Chapter 380 - Secret, Father and Son (2)

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Chapter 380: Secret, Father and Son (2)

“After that, I met him by chance once in the pharmacy.”

Mrs. Zhao fell into the well and was seriously injured. Until now, she was paralyzed in bed.

“I knew that he was copying books for someone, so I spent money to buy his copy. I showed his copy to my mother and invited him to the Xiao Manor to be my teacher. My mother agreed. I told my mother that it was obvious that he could stand out. Why don’t we rope him in now? We might be able to use him in the future.”

It was fine at the beginning, but the latter sentence surprised Yu Wan. It turned out that this little girl knew how to use tricks for the future of her sweetheart.

“So your mother sent him to the Directorate to study?” Yu Wan looked at her and asked.

Xiao Ziyue nodded and blushed. “Am I very bad?”

She wasn’t bad, she was just a little stupid. She should stay as far away as possible from a man like Zhao Heng. He wasn’t worth her heart and soul.

Yu Wan did not know that Xiao Ziyue and Zhao Heng were so involved. She had put in so much effort for Zhao Heng. It seemed that she could not persuade her with a few words. Like Yan Huaijing, she was an obedient child in the eyes of the world. Once such a person was stubborn, eight horses could not pull her back.

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

“Sigh.” Yu Wan brought Fu Ling into the carriage.

“Madam, why are you sighing?” Jiang Hai asked as he drove.

Yu Wan said helplessly, “You men don’t understand women’s matters.”

Outside, Jiang Hai fell silent. Yu Wan thought that he knew better than to ask further. Unexpectedly, the curtain was suddenly lifted and a big rough hand reached in.

“Here.” Jiang Hai said. His voice was a little strange, as if he was nervous and embarrassed.

Yu Wan took it and took a look. It was a piece of brown sugar.

Jiang Hai, this burly man, looked honest, but he even knew this thing. He must be an experienced person.

Yu Wan did not say anything. She accepted it and gave it to Fu Ling. Her period did not come, but Fu Ling’s came.

The weather was stuffy and hot, and the inside of the carriage was like a steamer. Yu Wan lifted the curtain a small crack, but the wind was also hot, and it did not reduce the heat at all. Jiang Hai tried his best to walk in a shady place, which required him to pass through a small path. When he passed by a quiet alley, a woman suddenly exclaimed, “Catch the thief—”

This voice sounded familiar… Yu Wan had an idea. “Jiang Hai!”

Jiang Hai understood and pulled the reins tightly to stop the carriage. He said, “Fu Ling, take good care of Madam.” Then, he stood up and jumped into the alley.

In the alley, a luxuriously dressed madam was blocked by a group of thieves. Her maidservant had been knocked unconscious by the thieves, and the thieves were snatching her belongings, tearing her clothes. However, this alley was cold and secluded, and no one passed by. Her voice was hoarse from shouting, and she was about to despair. At this moment, a muscular figure descended from the sky and knocked the group of thieves down with a few punches.

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“Thank-thank you, Strongman,” she said, trembling.

Yu Wan alighted from the carriage and walked into the alley. She looked at her and said, “Mrs. Yao?”

No wonder the voice sounded familiar. It turned out that she was Shangguan Yan’s best friend. When Yu Wan and Yan Jiuchao were discussing marriage, Mrs. Yao had even gone to the Yu family. On the day of the wedding, she had also gone to the Young Master Manor. The two of them had seen each other a few times and could be considered friends.

Mrs. Yao did not recognize Yu Wan at first glance. There was no other reason. Yu Wan had changed a little too much after the wedding. Her face was still the same, but she seemed to have been reborn. She was graceful and noble.

When Yu Wan got closer, she finally recognized her. She was relieved and her heart, which was in her throat, calmed down. She looked at Jiang Hai and then at Yu Wan. “It’s your people…”

“My coachman, Jiang Hai,” Yu Wan introduced.

Jiang Hai cupped his hands and bowed. “Mrs. Yao.”

Mrs. Yao had never seen Jiang Hai before. She only felt that his martial arts were even better than the guards. He really didn’t look like a coachman.

Mrs. Yao nodded politely.

Yu Wan said to Jiang Hai, “Go report to the officials and get Fu Ling to come over.”

“Yes.” Jiang Hai turned around and left.

After a while, Fu Ling walked over and picked up the maidservant who had fainted.

Mrs. Yao was really surprised to see this tall maidservant. It was fine if the coachman didn’t look like a coachman, but why did her maidservant not look like a maidservant? This Princely Heir Consort’s taste… was really… really unique…

Mrs. Yao’s carriage was nearby, but she didn’t want to take a carriage now. She wanted to calm herself down.

Yu Wan checked the maidservant’s pulse and found that she was fine. She asked Fu Ling to send the maidservant back to Mrs. Yao’s carriage while she and Mrs. Yao went to a nearby teahouse.