Chapter 386 - The Meeting of the Human Tools, Once Again! (2)

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Chapter 386: The Meeting of the Human Tools, Once Again! (2)

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[The second day, Fu Shuangni obtained a bottle of pills from the sect’s Secret Realm. This was a bottle of pills to aid her cultivation. She actually swallowed all the pills and sat down to cultivate.]

[The third day, Fu Shuangni did not explore the sect’s Secret Realm. Instead, she continued to cultivate. This was because she discovered that the Heaven and Earth aura in the Secret Realm was even denser than outside.]

[The fourth day, Fu Shuangni was still meditating and cultivating. She seemed to have completely given up on exploring the sect’s Secret Realm.]

“Umm… Sister?! “Fu Shuangni was discovered by her sister. In such a huge sect’s Secret Realm, the two of them were actually able to meet so coincidentally. It could only be said that the fate between sisters was not shallow.

“Sister! It’s me! Sister? Hmm? Seh’s cultivating?!” Fu Zhiyu quickly realized that the Heaven and Earth aura around her elder sister seemed to be very abnormal.

She was shocked to find that her elder sister was actually breathing in Heaven and Earth aura in the Secret Realm!

She was stunned and her face was filled with disbelief!

“Wait! Why is Sister’s aura so unstable? But she is clearly not injured!” Fu Zhiyu suddenly realized something, her beautiful eyes widened. “Is Sister trying to break through in the sect’s Secret Realm?”

“She is now at the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage. If she breaks through in the Secret Realm, then she would be… at the Foundation Establishment stage!”

Fu Zhiyu could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

She knew that her sister was not even 80 years old. Not even 80 years old! This was much more powerful than the elders of the Tianwen Sect who only reached the Foundation Establishment stage when they were 200 to 300 years old!

Fu Zhiyu realized the seriousness of the matter. She immediately stood beside her elder sister to protect her!

As for exploring the Secret Realm of the sect?

In this situation… Was it important for her Sister to break through to explore the so-called Secret Realm of the Tianwen Sect?

[On the sixth day, although the aura in Fu Shuangni’s body started to become more and more unstable, during the process of this unstable aura, her aura was also gradually rising!]

[Fu Shuangni was circulating an ultimate technique that didn’t belong to the Tianwen Sect at all. The movements of her breathing in and out of the Heaven and Earth aura were getting bigger and bigger, and the surrounding air was constantly shaking and twisting!]

[Breakthrough successful!]

[Fu Shuangni is at the first level of Foundation Establishment!]

Feeling a shocking aura sweeping over, Fu Zhiyu was both terrified and excited.

“Sister only tried to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage once, and she successfully broke through! Although I can’t see through Sister’s cultivation, this powerful aura is very clear. This is the aura of a Foundation Establishment cultivator!”

Just as she finished speaking, Fu Shuangni, who was originally in front of her, suddenly disappeared!

Fu Zhiyu was stunned.

Outside the Secret Realm.

A few days ago, the elder who led the inner disciples to the Secret Realm had been guarding the entrance of the Secret Realm.

At this moment, he was sitting on a green rock, quietly meditating and breathing in and out spiritual energy.

However, at the next moment, an aura appeared out of thin air and was keenly sensed by him.

The elder immediately opened his eyes.

He frowned, reprimanding unhappily, “Didn’t we agree that before these disciples come out, no one is allowed to barge in here? Who is so unruly? I’ll give you five breaths of time to leave this place immediately.”

“Otherwise, if this old man reports this matter to the Sect Master, you… you…”

When this elder said this, his voice suddenly stopped, like a duck whose neck was being strangled.

His eyes were wide open at this moment, staring at Fu Shuangni in front of him.

Fu Shuangni, this inner sect Senior Sister, could be said to be the most influential person in the Tianwen Sect.

This elder knew Fu Shuangni and had seen Fu Shuangni before.

It was because he had seen Fu Shuangni that he had such an expression as if he had seen a ghost.

“Why are you here? Aren’t you in the sect’s Secret Realm? Could it be that the Secret Realm has already closed? No! That’s not right! It’s only the sixth day since the Secret Realm opened. There’s still one more day before the Secret Realm will close.”

“I clearly saw you enter with my own eyes… Wait!” This elder was stunned, and then a shocked expression appeared on his face. “You… The aura on your body…”

“Foundation Establishment? First level Foundation Establishment? You broke through to the first level Foundation Establishment in the sect’s Secret Realm and were expelled from the Secret Realm?”

This Tianwen Sect elder was probably too shocked, and his words were almost shouted out in shock.

Fu Shuangni had already recovered from her breakthrough state.

Hearing the question from this elder, Fu Shuangni’s face had a trace of politeness towards her elders, she answered the elder’s questions, “This junior has indeed broken through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage in the Secret Realm. It’s a pity that I didn’t explore too much in the Secret Realm. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!”

Although Fu Shuangni said this, her tone did not have any pity.

After hearing Fu Shuangni admit it, the Tianwen Sect elder was dumbfounded!

He had lived for hundreds of years and had been an elder for more than a hundred years.

This was the first time he had encountered such an unbelievable thing.

He did not even know how to deal with this kind of matter.

Because before this, the Tianwen Sect did not seem to have any similar examples!

This Fu Shuangni breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage in the Secret Realm was absolutely unprecedented!

Fu Shuangni was expelled from the Secret Realm ahead of time, and it quickly alarmed all the elders in the Tianwen Sect, including that Sect Master and a few Supreme Elders.

When they learned that Fu Shuangni had already broken through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage, they could not help but suck in a cold breath.

Because this was the first time they had encountered such a situation.

Of course, it was naturally a good thing that the sect had an Immortal cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage.

The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect specially gifted Fu Shuangni over ten bottles of precious medicinal pills, allowing her to establish a good foundation at the Foundation Establishment stage.

All the inner disciples in the Secret Realm came out.

Among these inner disciples, a small portion had happy expressions on their faces, but most of them had dejected expressions. It was very obvious that a large portion of the inner disciples did not obtain any opportunities within.

Moreover, the number of inner disciples that came out was less than ten people when they entered!

These dozen people had probably all died in the sect’s Secret Realm.

Among this group of people, only Fu Zhiyu was worried.

After she left the sect’s Secret Realm, she immediately went to the room next to her residence because the room next to hers was Fu Shuangni’s residence.

“Sister!” After seeing Fu Shuangni, Fu Zhiyu let out a heavy sigh of relief. But she hurriedly asked, “Sister, why did you suddenly disappear in the Secret Realm?”

Fu Shuangni explained, “That Secret Realm should only allow Qi Refinement stage cultivators to enter. Once they exceed that realm, they will be expelled.”

Fu Zhiyu was stunned. “There’s such a thing?”

[The news of Fu Shuangni breaking through to the first level of Foundation Establishment spread like wildfire in the Tianwen Sect, causing all the disciples in the sect to be shocked! They didn’t expect that this inner sect Senior Sister actually had the strength to be on par with some elders in the sect!]

[Age 79, Fu Shuangni is still cultivating diligently.]

[Age 80, Fu Shuangni wrote a letter. She asked someone to send this letter to the Qin Clan of Maple City in the Great Wei Dynasty.]

[Age 81, Fu Shuangni is still cultivating diligently.]

[Age 82, after two years of long journey, this letter was finally sent to the Qin Clan of Maple City. Furthermore, it landed in Qin Jiao’s hands!]

[Qin Jiao opened this letter and pointed out the name of the letter that was sent to her.]

“This is…” Qin Jiao, who was only five years old. She grabbed the letter with her fair and tender little hands. Her eyes suddenly lit up. “It’s Fu Shuangni!”