show Song Ci his flawed legs.

On the surface, Song Ci appeared to be calm. However, she was actually very excited. She promptly pushed Lu Gan into the bathroom.

Song Ci turned on the bathtub’s faucet and glanced at Lu Gan. He was still sitting in his wheelchair, fully clothed.

To be honest, Song Ci was also embarrassed. Despite that, she took the initiative to undress first. Then, she sat in the bathtub with her eyes closed.

‘I can’t back down now.’

Lu Gan slowly took off his clothes and moved into the bathtub.

Song Ci asked, “Can I open my eyes now?”

Lu Gan deliberately answered, “No.”

Song Ci did not argue and kept her eyes closed. She was very obedient.

Song Ci’s current appearance reminded Lu Gan of last night. He felt his heart itch.