Chapter 391 - How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (3)

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Chapter 391: How Did Fu Shuangni Dare to Speak to Princess Chang Ning! (3)

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It was said that this Little Princess had been plagued by a strange illness a few years ago. No one could cure that strange illness.

But for some reason, this Little Princess’s strange illness had mysteriously healed a few years ago.

At that time, it had caused a small sensation within the dynasty.

It had become a topic of conversation for many commoners.

They had not expected that this Little Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty would actually come here.

Why had Princess Chang Ning come here?

Amidst everyone’s confusion, Chen Qianxue continued to walk over, neither too fast nor too slow. In the face of some greetings, she responded politely.

Some sect disciples did not even dare to look at Chen Qianxue.

Only those disciples who were arrogant and came from big sects dared to look at Chen Qianxue with curiosity.

At this glance, some of the male disciples of the Immortal cultivation sects were stunned.

It was not that they had never seen a pretty girl before.

However, a pretty girl with such a special temperament and a special identity…

This was their first time meeting someone like that.

“Eh?” The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect in the crowd was stunned for a moment because he noticed that the Little Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty seemed to be walking in his direction!

Under the gaze of countless people, Chen Qianxue came to the side of the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect. Under the situation where the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect was confused and a little nervous, Chen Qianxue suddenly spoke, “It has been a long time since we last met, right?”

The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master found it difficult to maintain his shrewdness. He was dumbstruck and wanted to reply, “Your Highness, I don’t think we’ve met before, right?”

However, before he could say anything, a familiar voice sounded from behind him.

“It’s been a long time.” This familiar voice almost made the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s breathing stop!

Because he could hear that it was Fu Shuangni’s voice!

This was the voice of his Tianwen Sect’s inner sect’s first disciple!

Didn’t he warn them many times not to speak casually? Didn’t he say that unless a big figure took the initiative to communicate with them, they absolutely should not speak?

Could it be that these little guys thought that the princess of a country was talking to them? It was like cheating him, the Sect Master, right?!

The Tianwen Sect Master turned his head and stared at Fu Shuangni in disbelief.

Fu Zhiyu, the younger sister beside Fu Shuangni, also stared at her elder sister in shock.

Ye Yu, who was beside the Tianwen Sect Master, looked at Fu Shuangni in disbelief.

‘This woman is so shameless! Is Princess Chang Ning talking to her? She’s actually talking to the princess like this?’

Ye Yu felt that this woman’s skin was too thick!

However, it was good too, daring to talk to Her Highness the princess. This time, she will die for sure, right?

Fu Shuangni did not seem to see her Sect Master crazily winking at her. She said with a smile, “Let me introduce you. This is my sister, her name is Fu Zhiyu. She’s the sister that I mentioned in the letter. Her talent is not bad.”

“Oh?” Chen Qianxue looked at Fu Zhiyu and nodded with a smile. “Tenth level Qi Refinement stage? That’s pretty good. I have something to talk to you about. Can we talk in private?”

“Sure.” Fu Shuangni walked up and came to Chen Qianxue’s side.

Everyone was stunned as they stared at the two.

The two of them left.

Fu Zhiyu, Tianwen Sect Master, and Ye Yu were all dumbfounded, with their mouths hanging open.