Chapter 382 - I Dote On You (1)

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Chapter 382: I Dote On You (1)

When Yan Jiuchao arrived home, Yu Wan had already taken a shower.

“You encountered a heavy rain on the way, right?” Yu Wan looked at his wet clothes and went forward to pull his wrist. She pulled him into the room and took his umbrella to put in the basket. “What a big umbrella.”

Yan Jiuchao did not say anything and did not look at the umbrella. He had always been cold, so Yu Wan did not care.

“You encountered heavy rain too?” Yan Jiuchao looked at the wetness on her forehead and asked.

Yu Wan followed his gaze and touched her bangs. She smiled and said, “No, it only started raining when I got home. I’m sweating all over. I just took a bath and the water has been filled. You should go wash up too. Your body feels sticky and uncomfortable.”

Yan Jiuchao nodded and left. After taking a shower, dinner was ready. The couple ate dinner together.

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Yu Wan rarely asked about his business and only asked him what he ate for lunch, and whether he took a good nap. Then she talked about her experience in the Xiao family. Yu Wan did not know that Yan Jiuchao had already seen Xiao Zhenting, so she specifically said, “I saw Mom and Grand Marshal Xiao. Both of them look good.”

Before she left, she was supposed to bid farewell to Xiao Zhenting and Shangguan Yan. However, at that time, Xingzhu said that it was inconvenient for the two of them, so Yu Wan did not continue asking.

“On the way back to the manor, I bumped into Mrs. Yao.”

She finally got to the point. Yu Wan felt that it was not as difficult to speak as she had imagined. On the way back to the manor, she had thought about how to tell Yan Jiuchao. She had never thought of hiding it from him.

“What’s wrong with Mrs. Yao?” Yan Jiuchao asked. When she mentioned Mrs. Yao, her tone was clearly different from before, so he asked. This was probably because he cared about someone and would not ignore any abnormalities about her.

Yu Wan’s thoughts were not on this. She only felt that her husband was very good. He could clearly anger her to death seven to eight times out of ten, but she could feel that he cared about her.

Yu Wan told Yan Jiuchao about Mrs. Yao seeing a child who looked similar to him and the child calling Prince Yan Dad. “…That child is a few years younger than you. He’s probably about the same age as my big brother.”

She thought that Yan Jiuchao would be surprised, but who knew that his face was calm.

“You know?” Yu Wan was more surprised than him.

“Not really,” Yan Jiuchao said.

If he knew, then he did. If he didn’t know, then he didn’t. What did he mean by “not really”?

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From the moment he got the news from Bai Xiaosheng, he had already vaguely guessed the relationship between his father and the Princess of Nanzhao. Mrs. Yao’s words were only to confirm that the child that the Little Princess brought back to Nanzhao was his half-brother.

What he did not know was that that woman had actually been to Yan City. It seemed that the so-called elopement was just to hide in Yan City under his and Shangguan Yan’s noses.

Yu Wan was afraid that he would be sad, so she did not pester him to talk too much. She asked the servants to remove the food and went to the garden with him to take a walk before returning to their room to rest.

There were only three days left before they could have sex. This time, she was counting. He must feel terrible knowing such a cruel truth. When the time came, she would make it up to him and let him eat his fill and live happily!

With this thought in mind, Yu Wan quickly kissed him on the cheek. Before he could react, she turned around and lay down with her back facing him. She pulled the blanket over him. They had clearly been husband and wife for so long. Why was his heart still beating nervously because of this small action?

“Yu Ah Wan.” Yan Jiuchao said hoarsely.

In the darkness, Yu Wan opened her eyes and pricked up her little ears. There was no need to say emotional words or thank her. They were husband and wife. It was only right for her to be considerate.

Yan Jiuchao: “You’re crushing my hand.”

In the next two days, Yan Jiuchao did not show much emotion. After interacting with him for so long, Yu Wan could basically figure out his personality. He was a stuffy person who hid everything in his heart. Yu Wan’s heart ached for him, but at the same time, she could tell that this matter was not a big blow to him. Or to be precise, he accepted it faster than she had imagined. Yu Wan did not know that Yan Jiuchao had already been surprised by Bai Xiaosheng. She only thought that Yan Jiuchao understood that Prince Yan had passed away and was completely relieved.

On the day that they could be intimate, Yu Wan ended Nanny Wan’s class early and personally went to the kitchen. She knew that Yan Jiuchao liked sour and spicy food, so she specially made a sour and spicy fish. She used grass carp to cut it into pieces and put it aside. After cleaning it, she poured vegetable oil into the pot and heated it until it was seventy percent hot. She placed the ginger slices in the pot. Then, she poured in pepper, sour peas, and dry chili and stir-fried it until both sides were golden. After scooping it up, she placed the grass carp pieces in the pot and fried them until both sides were golden. Then, she added seasoning water to cook it. When the soup was thick and the fish meat was tender, she added the garlic sprouts, turned the fire on high and waited for the soup to thicken. A delicious sour and spicy fish was out of the pot.