Chapter 392 - When Did Fu Shuangni Get into This Relationship?! (1)

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Chapter 392: When Did Fu Shuangni Get into This Relationship?! (1)

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Only when Fu Shuangni’s figure disappeared from their sight did they recover from their shock and confusion.

“This, this, this…” The Tianwen Sect Master could not maintain his demeanor as a Sect Master.

Because what happened in front of him was unbelievable!

Why would the eldest inner disciple of his own sect… Get acquainted with Princess Chang Ning of the Great Wei Dynasty?

This question kept wandering in the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s mind.

Unfortunately, no one could tell the answer.

“She… Shuangni was sent to the Tianwen Sect by her family when she wasn’t very young. It could be considered that she grew up in the Tianwen Sect. Why did she get to know Princess Chang Ning? This doesn’t make any sense! Where did she get the chance to get to know Princess Chang Ning?”

“The Tianwen Sect is very far from the Great Wei Dynasty’s Imperial City! Even by flying ship, it would still take more than a month’s journey. How could two people from such distant places get to know each other?”

The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master was completely unable to understand. He discovered that Fu Shuangni, this inner sect’s eldest disciple, actually had a layer of mystery in his eyes!

He felt that he could not see through Fu Shuangni. This inner sect’s eldest disciple had become so unfamiliar.

The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master seemed to have thought of something. Logically speaking, the Emperor would only let him bring two of the most outstanding disciples to the banquet.

And this time, he made an exception to let him bring three people. Could it be because of Fu Shuangni?

He felt that he should use a different attitude to face this senior inner disciple.

Fu Zhiyu looked confused as she mumbled, only she could hear her own words. “So what Sister said before was all true… She seemed to have revealed everything to me except the fact that she knew Princess Chang Ning.”

She remembered that her sister had once told her that the Tianwen Sect had three spots because of her.

At that time, she did not quite believe it, but it turned out to be the truth!

Sister knew a Princess from the Great Wei Dynasty…

Then as Sister’s biological sister, didn’t she have a little relationship with this Princess?

Fu Zhiyu blinked her big eyes.

This feeling was very strange!

It was like you thought that although your sister was quite outstanding, but that wasn’t such a big deal. But one day, you saw your sister talking and laughing with the daughter of the richest man in the world…

Fu Zhiyu’s current state of mind was more or less like this.

“Oh right!” She was suddenly shocked. “Sister’s cultivation has improved by leaps and bounds these years, and she was able to defeat Ye Yu. Is It related to this?!”

She felt that there was a good chance for this. After all, Sister seemed to have become somewhat different from her impression.

This was probably because sister and Princess Chang Ning had a change in contact!

Fu Zhiyu’s eyes gradually lit up.

She felt that she was getting closer to the truth!

Of course, naturally, not everyone had good intentions towards Fu Shuangni and Chen Qianxue getting to know each other.

“How is this possible? How is this possible? How could that woman get to know the Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty? Is that Princess blind? Why would she get to know such a woman and have such a good relationship with her?!”

Ye Yu’s heart was in a frenzy. His eyes were wide open at this moment.

He did not expect that his enemy would climb onto the high platform that he could not compare to in the blink of an eye!

He could even imagine Fu Shuangni being on the high platform, looking down at him with disdain.

This was something that he could not accept no matter what!

In this unbelievable mood, he even pinched his thigh in a daze.

The pain from his thigh jolted him out of his daze.

All of this did not seem illusory. It was real.

“Damn it! That Fu Shuangni has such a good relationship with a Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty. If I insist on finding a way to trip her up in the Imperial City, wouldn’t that be asking for trouble?”

“It might even backfire on me, right?”

Ye Yu did not know why, but he actually felt lucky. He felt as if he had dodged a disaster.

After all, Fu Shuangni had the protection of the Great Wei Princess. If he wanted to plot against Fu Shuangni…

It was undoubtedly going against the Princess in disguise.

That was the true path of death!

However, after feeling lucky, he felt a sense of humiliation. This feeling of humiliation was familiar.

In addition, the discussions of some people around him were like needles.

It made Ye Yu feel uncomfortable!

“Hiss! Is that Princess Chang Ning just now? What’s the relationship between that female cultivator and Princess Chang Ning? Why do they look like a pair of old friends?”

“You ask me, but who should I ask? However, the female cultivator who left with Princess Chang Ning seems to be with these three Fellow Daoists, right?”

“Hmm? Doesn’t that mean that the three of them also know Princess Chang Ning?”

“Just now, they introduced themselves as being from the Tianwen Sect. This Tianwen Sect actually has connections with the royal family. It seems that this sect can not be easily provoked.”

“Indeed. With the relationship between that female cultivator and Princess Chang Ning, who would dare to provoke this sect?”

“Huh? Why did you push me away? Why are you in such a hurry?”

“What for? Of course, it’s to build a good relationship with that Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master! They have connections with the royal family’s disciples, and this is a network that can reach the Heavens!”

Looking at the Sect Masters and grand elders of the major sects who were pouring in with enthusiasm, the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master was dumbfounded. He still could not react to what was going on.

“You didn’t invite Qin jiao over? “Fu Shuangni looked around and realized that there was no familiar face, so she could not help but ask curiously.

“I did.” Chen Qianxue said helplessly, “But she rejected it. The reason was that she couldn’t waste time so that she wouldn’t end up at the bottom.”

Fu Shuangni was stunned for a moment before she immediately reacted. A smile hung on her face as she said, “This is indeed her personality. She doesn’t want to be behind others.”

Then, she looked at Chen Qianxue and said, “You came to talk to me about the Daoist Blood Lotus matter, right?”

Chen Qianxue nodded. “Yes.”

She paused, then continued, “I am still prepared to use the same old method to deal with the Daoist Blood Lotus. However, this time, in Savage Mountain, after losing a core figure like you, many things have started to become difficult.”

Fu Shuangni guessed as much. “You want me to… Assist you?”

“We’ll work hard together.”

Chen Qianxue corrected her.