Chapter 387 - Chen Qianxue’s Gift! Fu Shuangni Entered the Imperial City! (1)

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Chapter 387: Chen Qianxue’s Gift! Fu Shuangni Entered the Imperial City! (1)

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Qin Jiao did not even need to look carefully at the contents of the text. She only needed to look at the style of the text to confirm that it was Fu Shuangni’s handwriting!

After Qin Jiao carefully read through the contents, she raised her eyebrows. “She’s already a first level Foundation Establishment cultivator?”

Qin Jiao sucked in a breath of cold air, she could not help but sigh in her heart. ‘What new talent did she obtain this time? She didn’t enter the Immortal cultivation simulator too long before me, right? She’s already at the first level Foundation Establishment? Her cultivation realm is so much higher than mine!’

She did not expect that Fu Shuangni, who originally had the lowest cultivation among the three, would actually become the one with the highest cultivation among the three this time.

Fu Shuangni was already at the first layer of the Foundation Establishment realm, and Chen Qianxue entered the cultivation simulator at the same time as her.

In addition, Chen Qianxue had a huge amount of cultivation resources.

“Then am I not the one with the lowest cultivation among the three?” Qin Jiao discovered that the problem seemed to be very serious. She felt that she urgently needed to increase her strength. Not to mention being able to catch up to Fu Shuangni, at least, she did not want to be surpassed by Chen Qianxue!

“Unfortunately, Chen Qianxue is in the Imperial Palace. Unless she takes the initiative to send me a letter, it’s impossible for my letter to enter the Great Wei Imperial Palace.”

Qin Jiao helplessly shook her head. Wanting to contact Chen Qianxue was also a troublesome matter.

There was no other way. The difference in their identities in the simulator was too big.

One was the princess of the Great Wei Dynasty. She was doted on by the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty.

The other was a disciple of the Qin Clan in Maple City of the Great Wei Dynasty. There was nothing special about her other than that.

[Age 6, Qin Jiao worked hard to cultivate! In the same year, Qin Jiao obtained an ancient pendant. From the ancient pendant, she once again met the old lady she carried with her. Her calm attitude toward the old lady made the old lady doubt her life for a moment.]

[Age 7, Qin Jiao broke through to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage. A seven-year-old in the second level of the Qi Refinement stage caused quite a stir in the Qin Clan. Many elders in the Qin Clan felt that their family had finally produced a genius.]

[Age 8, a special visitor came to the Qin Clan. The visitor claimed to be from the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty and was a Secret Guard of the Great Wei Dynasty. In addition, he was a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator.]

[Qin Jiao obtained a letter from the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei from this Secret Guard of the Great Wei Dynasty.]

“A letter from Chen Qianxue.” After seeing the contents of the letter, Qin jiao muttered to herself, “This guy should be quite comfortable in the Imperial Palace, right?”

In addition, Qin Jiao also obtained two storage bags. These two storage bags contained all cultivation resources.

There were large amounts of spirit stones, pills, and even many self-defense talismans.

“At least she has some conscience. But there are two storage pouches. One of them should be for me to give to Fu Shuangni, right?”

Qin Jiao raised her eyebrows. “How did she know that Fu Shuangni would contact me?”

“Can she even guess such things?” Qin Jiao felt that it was a little unbelievable.

However, she was too lazy to think about these things. She preferred a simpler way of thinking. If she could not understand something, she would not think about it.

Qin jiao muttered, “Fu Shuangni is in the Tianwen Sect of the Great Wei Dynasty. The Tianwen Sect should be quite far from Maple City. If I ask someone to send a storage bag to the Tianwen Sect, the greater possibility is that person will keep the storage bag for himself.”

“It seems that the Secret Guard hasn’t left the Qin Clan yet, right? He seems to be a Golden Core stage Immortal cultivator. If I ask him to send it, it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

Qin Jiao took the Great Wei Secret Guard sent by Chen Qianxue as am errand runner.

The Great Wei Secret Guard looked at the short Qin Jiao and fell into deep thought.

In the end, the Secret Guard still took the storage bag.

He turned around and left.

Because the princess had already told him in advance that if Qin Jiao from the Qin Clan asked him to do anything, he would do it. Qin Jiao’s orders were equivalent to the princess’s orders.

Thus, the Secret Guard could only follow her orders.

Fortunately, this Great Wei Secret Guard’s cultivation was strong enough. With his Golden Core cultivation, it only took him less than five days to travel from Maple City to the Tianwen Sect.

Fu Shuangni received a storage bag filled with spirit stones, pills, talismans, and spirit tools.

“Sister, is this a new storage bag?” Fu Shuangni’s sister suddenly noticed that the storage bag tied around her sister’s waist was not quite the same as she remembered.

Fu Shuangni did not expect that this sister would actually observe her so carefully.

She had only changed a storage bag, yet the other party could see through it.

Fu Shuangni smiled and nodded. “I changed to a storage bag with a bigger space.”

Fu Zhiyu did not struggle too much on the storage bag.

There was a slight worry in her tone as she said, “Sister, there are still a few months before the Great Wei Emperor’s birthday banquet. The Sect Master once said that he would bring the two most outstanding disciples of the sect to the Great Wei Imperial Palace for the banquet.”

“The problem is that the two most outstanding disciples of the sect, other than you, it would be Ye Yu. The two of you will follow the Sect Master to the Imperial City. Elder Sister, you have to be careful of that fellow. He might try to trip you up in secret.”