Chapter 378 - The Truth (3)

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Chapter 378: The Truth (3)

“Get lost!” Eldest Mrs. Xiao ordered. Two strong nannies went forward and pulled Xiao Zilin away.

Since the culprit had been found, there was no need for Shangguan Yan to stay any longer. She pulled Xiao Zhenting out of Concubine Meng’s courtyard.

“See?” Xiao Zhenting suddenly said to her after they were far away.

Shangguan Yan was stunned. “What?”

Xiao Zhenting glanced at her and said, “If there are too many women, the backyard will be in chaos. Who drugged me and stuffed me with women not long ago?”

Now, he was bringing up an old score from eight hundred years ago? Wait, could it be that he was finally jealous that she was reminiscing about Prince Yan in front of Yu Wan?

Shangguan Yan was speechless. “I…”

Xiao Zhenting picked her up and walked back to the courtyard. The servants looked down and did not look sideways.

Shangguan Yan punched him. “Put me down!”

“No! From the day I married you, I’ve never thought of letting you down!”

Xiao Zhenting carried her into the room and closed the door.

Shangguan Yan was embarrassed. “Xiao Zhenting! What are you doing in broad daylight?”

Xiao Zhenting knew that he was a boor and was not worthy of such an exquisite girl. He also understood that she had Prince Yan in her heart. He would not force her to forget Prince Yan, but he hoped that even for a moment, she could completely belong to him.

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“Xiao Zhenting, you… Uh…”

Xiao Zhenting swallowed her words. His body, which had been practicing martial arts all year round, was strong and healthy. Shangguan Yan was like a trembling little flower bud that bloomed in his storm.

In the Bluecloud Pavilion, the women had a sumptuous meal. Usually, they stayed in their rooms and did not leave their houses. If they did not move, they would not want to eat. Today, they were tired and felt that everything they ate was delicious. Of course, the dishes were indeed delicious, especially the few plates of sweet potato leaves. They were really so delicious that they could not stop.

“I don’t know if there are any in our manor,” a little sister said. They were all pampered young ladies and usually only cared about it. Why would they care if anyone in the manor planted sweet potatoes?

Xiao Ziyue smiled and said, “The Xiao Manor planted a lot of vegetables. I’ll get the servants to pick them and bring them back for you later!”

“How can I accept this?” The little sister coughed lightly.

“Why are you being so polite to me?” Xiao Ziyue called over Lingzhi and asked her to choose a few capable servants and pick a few more baskets of sweet potato leaves for her sister-in-law, Princess Consort Cheng, and the young misses to bring back.

Yu Wan had eaten a lot of sweet potato leaves in the countryside, but this was Xiao Ziyue’s kindness, so she gladly accepted it.

Xiao Ziyue also asked the servants to seal the wine and bring it back to their respective manors. “The winemaker said that it can be drunk in two months.”

Yu Wan had originally treated it as a social gathering, but she did not expect to have a good time. Princess Consort Cheng and her friends were also very happy. Xiao Ziyue did not forget to take out the melon Yu Wan had sent over. She cut it and placed it on the ice. When the sweet and cold melon entered her mouth, the heat of the day dissipated.

“This was from my brother and sister-in-law’s manor!” Xiao Ziyue said proudly.

The little foodies looked at Yu Wan eagerly, their meaning quite obvious.

Yu Wan smiled and said, “If you don’t mind, I’ll be the host another day. You guys can go to the Young Master Manor with Ziyue.”

The little foodies nodded!

“I… might not be free,” Princess Consort Cheng said with her eyes looking up at the sky.

“Then don’t come,” Yu Wan said.

Princess Consort Cheng’s face darkened!

As they were talking, Eldest Mrs. Xiao’s maidservant came. It was because of Eldest Master Xiao who had diarrhea. The medicine from the house doctor was useless. Eldest Mrs. Xiao thought of Yu Wan and immediately sent a trusted maidservant to invite her to treat Eldest Master Xiao. Of course, family scandals could not be aired in public. Eldest Mrs. Xiao did not say that Eldest Master Xiao had been framed by a concubine in his room. She only said that he had accidentally taken croton.

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Yu Wan and Eldest Mrs. Xiao’s maidservant went to Concubine Meng’s courtyard. Xiao Ziyue was worried about her father and followed.

As Yu Wan took Eldest Master Xiao’s pulse, she asked the doctor what medicine he had prescribed.

“Bentonite,” said the house doctor.

Bentonite, also known as Montmorillonite, was a natural and harmless non-metallic mineral. It had a strong effect of converging and stopping diarrhea. Logically speaking, the prescription was right.

“I’ll try another prescription.” Yu Wan wrote the prescription and handed it to the doctor. She then instructed Fu Ling, “Go to the carriage and get my first aid kit.”

Fu Ling walked out as if she was flying. After a while, she brought Yu Wan’s first aid kit over.

Yu Wan opened the first aid kit, took out the golden needles, and found the acupoints to perform the acupuncture on Eldest Master Xiao. After the acupuncture, the medicine she prescribed was ready.

Eldest Master Xiao’s illness had finally stopped, but he had also suffered a lot. He would probably not be able to get out of bed for ten to fifteen days.

Concubine Meng was stunned. She wanted to teach Yu Wan a lesson, but in the end, Yu Wan became Master’s benefactor.

“Thank you, Sister-in-law,” Xiao Ziyue said with red eyes.

Yu Wan knew that she was worried about her father and comforted her. “Eldest Master Xiao’s life is no longer in danger. Give him some salt water later and drink some sugar water tomorrow. Continue to drink the herbs. He can also continue to take the bentonite from the house doctor. He’ll recover in a few days.”

Xiao Ziyue choked and nodded.

Eldest Mrs. Xiao sighed. Although Yu Wan was Shangguan Yan’s daughter-in-law, she had helped the eldest branch twice. No matter what grudge she had with Shangguan Yan, it was impossible for her to hate Yu Wan. She thanked Yu Wan and asked her to stay for dinner.

Yu Wan had to return to the manor to eat with her little husband. She rejected Eldest Mrs. Xiao’s good intentions. “…It’s getting late. I’ll go back first.”

“I’ll send Sister-in-law off!” Xiao Ziyue held Yu Wan’s arm and said.

Eldest Mrs. Xiao had the same thought. She nodded and let her daughter go. Coincidentally, she also needed her daughter to be away in order to deal with this slut.

The moment Yu Wan left, Concubine Meng knew that her good days were over. She had been in the manor for so many years and had caused many troubles, but she had never been so miserable. Otherwise, how could she have the guts to continue causing trouble?

In the past, when something happened, there would always be Master protecting her. However, now that she had “harmed” Master, it would be strange if Master continued to favor her.

The only way out for her now was Madam!

“Madam… Madam…” Concubine Meng crawled over on her knees and hugged her arm, her eyes filled with tears. “Madam, believe me, I really never thought of harming Master!”

“But you’ve thought of harming my daughter!” Eldest Mrs. Xiao coldly shook off her hand.