Chapter 302 - Parent-Teacher Conference

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Chapter 302: Parent-Teacher Conference

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Song Ci sent the two children to school. Then, she asked Lu Gan, “Do you think that Yujin will be able to get first place?”

Lu Gan could not help but laugh.

“Don’t you have any confidence in him?”

“That’s the problem. All of us might be overconfident. I’m worried that Yujin may be upset if the results were not as expected.”

Lu Gan consoled, “Yujin will be fine. Even if he doesn’t get first place, there will always be next time. You should be more worried about Little Suo. What if he gets last place? His teacher will give you an earful during the parent-teacher conference.”

For a moment, Song Ci was speechless.

“Little Suo is a smart boy! It’s impossible for him to get last place!”

“See, there’s your blind confidence again.”

Song Ci snorted coldly.

“Little Suo will use his results to slap your face.”

Zhang Huan overheard everything.

‘Why am I here? I wish to be run over by a car. Lovey-dovey couples are the worst!’

After the final examination was winter break.

When Lu Suo came home, he told Song Ci, “Our results will be announced during the parent-teacher conference.”

As their guardian, Song Ci was very worried.

Song Yujin had a carefree expression on his face. He would suffer a huge blow if he did not get first place.

Lu Suo emphasized, “Mommy, remember to attend the parent-teacher conference.”

Song Ci nodded and looked at Song Yujin.

“I’ll be attending for both of you.”

Song Yujin looked indifferent, but he felt a little happy.

Song Ci could not help but feel nervous because it was her first time attending a parent-teacher conference.

On that particular day, Song Ci walked back and forth in her room. She asked Lu Gan, “What should I wear? Which color is appropriate? Dress? Trousers? Long skirt? Tell me!”

“It’s a cold day, isn’t it?”

“I think I’ll wear a simple light-colored gown. Maybe I can also put a coat over it.”

Lu Gan wondered why Song Ci bothered to ask him this question if she had already made up her mind.

Song Ci got dressed and left the house, feeling uneasy.

Lu Gan accompanied his wife. When the car stopped, he reassured her, “It’ll be fine. Good luck.”

Song Ci took a deep breath and gave Lu Gan a fierce hug before getting out of the car. Originally, she wanted Lu Gan to accompany her. However, he refused.

Lu Gan did not want to attend because of his current state. Talkative parents would definitely gossip about him, making things unnecessarily rough for Lu Suo and Song Yujin. It was also the reason why he always stayed at home.

The homeroom teacher, Guo Ruo, was a mature woman in her twenties. Upon seeing Song Ci, she thought to herself, ‘This woman looks familiar.’

Subsequently, Guo Ruo asked, “Are you Song Yujin’s guardian?”

Song Ci smiled and replied, “Yes. I’m Song Yujin’s elder sister and Lu Suo’s mother.”

Guo Ruo knew that Song Yujin and Lu Suo were related in one way or another, so she did not question Song Ci any further.

After they were seated, Guo Ruo continued, “Song Yujin did very well. He got full marks. The other children can learn a lot from him.”

Song Ci felt relieved.

“Thank you for the praise.”

“You’re welcome. This is the first time I’ve seen a child who loves to read so much…”

Song Ci and Guo Ruo chatted for a little while before it was the other parents’ turn.

Guo Ruo had placed the children’s test papers on their respective desks.

Song Ci went to pick up Song Yujin’s test papers. The latter had indeed scored full marks. Naturally, Song Ci felt very happy and proud of him.