Chapter 297 - Forever Living Under the Sun

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Chapter 297: Forever Living Under the Sun

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“Why aren’t you doing anything? You need my help, right?”

Song Ci turned around angrily. She could feel that Lu Gan’s gaze was fixated on her. In the end, she turned back and said, “Close your eyes.”

Lu Gan chuckled. He moved forward by a little bit and wrapped his hands around Song Ci’s waist.

“Are you shy? We’re already naked in this bathtub…”

Song Ci did not wait for Lu Gan to finish. She began strangling him out of anger and embarrassment.

Lu Gan just smiled and grabbed Song Ci’s hand. She had the strength of a fish.

Song Ci moved her butt slightly.

Suddenly, something did not feel right.

“If you rub against me like this, I won’t be able to endure it…”

Song Ci immediately stayed put. She did not want to awaken the beast,

Lu Gan hugged Song Ci again and said gently, “Let’s finish up quickly. The water will turn cold soon…”

Song Ci did not really care. She looked down and saw Lu Gan’s legs. They were quite blurry because of the water.

‘His legs look fine, but he can’t even stand up…’

That thought made Song Ci a little uncomfortable.

Lu Gan noticed it and said softly, “Don’t worry. They’ll be fine.”

Song Ci nodded. She actually wanted to say, “It’s okay even if they’re not fine.”

However, she wanted him to get better.

Lu Gan did not want Song Ci to see his imperfections. Despite that, he could not reject her request. This made him feel a little helpless.

“They’ll recover. I promise you that I’ll try my best,” said Lu Gan while caressing Song Ci’s face.

Lu Gan smiled and held Song Ci’s hand. Then, he placed it on one of his legs.

Song Ci had physical contact with Lu Gan’s legs before when she was massaging him, but this was the first time she touched them directly.

‘His legs really are different from the norm. They’re soft and have no muscles. It’s probably the effects from sitting in a wheelchair for so long.’