Chapter 300 - Recognition of Kindness

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Chapter 300: Recognition of Kindness

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Lu Gan laughed out loud.

“Now you want the benefits of being a kindergartener? Have you forgotten your promise to me already? You said that keeping up wouldn’t be a problem. What happened to that? We aren’t being inconsiderate. You’re just too fickle.”

Lu Suo said with certainty, “I can keep up, but that doesn’t mean I want to get first place.”

Then, he looked at Song Yujin and added, “First place belongs to you, right?”

Song Yujin replied calmly, “Yes.”

He was confident and arrogant.

Lu Suo continued, “When you get first place, we’ll have a celebration.”

“I’ll take the both of you out to play.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Suo thought of Lu Gan’s legs. He quickly shook his head.

“I don’t want to go out and play. I’ll just stay at home.”

Lu Gan patted Lu Suo’s head.

“We’ll go together. You haven’t been to an amusement park for a long time.”

Lu Suo looked at Lu Gan. How could the latter play in his current condition? Was he planning to just watch from the sidelines?

Song Ci understood why Lu Suo said what he did. This child was really affectionate. She suggested, “Why don’t we go to a cinema?”

Lu Suo blinked. Lu Gan could fully participate in this activity. He nodded and replied happily, “Okay.”

Besides, it had been a long time since he went to the cinema. Watching a movie together would be fun.

Lu Gan could tell that Song Ci was trying hard to be considerate. A slight smile appeared on his face.

Subsequently, Song Ci looked at Song Yujin and said, “Yujin, you don’t have to feel pressured. We’ll take you out to play regardless of your grades.”

Song Yujin did not really understand. So, he asked in an indifferent tone, “Why would I feel pressured?”

“I’m saying that getting first place every time is unnecessary. You’re already very outstanding.”

Song Yujin was even more confused.

“Why not? I always get first place.”

“My little uncle loves to read. To him, getting first place is no big deal!”

Song Ci decided to change the topic.

“Yujin, do you have any wishes?”

Song Yujin recalled Lu Suo’s wishes and thought to himself, ‘We have the same wishes. I want Lu Gan’s legs to recover and for my sister’s career to take off. As for Lu Suo, I can only hope that he won’t do too badly in the examinations. Sigh… he doesn’t read enough! We need to buy him more books!’

Just like that, new year’s day ended. It was time for school and work again.

Jin Li failed to persuade Tian Tian and left dejectedly. Song Ci could not help but laugh.

Tian Tian had even renewed her contract with Sunlight Media.

At first, Song Ci was shocked. She thought that Tian Tian would need more time to consider.

Tian Tian explained in her usual lazy manner, “I never had plans to jump ships.”

Looking at Song Ci’s confused expression, Tian Tian decided to tell her about Lu Gan’s plans.

Song Ci did not expect Lu Gan to help her this way. She was very happy, but she looked at Tian Tian and said, “You have quite a decent relationship with Lu Gan.”

Tian Tian replied casually, “It’s because he’s Lu Heng’s younger brother.”

“So you’re close with Lu Heng?”

Before Song Ci could finish her sentence, Tian Tian interrupted, “Men and women can have meaningful relationships without love involved.”

“I’ll take my leave now.”

After the paperwork was done, Tian Tian left Song Ci’s office.

Song Ci was still puzzled. That night, she brought up this matter to Lu Gan.

After thinking for a long time, Lu Gan said, “It’s probably because Lu Heng showed her a lot of kindness. Tian Tian is the youngest daughter of the Tian family. She hid her identity before entering the entertainment industry. It may not look like it, but Tian Tian is quite temperamental. One time, she even flipped over a table… However, my brother allowed her into Sunlight Media.”