Chapter 390 - How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (2)

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Chapter 390: How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (2)

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“There are some places in the palace that you are not allowed to go near. There are strict guards there. If you see many guards, don’t go near them! Stay far away!”

“Don’t look at those people who look threatening! There are definitely many royal disciples in the palace, they are not to be trifled with.”

“Also do not rise in the heart of the slightest bit of killing intent, even if your killing intent is only aimed at the ground of a small ant, that can not have!”

“Because when your killing intent rise for a moment, there are countless strong people who will sense it instantly!”

From this sentence after sentence of admonition, it was clear how nervous the Sect Master was. He was afraid that his own disciples would be blind and offend some big shot.

At that time, the entire sect might be implicated!

Among those big shots in the Imperial City, their Tianwen Sect was nothing.

Just a random nascent soul realm big shot could destroy the entire Tianwen Sect.

They did not even need to send out a Nascent Soul stage big shot. With just a word from a big shot, some sects around the Tianwen Sect would be the lackeys of that big shot and unite to destroy the Tianwen Sect.

This was the cruel cultivation world.

After the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s stern warnings time and time again, whether it was Fu Zhiyu or Ye Yu, they immediately shut their mouths. Because they knew that the Sect Master would not joke with them in this aspect, and that stern tone was not an act.

The Imperial Palace of the Great Wei Dynasty was heavily guarded. Before the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master and the others could truly approach the Imperial Palace, they were already stopped.

Fortunately, the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect showed a token, allowing them to pass through.

However, even if they were allowed to pass through, they had to go through strict checks again and again.

Only then could they enter the Imperial Palace.

The moment everyone stepped into the Imperial Palace, an extremely dense spiritual energy wave rushed over. They instantly felt as if they were in a blessed land.

Even the spiritual energy in the Tianwen Sect’s Secret Realm was not as dense as here!

The Imperial Palace was full of people.

There were palace maids.

“Everyone!” Suddenly, a voice attracted the attention of the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master and the others. “You are all Fellow Daoists from the Immortal sect who have come to participate in His Majesty’s birthday banquet, right? Please follow me this way!”

The person who spoke was an old man dressed in plain clothes. At first glance, he looked like an ordinary person.

However, everyone knew that it was absolutely impossible for ordinary people to exist in the Imperial Palace.

It could only be said that this old man’s cultivation was so powerful that they could not see through it at all!

“Then, Fellow Daoist, please lead the way!” the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master replied politely.

The plain-dressed old man led them to a spacious area in the Imperial Palace.

Previously, there had been a dense crowd of people here.

All of them were cultivators with extraordinary cultivation bases!

These people were all guests just like them.

“Eh? Another few Fellow Daoists have come! His Majesty’s birthday banquet this time is lively as usual!” Someone in the crowd could not help but sigh and say, “I wonder how many Immortal cultivation sects His Majesty has invited. From the looks of it, he probably invited all the Immortal cultivation sects, big and small, in the entire territory of the dynasty.”

Someone also said, “Eh? That girl seems to be in the Foundation Establishment stage? Hiss! What an Immortal cultivation genius! Looking at her age, she shouldn’t be more than a hundred years old! Such an age and such cultivation, even among the large sects, it can be considered pretty good.”

“Tsk tsk, the Imperial Palace is so rich and generous! They let us drink spirit wine and eat spirit fruits as we please.”

The people who spoke were all Sect Masters or grand elders from different sects.

As for the disciples they brought, they all kept quiet.

Obviously… They had also warned their disciples.

“The three of you…” Just as the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect wanted to say something, the originally noisy scene suddenly quieted down. A large portion of the Immortal cultivators’ gazes gathered in one direction.

Even the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s voice came to an abrupt halt as he turned his head to look in the same direction.

Everyone’s faces were filled with shock.

Only to see a few figures walked over from that direction.

“That’s…!” The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s pupils constricted as he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air, his heart was filled with astonishment. “Isn’t that something that only the members of the Imperial Family of the Great Wei Dynasty can wear? Which Princess of the dynasty is this?”

Under everyone’s gaze, a young girl, protected by a few secret guards, walked over in this direction.

The young girl’s aura was extremely extraordinary, as if she had a unique aura.

Her beautiful eyes swept past, causing some of the weaker Sect Masters to not dare to meet her gaze!

The other party’s cultivation was clearly not high, but the pressure she gave them was extremely strong!

It was as if she was born with this aura.

“Greetings, Princess Chang Ning!” In the end, there were still people with broader horizons. Someone immediately recognized Chen Qianxue and greeted her politely.

Everyone present immediately understood.

Many people were not unfamiliar with the name Princess Chang Ning. Many people had heard of this special Little Princess in the dynasty.