Chapter 296 - I’ll Help You Apply Body Wash

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Chapter 296: I’ll Help You Apply Body Wash

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Song Ci moved forward with uncertainty. Suddenly, Lu Gan pulled her into his embrace. She opened her eyes.

Lu Gan raised his eyebrows and said, “I didn’t say you could open your eyes.”

Song Ci replied helplessly, “I opened my eyes subconsciously because you pulled me all of a sudden.”

After saying that, Song Ci closed her eyes again.

Lu Gan could not help but laugh. He pinched Song Ci’s face.

“Why are you so cute?”

“Can I open my eyes now?”

Song Ci had no choice but to keep her eyes closed.

Lu Gan raised his head. He held Song Ci’s cheek and kissed her lips.

Song Ci was stunned. Her face immediately turned red.

‘He’s behaving differently after having s*x.’

Regardless, Song Ci hugged Lu Gan and kissed him back.

When they had kissed enough, Lu Gan finally said, “You can open your eyes now.”

Song Ci opened her eyes and looked at Lu Gan slyly.

As the two were soaking in the bathtub, Lu Gan asked, “Song Ci, do you like children?”

‘Is Lu Gan trying to imply something?’

Song Ci stared at Lu Gan with a confused expression on her face.

“I do, but why are you asking such a question?”

“Do you want to have a child with me?”

Lu Gan wanted to know the answer. In the past, he had never thought about this. After the car incident, Lu Suo was basically regarded as his own child. Things changed. Song Ci and Lu Gan had become a real couple. If Song Ci and Lu Suo were willing, Lu Gan would like to have a child of his own. He knew that his request was selfish in some ways, but he could not help himself.

Song Ci fell silent. She had never really thought about this issue. Besides, she was treating Song Yujin like her own child.

“I… Haven’t really thought about it. With my profession, having children would be difficult. Moreover, Lu Suo and Yujin are already a handful.”

Regardless, Song Ci really cared about Lu Gan. If he wanted children, she would try to compromise.

Lu Suo understood Song Ci’s perspective. This matter could be resolved in the future.