Chapter 301 - Getting on the Right Track

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Chapter 301: Getting on the Right Track

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“I see. No wonder she looked up to Lu Heng. He really helped her.”

“That’s probably the case.”

When the news of Lu Heng’s death began to circulate, Tian Tian called Lu Gan numerous times. She was clearly very concerned about the matter.

Lu Gan sighed. It seemed like he would not be celebrating the new year with his family.

Meanwhile, Tian Tian was looking at the moon through her window. Her memory was not good, but she would always remember the day she met Lu Heng.

That day, she had hit someone and overturned the wine table. The men were furious. They ended up tearing her clothes. Just as all hope was lost, Lu Heng appeared. He handled the men and took Tian Tian away. As if nothing had happened, he asked with a smile, “Do you want to be a part of Sunlight Media?”

Tian Tian thought there was something wrong with Lu Heng’s brain.

“Did my brother ask you to come?”

“That doesn’t matter, does it?”

Tian Tian agreed. Since then, she decided to prove herself and not disappoint Lu Heng. To her, Lu Heng was like a ray of light. She would never betray him or Sunlight Media. If Lu Heng was still alive, she would repay him by earning a lot of money for Sunlight Media. Unfortunately, he was gone and she could only support his precious younger brother.

‘Hopefully, Lu Gan will find out about the truth as soon as possible.’

Song Ci did not ask any more questions about their collaboration.

Lu Gan was a little concerned.

Song Ci leaned against him.

“No. I know that you’re just trying to increase my confidence.”

“You’re so understanding.”

“Aren’t you a lucky man? Cherish it.”

Lu Gan kissed Song Ci.

“I have to be understanding of you too.”

Song Ci was puzzled. What was he trying to imply?

Lu Gan’s movements made Song Ci come to a realization.

Song Ci said weakly, “Do you rest all day just to bully me at night?”