Chapter 389 - How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (1)

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Chapter 389: How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (1)

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The Imperial City of the Great Wei dynasty was extremely huge. After the four of them entered the Imperial City, they saw a dense crowd of people. There were many Immortal cultivators in the crowd.

Each Immortal cultivator had a different aura, and some of them had shocking auras. Their cultivations were definitely not low.

Whether it was Fu Zhiyu beside Fu Shuangni or ye Yu behind the Tianwen Sect Master.

At this moment, their palms were sweating, and they felt nervous.

Compared to the Imperial City, one in the Tianwen Sect was underground, and the other was 10,000 meters high in the sky.

Just the guards at the city gate were all people with extraordinary cultivations.

And such city gates were countless within the Imperial City’s towering city walls.

The strength of the Imperial City guards was countless times stronger than the strength of the entire Tianwen Sect!

Just this group of soldiers guarding the city walls was not something the Tianwen Sect could compare to.

No wonder the Sect Master had always warned them not to cause trouble in the Imperial City, because if they caused any trouble in such a place, even the Sect Master could not protect them.

“Sister, that shop is full of spirit weapons!” Fu Zhiyu said to Fu Shuangni in a low voice.

“And that shop in front seems to be full of pills. There’s another shop over there that sells spirit talismans.”

“Hiss! These precious cultivation resources are just goods that can be easily traded in the Imperial City? I saw some commoners without cultivation going in. Is this the Imperial City?!”

The pills and spirit tools in their Tianwen Sect were all very precious, and they were strictly monitored.

Unlike the Imperial City… These things were sold all over the streets.

“Sister, do you think the things in the Imperial City are especially expensive? I only brought over a hundred low-grade spirit stones this time, but this is all I have.”

Fu Zhiyu’s tone was slightly worried. “If these spirit stones are not enough to spend, then there will be big trouble.”

“You don’t need to spend spirit stones.” Fu Shuangni helplessly shook her head and said, “As long as we don’t buy some expensive things, the expenses in the Imperial City are not particularly high. Moreover, we are here to attend a banquet, and the one who invited us is the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty.”

“How could the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty let us guests spend money in the Imperial City? Many things have already been arranged, there’s no need for us to worry.”

Fu Zhiyu nodded and said in surprise, “Sister, your reaction is so calm!”

As she walked, her eyes looked up and down at Fu Shuangni.

She mumbled, “It feels like you’ve been to the Imperial City before.”

Fu Shuangni smiled, “How can I have been to the Imperial City before? This is the first time I’ve been to this place in my life.”

Soon, under the leadership of the Tianwen Sect Master, they arrived at a large-scale inn in the Imperial City.

This was an inn that only welcomed Immortal cultivators.

Fu Shuangni, who walked into this inn, immediately felt waves of powerful aura coming from inside.

Looking around, the guests in the inn were all dressed in very unique clothes. They were all dressed in different styles.

Most of them were young people with extraordinary cultivations. Of course, there were also white-haired old men.

“These people are the same as us. They come from all around the Great Wei Dynasty. They all accepted the Great Wei Dynasty’s current Emperor’s invitation,” the Tianwen Sect Master casually explained.