Chapter 388 - Chen Qianxue’s Gift! Fu Shuangni Entered the Imperial City! (2)

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Chapter 388: Chen Qianxue’s Gift! Fu Shuangni Entered the Imperial City! (2)

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Fu Zhiyu’s tone was solemn as she said, “I heard that the Imperial City is different from here. Regardless of what you say or do, you have to be careful.”

“If you say something wrong or do something wrong, you might stay there forever!”

“Ye Yu might not let go of this opportunity!”

Fu Shuangni was not worried at all. She gently tapped her sister’s forehead with her finger. She scolded jokingly, “It’s all because you are not good enough. I have carefully taught you how to cultivate, but you only broke through to the tenth level of the Qi refinement stage last year.”

“Huh? Is this not good enough?” Fu Zhiyu scratched her head. “When my master saw that I broke through to the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage, he told me… that even among those big sects, I am definitely one of the top geniuses.”

Fu Shuangni shook her head. “In those big cultivation sects, your innate ability is indeed one of the best, but are you aiming for those geniuses?”

Fu Zhiyu was stunned.

Then, Fu Shuangni continued, “You should take a longer view. You are already an Immortal cultivator and you don’t have ambition. What kind of Immortal cultivator are you?”

Saying this, Fu Shuangni’s tone suddenly changed. “The Sect Master will not only bring two disciples to the Great Wei Imperial City this time, but three disciples.”

“Oh… Huh? What?” Fu Zhiyu’s eyes widened. “Our Tianwen Sect has three disciples? But didn’t the Sect Master say that there are only two?”

Fu Shuangni smiled and said,”Because he’s only the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect, and your elder sister can bring you along.”

The connection between the three tools had already established a communication channel between the three sides.

It was also because of this communication channel that Fu Shuangni was able to send the news she wanted to send to Chen Qianxue who was far away in the Imperial City.

The transmission of this news… would be hard on the Secret Guards of the Great Wei Dynasty.

Through Chen Qianxue’s relationship, Fu Shuangni created an extra spot in the banquet for the Tianwen Sect.

This spot was designated to her younger sister, Fu Zhiyu!

Previously, when the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master learned that his sect had an extra spot, he was completely dumbfounded.

After being dumbfounded, he was ecstatic!

He felt that his sect was actually so important in the eyes of the Imperial Court.

Adding an extra spot to attend the banquet, this kind of thing seemed to have never happened before!

His Tianwen Sect was the only one!

Of course, what the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master did not know was that… Such a thing could happen not because of him, nor because of the sect.

But because of Fu Shuangni!

When the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master guessed the reason, he would not think in the same direction as Fu Shuangni.

After all, in his eyes, Fu Shuangni was just an inner sect disciple after all.

What kind of methods could she have to communicate with the people in the palace?

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

In order to head to the palace to attend the Great Wei Emperor’s birthday banquet, the Tianwen Sect Master took out the flying ship that he had treasured for a long time. The flying ship was already flying 10,000 meters in the sky.

There were four people on this flying ship.

The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect, Fu Shuangni, Fu Zhiyu, and Ye Yu.

“In about a month’s time, we will arrive at the Imperial City of the Great Wei. In the Imperial City, you can rest for seven days. Seven days later, follow this Sect Master into the Imperial Palace. Remember, do not clash with anyone in the Imperial City. If someone takes the initiative to provoke you, you can directly report them to the Imperial Guards.”

Although as the Sect Master of a sect, saying this to his own disciples was somewhat degrading to his own image.

But the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect knew that the Imperial City was a place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.

Many people were not people that the Tianwen Sect could afford to provoke.

Throw a brick in the Imperial City, and you might hit someone with an extraordinary status.

That person might only be a Qi Refinement cultivator, but there might be a Nascent Soul grandmaster behind him!

This kind of thing was common in the cultivation world.

In places like the Imperial City, it was even more ridiculous.

“I know!” the three said in unison.

“Okay!” The Tianwen Sect Master nodded in satisfaction.

On the flying ship, he only felt a little fresh a few days ago, but after a few days, he felt a little bored.

Fu Zhiyu quietly moved to Fu Shuangni’s side and looked at Fu Shuangni, who was resting with her eyes closed. She asked in a low voice, “Sister, I feel that the Sect Master is very tight… cough cough! The Sect Master seems to be very cautious. But Sister, why don’t you feel nervous at all?”

“Also, Sister, you told me before that I can come with you because of you. Is that true? How did you do it?”

Fu Shuangni opened her eyes and glanced at her, “It’s just a trip to the palace, what’s there to be nervous about? You look like you haven’t seen much of the world.”

Fu Zhiyu muttered, “I’m the same as you. I was thrown into the Tianwen Sect when I was young, but I haven’t seen much of the world… Sister, you haven’t answered my last question.”

“You’ll know when we get there.” Fu Shuangni still did not answer her last question.

The soft communication between the two was seen by Ye Yu on the other side of the flying ship.

However, he did not hear clearly what the two were talking about.

This was because Fu Shuangni’s communication with Fu Zhiyu had a hint of telepathy.

Even the Tianwen Sect Master would not be able to tell if he did not listen carefully.

“Senior, do you think that Fu Shuangni is very strange?” Ye Yu retracted his gaze from Fu Shuangni and Fu Zhiyu and asked the Old Senior who was residing in his soul.

“Yeah.” The Old Senior’s voice was slightly low, “That Little Doll’s aura makes me feel that she is very strange. The cultivation technique she cultivated is definitely not a cultivation technique from your little Tianwen Sect. It’s an extremely profound cultivation technique.”

“I can be considered knowledgeable, but I actually can’t tell where the cultivation technique she cultivated came from. Also, that little formation she set up on the Tianwen Sect’s Array Formation List…”

At this point, the Old Senior’s voice suddenly stopped.

After a long silence, he said again, “I have a guess. That girl has a secret that is not inferior to mine!”

Ye Yu’s expression was shocked, and he anxiously asked in his heart, “Senior, you mean… there is a senior residing in her soul?”

That Old Senior was stunned. He did not expect Ye Yu to interpret it this way.

However, it was more or less the same!

“It’s not impossible.” The Old Senior said, “I still advise you not to provoke that girl because you don’t know how many tricks she has and how many trump cards she has. If she didn’t show mercy a few years ago, if it wasn’t for that so-called sect rule, you would have already died in her hands.”

“No!” Ye Yu gritted his teeth and said, “The two sisters have repeatedly damaged my dignity, and this has almost become a demon in my heart! If I don’t get rid of them, I will definitely have a demon in my heart!”

The Old Senior was silent for a moment and said, “If you really want to attack her, you must be prepared to kill her. Otherwise… you will be the one who dies.”

“It’s because I think highly of you and think that you have the beauty of a dragon and a phoenix among people that I chose to live on you. This is my kind reminder to you.”

Ye Yu said in a heavy tone, “I know!”

The four people on the flying boat did not communicate much with each other except for Fu Shuangni and Fu Zhiyu.

As the days passed, a towering city wall suddenly appeared in front of them.

It was also at this moment that the Tianwen Sect Master’s voice sounded. “We’re here! This is the Great Wei Imperial City!”

The flying ship landed, because flying ships were not allowed in the Great Wei Imperial City.

If you had the privilege, you could. The problem was, what privilege could the tiny Tianwen Sect have?

The four of them walked in.