Chapter 299 - Grateful Encounter

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Chapter 299: Grateful Encounter

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Song Ci reached out and tickled Song Yujin.

“I’ll let you off this time.”

Unfortunately, Song Yujin was not ticklish. He remained stoic. When he saw an opening, he tickled Song Ci back.

Song Ci was satisfied with Song Yujin’s reaction. In the beginning, Song Yujin could not be bothered with her. Now, they did almost everything together and could even joke around.

Both Song Yujin and Lu Suo were acting more like children.

Of course, Song Ci did not mind Song Yujin’s cold and calm personality. All that mattered was his happiness.

“Yujin, it seems like you’re quite fond of me.”

Song Yujin would never admit it. He had always been awkward and prideful when it came to Song Ci. Although his ears were red, he said, “I’m not.”

Song Ci pretended to be sad.

“I’m so heartbroken.”

Song Yujin felt helpless.

“Your sister is upset. What will you do?”

Song Yujin said awkwardly, “Close your eyes.”

Song Ci immediately did as she was told.

Song Yujin promptly kissed her on the cheek.

“Can I open my eyes now?”

Song Ci opened her eyes and saw that Song Yujin was really embarrassed.

Song Ci pinched Song Yujin’s face.

Song Yujin’s ears were still red as he lowered his head.

Anyway, Song Ci brought Song Yujin and Lu Suo to Lu Gan’s room.

Once the door opened, Lu Gan could hear a loud child’s voice.

Lu Suo immediately pounced on him. His eyes were sparkling.

“Are you really that happy?”

Lu Suo held Lu Gan’s hand and asked, “Daddy, do you like me?”

Lu Gan carried the little boy and said gently, “Of course. You’re my favorite person.”

Lu Suo smiled brightly.

“Earlier, mommy said that she likes me too!”

Lu Gan looked at Song Ci and smiled.

“You’re so cute. Who can resist you?”

Lu Suo agreed. He hugged Lu Gan and acted coquettishly.

Lu Gan hugged him back.

‘This child had become much livelier.’

Lu Gan reminisced about the past. After the car incident, Lu Suo became very quiet and obedient. He would not disturb Lu Gan nor go out to play. It was a depressing sight.

Naturally, Lu Gan understood why Lu Suo changed. Hence, he did not force him to do anything. He just wanted him to be happy.

When Lu Gan married Song Ci, he worried that she would not treat Lu Suo well. Moreover, Lu Suo and Song Yujin might not get along.

‘No matter what, I will side with Lu Suo.’

Lu Gan’s past thoughts were justified. After all, he was not familiar with Song Ci yet.

Fortunately, none of Lu Gan’s worries came to fruition. In fact, everything turned out to be better than expected.

Lu Suo accepted Song Ci and Song Yujin. They even reverted back to their more innocent personalities.

Lu Gan felt grateful. Marrying Song Ci was the best decision he had ever made. He could not help but smile at her.

Song Ci smiled back. Then, she carried Song Yujin onto the bed.

Lu Gan said to Lu Suo, “Everyone seems so cheerful today. Maybe it’s a sign that something good will happen. Little Suo, do you have any wishes?”

Lu Suo immediately started counting with a serious expression on his face.

“Firstly, I want your legs to recover. Secondly, I wish that mommy will be successful in her career. Finally, I hope my little uncle will get first place in the examinations.”

Upon hearing that, Song Ci could not help but laugh.

“You want your little uncle to get first place? What about you?”

Lu Gan chimed in, “You’re not going to get last place, right?”

“I’m still supposed to be a kindergartener. You guys are not being considerate at all.”