Chapter 396 - Dead? Fu Shuangni Who Was Resurrected on the Spot! (1)

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Chapter 396: Dead? Fu Shuangni Who Was Resurrected on the Spot! (1)

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Since she had already decided that she would focus on cultivating this time, Fu Shuangni would not casually change her decision. She felt that there was no other place more suitable than this place to be her cave abode in seclusion.

After all, this was the cave abode that Daoist Blood Lotus had painstakingly built before he was sealed. It would be a waste to leave such a blessed land unutilized!

Both Chen Qianxue and Qin Jiao were not surprised by her decision.

This was because they knew what Fu Shuangni wanted to do this time.

Moreover, they expressed their full support.

It was worth mentioning that Fu Shuangni’s sister wanted to stay here with her.

However, Fu Shuangni could tell that she only said those words because she could not bear to part with her family.

In reality, Fu Shuangni knew that this sister could not endure such a temper.

Hence, under her persuasion, Fu Zhiyu followed Chen Qianxue and the others and left the bronze door cave abode.

Of course, Chen Qianxue still left some Great Wei dynasty Secret Guards here. After all, how could such a good cave abode not be controlled? It would be free for others to loot if it was left idle, right?

Now, arranging some Secret Guards to guard this grotto-heaven could firstly protect Fu Shuangni’s safety.

Secondly, it could also declare that the sovereignty of this place was the Great Wei Dynasty’s Imperial Family!

It could intimidate some petty people who accidentally came here.

Fu Shuangni watched Chen Qianxue, Qin Jiao, and the others leave.

She returned to the cave abode without looking back.

Feeling the extremely dense heaven and earth spiritual energy in the cave abode, Fu Shuangni took a deep breath. She found a place with the densest spiritual energy in the cave abode and began to cultivate in seclusion!

She did not have any big goals. As long as she could break the record of cultivating in the simulation, it would not be a loss for her.

[Age 100, Fu Shuangni, who had entered closed-door cultivation, had no idea what was happening outside the cave. She did not have the interest to know what was happening outside the cave. Unless a Secret Guard brought a message from Chen Qianxue or Qin Jiao, she did not plan to stop her cultivation.]

[Age 101, Fu Shuangni is cultivating hard.]

[Age 102, Fu Shuangni is still cultivating hard.]

[Age 103, a Secret Guard of the Great Wei Dynasty brought a few secret letters into the bronze door cave. A portion of the secret letter was about Chen Qianxue asking her how she could solve some of the problems she encountered in creating a city in Savage Mountains.]

At the same time, Chen Qianxue also told Fu Shuangni about some things that happened outside of the Immortal cultivation world.

Fu Shuangni learned that in a dynasty that was relatively far away from the Great Wei Dynasty, the retired Emperor had been assassinated and the assassin had succeeded.

In Fu Shuangni’s impression, the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation… this did not seem to have happened.

It seemed like it was because she had changed her life, causing some changes.

“In my impression, that dynasty’s unlucky retired emperor seems to have some grudges with the Great Wei Dynasty, right?”

Fu Shuangni laughed lightly. “This is indeed a happy thing for the Great Wei Dynasty.”

“Unfortunately, this kind of excitement has nothing to do with me.”

Because she wanted to cultivate!

Fu Shuangni wrote some of her answers on the Communication Talisman and asked the Secret Guards of the Great Wei Dynasty to send these answers back to Chen Qianxue.

Then, she continued to cultivate!

[Age 106, after three years of hard work, Fu Shuangni felt that she was getting closer and closer to reaching the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage. Although this simulated cultivation, her bones were still not that good. But because of the rich spiritual energy in the huge bronze door cave, as well as the large amount of cultivation resources she obtained in the cave, her cultivation speed was not slow.]