Chapter 393 - The Tianwen Sect’s Master Who Changed His Face Rapidly (1)

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Chapter 393: The Tianwen Sect’s Master Who Changed His Face Rapidly (1)

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Facing the invitation from Chen Qianxue, Fu Shuangni thought about it seriously.

To be honest, she naturally did not want to go to Savage Mountain now.

Because after resetting her life, Fu Shuangni set a goal.

This time, she focused on cultivating!

If she went to Savage Mountains again and continued to build cities from scratch, what would be the difference from the previous times?

That would seriously interfere with her cultivation, right?

Her cultivation was not particularly good. If these things delayed her cultivation, when would she be able to break through to the Golden Core stage?

The hesitation on her face was not hidden, and Chen Qianxue could clearly see the emotions on Fu Shuangni’s face. Chen Qianxue seemed to have expected this.

Chen Qianxue explained to Fu Shuangni, “It’s not for you to repeat the life of an Immortal, but for you to give me some constructive suggestions when necessary.”

After she said this, Fu Shuangni roughly understood. “Similar to a military advisor or a staff member?”

Chen Qianxue smiled and nodded. “You can understand it that way too!”

“That’s fine.” Fu Shuangni could indeed give Chen Qianxue a lot of constructive suggestions. After all, she had a lot of construction and management experience, which was very rare.

In fact, the few times she imitated Immortal cultivation, rather than building a few cities, it was more like building a country within a country!

After all, the fate of the country, such a ridiculous thing, was born in her territory!

Her experience was equivalent to founding a country.

After receiving Fu Shuangni’s nod, the smile on Chen Qianxue’s face became even wider. Fu Shuangni was a once-in-a-lifetime right-hand-man and a partner that she could trust the most.

“Then, after the birthday banquet ends, are you interested in going to Daoist Blood Lotus’s cave residence with Qin Jiao and me?” Chen Qianxue asked.

Fu Shuangni smiled. “You don’t need to ask this because you already know what answer I will give.”

Since she had already decided to focus on cultivation, how could she miss the ancient demon’s cave residence?

Compared to the Secret Realm of the Tianwen Sect, the cave abode of the ancient demon Daoist Blood Lotus… It was as if one was in the sky while the other was underground.

There was no comparison between the two!

Any random treasure obtained from the ancient demon’s giant bronze door cave abode could surpass 99% of the opportunities found in the Secret Realm of the Tianwen Sect.

Moreover, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy in the huge bronze door was extremely dense, not much weaker than in the imperial palace. In fact, it was even denser than in the Imperial Palace, this was because there was almost no existence that needed to absorb the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy to cultivate.

This spiritual energy had accumulated over millions of years. It could even affect the outside world through the seal of the cave.

The last time he simulated Immortal cultivation, he went to the Fu Shuangni in the cave and understood this very well.

Cultivating there for a year or so was more profitable than cultivating outside for ten years.

Soon, the birthday banquet of the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty began in a lively atmosphere.

There was a feast in the imperial palace, and there was a table full of delicacies. It was too much to take in.

It was unknown whether the eunuchs in the imperial court did it on purpose or not. The Tianwen Sect, which was originally a medium-sized sect, now had the qualifications to stay with a large sect.

The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect, Fu Zhiyu, and Ye Yu sat at the same long table.

On their left was a famous large sect of the Great Wei Dynasty, and its Sect Master was a Nascent Soul stage mighty figure.

On their right was a large-scale sect of the Great Wei Dynasty, and the Sect Master who had come to attend the birthday banquet was also a Nascent Soul stage mighty figure.

Among the group of Nascent Soul stage mighty figures, the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master felt that his existence was a little too abrupt.

One had to know that he was only a great cultivator of the tenth level of the Golden Core stage. In front of these Nascent Soul stage mighty figures, he felt like a lamb, full of ignorance and pity.

Especially when those Nascent Soul stage powerhouses curiously asked him questions, the Tianwen Sect Master wanted to cry but had no tears.

He could not say that it was because of his own disciple tThat he had the right to sit in this position, right?

He felt like he was sitting on pins and needles!

Until a familiar figure appeared in front of him once again, the Tianwen Sect Master did not know why he actually felt a sense of relief, and the familiar figure that gave him this sense of relief… was Fu Shuangni who was walking over!

“Sect Master.” Fu Shuangni politely greeted the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect. She also explained the reason why she had left just now. “Just now, I was chatting with a good friend. I don’t know if there was any delay.”

“No, there was no delay at all!” The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect found it hard to imagine that one day, he would use such a tone when talking to a disciple of his sect.

The smile on his face was brighter than anyone else’s. “Sit, sit, sit. There’s no delay at all. Catching up with your good friends is the most important thing. What accompanies an Immortal cultivator all their life is nothing more than the Dao, magic, wealth, and land of a couple.”

“Come, sit here,” the Tianwen Sect Master said with a smile.

Then, he glanced at Ye Yu, who was beside him, and the tone he used when talking to Ye Yu became a little different. “Ye Yu, move over there and let Shuangni sit here.”

How could he not realize that this Sect Master was so snobbish! Fu Shuangni knew the Little Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty, so what? What was so great about it? She was not the Princess of the Great Wei Dynasty!

The anger in Ye Yu’s heart burned furiously. If not for that old senior in his soul reminding him not to show any dissatisfaction, he would have flipped the table in anger.

Trying his best to calm the raging anger in his heart, Ye Yu moved his seat to the side with a stiff face.

The Tianwen Sect Master also moved in his direction.

There was a very spacious empty seat in Fu Shuangni.

Fu Zhiyu’s sister did not even need the Tianwen Sect Master to remind her. She had already moved the empty chair to the empty seat. “Sister! Sit here! Sit here!”

Fu Shuangni’s seat was on the left side of the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master. On the left side was Ye Yu, and on the right side was her sister.

And if someone looked carefully, they would find that her seat was even closer to the center than the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful aura suddenly appeared. Within that aura, there was a domineering aura that looked down on all directions. It was an aura that only belonged to Emperors!

Countless people could not help but look in that direction.

A figure wearing a dragon robe appeared in their field of vision!

Fu Shuangni did not feel anything because she had seen the Great Wei Emperor before. She had even seen him more than once and had exchanged many words with him.

However, she was keenly aware that the Sect Master next to her seemed to be breathing rapidly.