Chapter 379 - Secret, Father and Son (1)

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Chapter 379: Secret, Father and Son (1)

Concubine Meng could not refute. Regarding the incident in the Prince Cheng Manor, it could still be said that Xiao Zilin had been tricked by a freak combination of factors. But this time, that dish was targeted at all the women of the Bluecloud Pavilion. Xiao Ziyue, Yu Wan, and the others could not avoid it.

“I…” At this moment, it was impossible to say that she was going for Yu Wan. After all, it was true that she wanted to teach Xiao Ziyue a lesson too. In fact, she had learned about Xiao Ziyue’s illness from Xiao Zilin. She even secretly wondered if Xiao Ziyue would embarrass herself in public, then the only daughter of the Xiao family left would be her Zilin.

If she could think of it, how could Eldest Mrs. Xiao not think of it?

Eldest Mrs. Xiao said coldly, “To think that I thought that although you were a little smart, you still know your limits. It seems that I was wrong. A slut is a slut. One can’t change their nature! On account that you’ve served Master for a long time, I won’t send you back to your maiden home. The village house is quiet. Go there and reflect on your mistakes!”

Concubine Meng’s expression changed drastically. The village house was a place for Great Concubines to retire. If they went, they would never be able to return!

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“Madam! Madam, please spare me! I’ll kowtow to you!”

Concubine Meng’s head fell to the ground again and again, mercilessly. Soon, there was a bruise.

She really regretted it. If she had known that things would turn out like this, she would not have touched Yu Wan no matter what. Speaking of which, it was really strange. What kind of luck did that girl have? Why was she the one who was unlucky in the end?

Eldest Mrs. Xiao had long endured Concubine Meng for many years, but in the past, small fights were not worth sending her out. Now that Master was half dead, if she didn’t chase him away, would she keep him for the New Year?

“Madam… Third Miss is still so young. She can’t lose her mother…” Concubine Meng was heartbroken.

“Bastard! Who’s her mother?” Eldest Mrs. Xiao slammed the table. Concubine Meng was dumbfounded. She was only a concubine and was not qualified to let Xiao Zilin call her mother. Xiao Zilin only had one mother, and that was Eldest Mrs. Xiao.

Eldest Mrs. Xiao said, “Xiao Zilin is the third daughter of the Xiao Manor. How can I treat her badly? When she’s old, I’ll naturally arrange a good marriage for her. Don’t worry!”

Concubine Meng thought of the eldest daughter of a concubine and who she had married. Her heart turned cold.

Princess Consort Cheng and her friends also planned to leave. Xiao Ziyue and Yu Wan sent them off first before walking towards the place where Yu Wan parked the carriage.

Yu Wan took out a small brocade box from her wide sleeve.

“For me?” Xiao Ziyue opened it and saw that it was a begonia golden hairpin. She couldn’t wait to pick it up. “It’s so beautiful. Sister-in-law, help me put it on!”

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Yu Wan put it on her. Her taste was indeed right. This hairpin matched her very well.

There happened to be a large water vat at the side. Xiao Ziyue walked over and took a look. “It’s so beautiful!”

Yu Wan smiled. It was naturally impossible for the eldest daughter of the Xiao family to lack a pearl hairpin. But because she was the one who gave it to her, she was happy.

Looking at her carefree appearance, Yu Wan thought of her former “self”. Back then, she was so thoughtless, which was why she took a fancy to a man like Zhao Heng. Zhao Heng was indeed outstanding—he was talented, knowledgeable, scrupulous in etiquette, diligent and motivated, and filial to his elders. No matter how she looked at it, he was an extremely outstanding potential stock. However, after really understanding Zhao Heng’s character, she understood that he was not worth any woman’s life.

Zhao Heng was an extremely selfish person. He only had himself in his heart.

“Sister-in-law, what’s wrong? You suddenly stopped talking.” Xiao Ziyue blinked at Yu Wan.

Yu Wan paused and said, “Ziyue, I want to ask you, how did you know Zhao Heng back then?”

“Ah…” Xiao Ziyue was shocked and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Yu Wan said, “I don’t mean to blame you. I’m just concerned about you. It’s fine if it’s inconvenient to say. I won’t tell Eldest Mrs. Xiao.”

“We met at the poetry club,” Xiao Ziyue said in a low voice.

Yu Wan had been in the Capital for so long, so she naturally knew what a poetry club was. It was a place where scholars and the daughters of aristocratic families could go. Everyone met with poems and was extremely elegant. Xiao Ziyue had studied literature and arranged to go to a poetry club in the south of the city with her friends. That day, it was not a poetry competition, but a lantern riddle. Xiao Ziyue did not elaborate on the process of the lantern riddle, but Yu Wan could not guess that Zhao Heng was in the limelight, so she fell in love with him at first sight.