Chapter 394 - Successive Breakthroughs! The Foundation Establishment Stage! (1)

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Chapter 394: Successive Breakthroughs! The Foundation Establishment Stage! (1)

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It was considered normal for the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master to have such a reaction.

After all, no matter how he put it, the one who appeared in front of him was the current Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty.

This Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty had a powerful cultivation base of the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage.

Whether it was in terms of status or cultivation base, he was the Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect. He could not even catch up with him.

The so-called Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect was just a small fry in front of the Emperor of the Great Wei.

The Sect Master of the Tianwen Sect knew this very well.

It was precisely because of this that he was so nervous when he saw the appearance of the Emperor.

However, when he saw the expressions of the Sect Masters or Grand Elders of the large sects beside him, all of them were calm and collected, he felt that his face was a little irritated.

They were both masters from different sects, but his performance was really too embarrassing for the Tianwen Sect.

He sensed that his two disciples, Fu Zhiyu and Ye Yu, had similar reactions to him.

In fact, their reactions were even more intense than his.

This made him feel a little better.

For some reason, the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master wanted to know Fu Shuangni’s reaction. In the end, what shocked him was that this inner disciple of his was the same as the leaders of the large sects, with a calm expression.

It was as if the person in front of her was an ordinary person and not the current Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty.

How could she be so calm?

Her cultivation was only at the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage!

The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master felt incredulous!

Could it be that by relying on the special relationship between her and Princess Chang Ning, she was able to be fearless of the current Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty?

It seemed that this was the only explanation!

The Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master’s expression became even more irritated. He could only hurriedly pick up a cup of spirit wine and pretend to lift it up to taste it bit by bit. In fact, he wanted to use his wide sleeves to cover up his unconcealable expression.

“Everyone!” The Great Wei Emperor’s voice resounded throughout the entire place.

Whether it was the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master or the others, they all listened very seriously.

It was as if even some of the Great Wei Emperor’s tone and words had to be memorized.

Those who did not know… would think that this was a group of students who listened to their teacher’s careful teachings.

Compared to them, Fu Shuangni was much calmer.

Because to her, everything that the Great Wei Emperor said was just words.

There was no nourishment that was worth digesting.

Fu Shuangni felt that she was only here to freeload.

Time passed once again.

The Great Wei Emperor’s birthday banquet lasted for half a month. Fu Shuangni also stayed in the Great Wei Dynasty palace for half a month.

During this half a month, apart from eating and drinking, she did not forget to cultivate.

She was the first person to meditate and cultivate in the Imperial Palace as a guest.

The Tianwen Sect Master and the others were not in a hurry to return to the Tianwen Sect. Instead, they stayed in the imperial city for a period of time.

When the Tianwen Sect Master wanted to return, Chen Qianxue suddenly appeared.

The Tianwen Sect Master was about to leave Fu Shuangni.

This was the first time the Tianwen Sect Master spoke to Chen Qianxue. He was very clear that this Princess Chang Ning had a special status in the Great Wei Dynasty. She was a Little Princess that was doted on by the current Emperor.

It was said that in the eyes of the Emperor, this Princess Chang Ning was only second to the current Crown Prince!

From this, one could see the difference between this Princess Chang Ning and the other members of the royal family. She was a truly important figure!

And it was precisely because of this… Even though he knew that Chen Qianxue was over a thousand years younger than him, the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master still could not help but feel nervous.

Because he was afraid that he had said something wrong and thus offended Princess Chang Ning.

Princess Chang Ning only needed to casually whisper in His Majesty’s ear, and she would be able to directly wipe out the Tianwen Sect.

How could he not be nervous?

“Your Highness… you said that you want Shuangni to stay in the Imperial City?” When the Tianwen Sect’s Sect Master heard Chen Qianxue’s request, not only was he not the least bit unhappy, but he was also extremely happy.

On the contrary, he had a beaming expression on his face. “This sect… cough cough! This old man naturally doesn’t have any objections. For Your Highness to need Shuangni’s assistance, that is our Tianwen Sect’s honor, and also her honor.”

He almost without any hesitation, he was ready to ‘hand over’ his eldest disciple.

“In addition to Fu Shuangni, uh… her younger sister, also stays in the Imperial City!” Chen Qianxue smiled and said, “I wonder if your excellency can agree?”

“I agree!” Tianwen Sect’s Master’s mind flashed countless thoughts, although he did not know this Princess Chang Ning, and why she wanted these two sisters to stay.

However, he knew one thing — Fu Shuangni and Fu Zhiyu staying behind meant that the Tianwen Sect always had a relationship with the Great Wei Dynasty’s royal family!

After all, Fu Shuangni and Fu Zhiyu were still disciples of the Tianwen Sect on the surface!

If the two of them could rely on Princess Chang Ning and create something in the Imperial City…

There would be no harm to the Tianwen Sect!

It was equivalent to the Tianwen Sect using two female disciples as ropes and tying them to the edge of the Imperial Family’s war chariot!

At that time, if someone wanted to touch the Tianwen Sect, the other party would think… If they did so, would they offend Princess Chang Ning?