Chapter 298 - Intentional Jealousy

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Chapter 298: Intentional Jealousy

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Lu Gan teased, “I thought you were going to help me with the rest.”

Song Ci said calmly, “I could.”

“You should go and take care of the children first.”

Song Ci laughed and walked out. When she reached Song Yujin’s room, she could not help but sigh.

‘These little angels had been reading and studying for the whole day. As expected of the male lead. He even influenced the villain.’

Lu Suo heard the commotion and turned his head. When he saw Song Ci, he immediately said happily, “Mommy! Are you here to help us bathe?”

Song Ci replied with a smile.

Lu Suo stopped reading and walked toward Song Ci. He held her hand in an enthusiastic manner.

Song Ci asked, “Yujin, what about you?”

Song Yujin turned around and looked at Song Ci. He said in a calm tone, “Help Little Suo first. I want to finish reading.”

Song Ci took Lu Suo into the bathroom.

Lu Suo moved closer and smiled mysteriously.

“I’ll tell you a secret.”

“My dad likes to drink soup.”

After saying that, Lu Suo winked.

Song Ci was astounded by his cuteness.

“You seem to know a lot.”

Lu Suo nodded proudly.

“That’s right. Daddy really likes you.”

Song Ci laughed and patted Lu Suo’s head.

“So you’re aware of it.”

“Why did you tell me though?”

“I thought it’d make you happy.”

“Would you feel happy if others liked you?”

Lu Suo thought to himself, ‘I don’t really care about other people.’

Regardless, he nodded obediently. He had to maintain his pure, innocent, and cute image in front of Song Ci.

Song Ci could not help but pinch Lu Suo’s face.

“Do you know that I like you?”

Lu Suo happily hugged Song Ci.

His little heart was filled with joy.

When Song Yujin entered the bathroom, Lu Suo was already sitting in the bathtub.

Lu Suo said sweetly, “Little uncle, mommy says that she likes me!”

Song Ci suddenly felt a little guilty. She quickly added, “I like Yujin too.”

Song Yujin did not say anything. He only looked at his sister meaningfully.

Song Ci felt even more guilty.

Song Yujin took off his clothes and entered the bathtub. Lu Suo instantly got closer to him and asked with anticipation in his eyes, “Little uncle, do you like me?”

Without saying anything, Song Yujin pinched Lu Suo’s face.

Lu Suo shook Song Yujin’s arm.

Song Yujin helplessly replied with a faint “mmhmm”.

Lu Suo was overjoyed.

Song Ci watched the two children and thought to herself, ‘They’re really getting along.’

Shortly after, she asked, “Little Suo, are you ready to take a shower now?”

Lu Suo replied obediently and sat upright. He was in a good mood and kept playing with the water. At the same time, he talked non-stop.

After Lu Suo was done showering, Song Ci carried him out. She patted his head and said, “Put on your clothes by yourself. I’m going to check on Yujin.”

Song Ci took a towel and wrapped it around Song Yujin’s body before carrying him out of the bathtub. She looked into his eyes and explained, “I like Little Suo in the way that your brother-in-law likes you. Despite that, you’re my number one. Understand?”

Song Yujin raised his eyebrows. His eyes were filled with doubt.

Song Yujin looked at Song Ci’s serious expression and smiled.

Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

“Looking at your earlier expression, I thought you were jealous.”

Song Yujin replied calmly, “I’m not jealous.”

Song Ci said in disbelief, “Did you do it on purpose?”