Chapter 397 - Dead? Fu Shuangni Who Was Resurrected on the Spot! (2)

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Chapter 397: Dead? Fu Shuangni Who Was Resurrected on the Spot! (2)

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If she lost her life, she would lose everything.

[Fu Shuangni was not discouraged. The backlash this time did not hurt her foundation. She was ready to continue breaking through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage! However, before she could break through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage, she needed to make the foundation of the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage stronger and more solid.]

[Age 117, Fu Shuangni once again tried to break through to the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage. However, she didn’t know if God was against her, but she failed again.]

[And the backlash from this failure was even more severe than the last time. Fu Shuangni didn’t even have time to protect herself and died on the spot.]

[Newborn talent activated]

[Innate talent forcefully pulled Fu Shuangni back from the brink of death. Now, she only has nine chances left.]

Another failed breakthrough had once again exceeded Fu Shuangni’s expectations.

However, what exceeded her expectations was that she actually did not die!

She was actually already dead.

However… The innate talent that she had once picked had directly revived her!

“Unbelievable…” Fu Shuangni felt that her current state was unexpectedly good. It was as if the backlash from her breakthrough did not affect her at all. Even her cultivation did not change, it truly shocked her.

That new talent that she did not quite understand was actually so powerful!

This allowed her to have ten lives?!

Even if Fu Shuangni’s state of mind was good, she could always remain calm whenever she encountered any major events. However, this time, she could not maintain her calm, and a storm raged in her heart.

This newborn talent was too ridiculous, right?

Did that mean that if she lived to a few hundred years old and died, she could directly revive on the spot and recover to her peak state?

It was equivalent to her Foundation Establishment stage cultivation, but she had several thousand years of lifespan?

Was it comparable to the Nascent Soul stage?

It was even more exaggerated than the Nascent Soul stage!

Because a Nascent Soul stage immortal cultivator could not be resurrected after being killed, but she could.

It was just so unreasonable!

Realizing that she seemed to have chosen a very amazing newborn talent, Fu Shuangni’s mood became better.

After two consecutive failures, the psychological haze that she had caused also disappeared.

[Age 120, this is Fu Shuangni’s third attempt to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage. This time, there were no problems with her attempt to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage. Fu Shuangni successfully broke through!]

[Fu Shuangni has broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage!]

[Age 121, Fu Shuangni, who broke through to the Foundation Establishment stage, did not stop cultivating. She began to work hard to break through to the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[Age 125, there was news from the outside world once again. It turned out that the Demon-sealing Formation had been prepared. After seeing this news, Fu Shuangni knew that the Crown Prince of the Great Wei Dynasty was probably going to be unlucky.]

[Age 126, it seems to confirm Fu Shuangni’s guess was right. The Crown Prince of the Great Wei Dynasty was killed by an ancient demon by accident!]

[The entire Great Wei Dynasty is in an uproar.]

However, the commotion in the outside world could not disturb Fu Shuangni. Fu Shuangni did not care much about the life and death of the Crown Prince of the Great Wei Dynasty.

The only person she cared about was Daoist Blood Lotus.

After all, she was currently in Daoist Blood Lotus’s Immortal cave. If the mighty figures in the Great Wei Dynasty could not kill Daoist Blood Lotus, then Daoist Blood Lotus will most likely come to the bronze giant door cave.

She would be the unlucky one!

“Forget it… If at that time, there really will be such bad luck, that is my bad luck.” Fu Shuangni shook her head, not letting herself think about these things.

[Age 130, Fu Shuangni felt that she had once again touched the threshold of breaking through. It was also in the same year that she once again received news from the outside world — Daoist Blood Lotus is dead!]

[Age 135 years old, Fu Shuangni attempted to break through to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[Fu Shuangni reached the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment stage!]

Great Wei Imperial City.

Within the Imperial Palace.

“Fu Shuangni’s younger sister in the simulation seems to be quite talented in cultivation. Under the bombardment of large amounts of cultivation resources, she was actually able to barely keep up with our cultivation progress. It’s really too much of a waste to put such a genius in the Tianwen Sect.”

Qin Jiao was currently conversing with Fu Shuangni. “Aren’t you going to rope her in under you? She said that she wanted to make a trip to the Tianwen Sect, and you just let her go back? Aren’t you afraid that she won’t come back after using so many of your cultivation resources?”

Chen Qianxue glanced at her and shook her head. She said helplessly, “Can’t you give Fu Shuangni a little bit of trust? Moreover, even if she doesn’t come back, it doesn’t matter.”

The cultivation resources that Fu Zhiyu used in the palace were not worth mentioning to Chen Qianxue.

Moreover, it was because of Fu Shuangni that she gave Fu Zhiyu so much support. It was not that she wanted to take Fu Zhiyu under her wing that she treated her so well.

After hearing this, Qin Jiao shrugged and avoided this topic.

She blinked and said, “You said that the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty knew that you killed his eldest son? It’s just that he hasn’t revealed his cards yet?”

Chen Qianxue nodded, “He indeed knew long ago. The reason why he hasn’t revealed his cards is probably because of my position in his heart.”

“Hiss!” Qin Jiao sucked in a breath of cold air and muttered, “You’re his most beloved daughter. He definitely won’t do anything to you.”

“But…” Qin jiao shivered and said, “I’m an accomplice. He won’t lay a hand on me, right?”

“If he wants to lay a hand on you, do you think you can still sit here?” Chen Qianxue glanced at her. She continued, “He didn’t see through this matter this time. If he wants to make a move on you, you will die even earlier than now. Do you understand what I mean?”

Qin Jiao was stunned. She understood!

In other words, the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty had already known who killed the Crown Prince of the Great Wei Dynasty the last time they simulated Immortal cultivation!

If the other party really wanted to make a move, the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation… She would have died long ago.

Qin Jiao mumbled, “Being born in an Imperial Family, there are all kinds of bullshit. Just because you’re too outstanding, that Crown Prince actually wanted to kill you. This is too petty. If it wasn’t because he wanted to kill you, we wouldn’t have gone so far.”

Speaking of which… The few of them had already gained experience when it came to killing the Crown Prince!

“Now… that Crown Prince is dead, and Daoist Blood Lotus is going down with him.”

Qin jiao suddenly said, “Should we think about how to deal with that Immortal Residence?”

At this point, Qin Jiao was so angry that she gnashed her teeth.

She gnashed her teeth and said, “I’ve been displeased with that white-haired brat for a long time. If it weren’t for the fact that her strength was just a little bit stronger than mine, I would have killed her long ago.”

Qin Jiao did not forget how she died the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation.

That was the method of death that left the deepest impression on her.

“The Master of the Immortal Residence is not the only reclusive sect in the Immortal Residence. There are probably several Immortal cultivators in the Nascent Soul stage as well as many great cultivators in the Golden Core stage. The strength of such a reclusive sect is not something the two of us can deal with.”

Chen Qianxue said, “If we want to deal with them, we can only rely on more powerful external forces, just like how we dealt with Daoist Blood Lotus. Moreover, the most important thing is to have a good reputation. In the Immortal cultivation world, the Immortal Residence is a reclusive sect with a very good reputation.”

“The Immortal Residence is different from Daoist Blood Lotus. Daoist Blood Lotus never conceals his sins, and the Immortal Residence knows how to hide them. In the eyes of outsiders, they are a reclusive sect of the Righteous Path.”

“Do you think we can make the entire Righteous Path Immortal cultivation world attack the Immortal Residence with just a few words from the two of us…?”

“That’s a little too whimsical.”