Chapter 372 - Father, Is That You? (3)

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Chapter 372: Father, Is That You? (3)

Yu Wan had never seen Prince Yan before, but it was said that the father and son were very similar. Yu Wan imagined Yan Jiuchao carrying a hoe and sweating profusely in the ground. She wanted to laugh, but she also felt warm.

Shangguan Yan continued, “His father was also the one who dug the fish pond. I said that it was enough to have servants dig it, but he insisted on doing it himself. Cong’er stuck to his father, so he went wherever his father went. In the end, he rode on his father’s neck while his father dug the fish pond with a smile.”

Prince Yan, who was otherworldly, would only look silly in front of his wife and child. Shangguan Yan recalled and smiled.

“Ahem!” Xiao Zhenting’s voice came from the door.

Shangguan Yan was shocked. She turned around and looked at him. “You finished training so early today?”

Xiao Zhenting was idle at home, but he had never neglected his practice. Today, he knew that Yu Wan was coming, so he specially started an hour early.

“Grand Marshal Xiao.” Yu Wan stood up and bowed like a junior. She still followed Yan Jiuchao.

Xiao Zhenting smiled heartily. “Sit.”

Yu Wan did not know if it was an illusion, but she felt that Grand Marshal Xiao was even more burly than before.

Xiao Zhenting also sat beside Shangguan Yan and ate a piece of melon with a toothpick. He was a general and could not use this woman’s tricks, but his daughter-in-law was present, so he could not be too rough.

“So sweet! Where did you buy it? It’s better than last time.”

If not for the conversation just now, it would have been fine to say it directly. However, he had heard his wife reminiscing in front of her daughter-in-law. Moreover, these melons and fruits were all planted by Prince Yan back then. She wondered if he would have indigestion.

“I brought it,” Yu Wan said.

“You know how to pick.” Xiao Zhenting ate a few more pieces.

Xiao Zhenting was a man, so Yu Wan did not have much to say to him. After exchanging pleasantries, she stood up and went to Xiao Ziyue’s courtyard.

Only the couple was left in the room. Shangguan Yan opened her mouth and explained, “Just now…”

“I didn’t expect that kid to not be a nerd. He even knows how to farm.” Xiao Zhenting rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Shangguan Yan heard that he did not sound like he had a grudge and probed, “You-you’re not angry?”

Xiao Zhenting smiled mischievously and suddenly pulled open his shirt. Shangguan Yan was shocked by his sudden action. She thought that he was going to coax her to mess around again during the day, but she saw the armor under his clothes.

“Why are you wearing armor at home on such a hot day?” And you’re secretly wearing it under your clothes! Aren’t you afraid of suffocating?!

Xiao Zhenting chuckled. “Cong’er got it back for me.”

Shangguan Yan was speechless. How many days have passed? Was this fellow still immersed in the joy of seeing Cong’er give him armor? He didn’t even care about being jealous of her and her ex-husband?

Lingzhi led Yu Wan and her servant to the Ziwei Pavilion. Xiao Ziyue and her sisters were sitting in the pavilion. To Yu Wan’s surprise, Princess Consort Cheng was also there.

Xiao Ziyue saw the surprise in Yu Wan’s eyes and walked over to hold her hand. She whispered, “I… I forgot to tell you…”

It was not that she had forgotten to say it, but she had not sent an invitation to Princess Consort Cheng at all. Princess Consort Cheng had come uninvited. She was the Princess Consort, and the servants of the Xiao Manor did not dare to stop her. It was not good for Xiao Ziyue to not entertain her, so she welcomed her in politely.

Xiao Ziyue heard that this Princess Consort from Xiongnu had a bad temper and did not have a single friend in the Capital. She was worried that Yu Wan would be unhappy because she did not like Princess Consort Cheng.

How could Yu Wan be angry? After all, she was not the one who was beaten into a pig’s head.

Yu Wan walked over openly and greeted Princess Consort Cheng. “Greetings, Princess Consort.”

“Hmph!” Princess Consort Cheng snorted angrily.

Xiao Ziyue was instantly embarrassed when she saw Princess Consort Cheng’s expression. If she had known that she would treat her sister-in-law like this, she-she would not have invited her in!

Yu Wan approached Princess Consort Cheng and whispered, “You still want to be beaten up?”

Princess Consort Cheng glared at her. “You dare?”

Yu Wan smiled lightly. “I even dare to do it here. I have nothing to be afraid of after your brother leaves.”

Princess Consort Cheng thought about her chances of winning against Yu Wan and compromised bitterly.

Yu Wan affectionately pulled Princess Consort Cheng’s wrist.

Xiao Ziyue heaved a sigh of relief when she saw the two of them turn hostility into friendship. However, her sister-in-law had never taken the initiative to hold her hand. The little girl felt sour.

Yu Wan naturally did not know that Xiao Ziyue was jealous. She also greeted Xiao Ziyue’s friends. Then, she sat down next to Princess Consort Cheng and had a polite conversation with her, “How are the Princess Consort and Prince Cheng?”

Princess Consort Cheng said arrogantly, “Hmph! What’s so good about that weak chicken? He’s down with just one whip!”

The corners of Yu Wan’s mouth twitched. Poor Prince Cheng. Could it be that he had not slept with the bride after being married for so long? Speaking of which, it was fortunate that the princess of Xiongnu had married the polite Prince Cheng. Otherwise, with her personality, she would probably have suffered.

Since everyone was here, Xiao Ziyue asked the servants to serve a round of flower tea before suggesting to pick grapes from the Xiao Manor’s orchard. Now was not the time for the grapes to be full and juicy. It was enough to make wine.

“Making wine?” One of her friends was surprised.

Xiao Ziyue smiled and said, “That’s right. I hired a civilian wine master to teach us how to make wine.”

Her friends mostly gathered to admire the flowers and scenery. They had never heard of anyone picking grapes to make wine. The few of them were a little curious and carried the basket to the orchard with Xiao Ziyue.

This time, Xiao Ziyue specially walked beside Yu Wan and held her arm.

Yu Wan obediently let her hold her arm, so Xiao Ziyue was not jealous of Princess Consort Cheng.

Xiao Ziyue had been harmed by Xiao Zilin in the Prince Cheng Manor. It took her many days to get rid of the red sores and lumps on her body. First Madam closed the door and ruthlessly punished her, not letting her daughter go with her anymore. Therefore, Xiao Zilin did not attend today’s gathering.

However, no matter what, the Xiao Manor was still Xiao Zilin’s home. Xiao Zilin and Concubine Meng happened to be picking flowers in a nearby garden when a group of women walked over. Xiao Zilin saw Yu Wan beside her sister at a glance.

She grabbed Concubine Meng’s hand. “Aunt! It’s her!”

“What her?” Concubine Meng was puzzled.

Xiao Zilin said, “The person who snatched my clothes in Yunshui Aula and the person who harmed my sister in the Prince Cheng Manor!”

She was clearly the one who harmed Xiao Ziyue, but in Xiao Zilin’s opinion, she was targeting Yu Wan. Yu Wan must have deliberately pulled her sister to block the bugs.

The Eldest Madam did not like them to begin with. She had only given them a few days to live on account of Xiao Zilin and Xiao Ziyue’s sisterly relationship. Now that there was the matter of Xiao Zilin “framing” Xiao Ziyue, Eldest Madam immediately turned against them.

A trace of resentment flashed across Concubine Meng’s eyes when she thought of the bitter days she had spent in the past half a month.