Chapter 383 - I Dote On You (2)

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Chapter 383: I Dote On You (2)

In order to take care of Yan Jiuchao’s taste, she specially put two more spoonfuls of old vinegar.

After she took the dishes away, the chef looked at the soup left at the bottom of the pot and picked up a spoon to taste it. His entire body trembled.

Was she killing those who bought vinegar!!!

Other than the sour and spicy fish, Yu Wan also stir-fried a plate of lotus root, which was also the lotus root belt from her previous life. This dish did not taste good without vinegar, which coincided with Yan Jiuchao’s appetite.

When Yan Jiuchao returned to the manor, the moment he entered the courtyard, he could smell the fragrance of dishes. It was old vinegar mixed with fried chili, making his fingers itch. His taste buds had actually not completely recovered. Perhaps he would not be able to recover in the future, but he was much luckier than before to be able to taste ten to twenty percent.

Yan Jiuchao entered the room, took off his heavy court clothes, changed into light and cool clothes, and had dinner with Yu Wan.

Yu Wan blinked her sparkling eyes and looked at him, waiting for him to taste that the two dishes were made by her. In short, the dishes that tasted the best were definitely her cooking. Yan Jiuchao ate a lot of sour and spicy fish and sour and spicy lotus root.

Yu Wan smiled. She was very satisfied. In the past, this kind of emotion had only appeared when she watched the little fatties eat, but recently, for some reason, she was also like this when she saw him.

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Did she treat him like a little fatty, or… was she cherishing him more and more?

“Is it good?” Yu Wan asked.

“It tastes terrible!” Yan Jiuchao looked disgusted.

“Oh.” Yu Wan raised her eyebrows. If you have the ability, don’t finish these two dishes.

Of course, Yan Jiuchao finished it all, not even letting go of a piece of dried chili. So Yu Wan knew that he was lying again. She saw through it but did not expose him. He was a man after all.

After dinner, the couple went for a walk. Ban Xia entered the room to collect the table and saw that the Princely Heir Consort’s two dishes were finished. Ban Xia could not help but wonder if the chef was telling the truth when he said that the Princely Heir Consort’s culinary skills were not good. She dipped it in the soup and tasted it when no one was paying attention. In the end, she almost fainted!

The day was long, and the sky was getting darker and darker. The sky was gray and blue, and the couple strolled along the river with a gentle breeze.

Yu Wan held his hand. Yan Jiuchao frowned. She did not let go. She was stronger than him! She held the man’s hand as if no one was around and hummed a tune smugly. She looked like a little hooligan holding his obedient puppy hand.

Yan Jiuchao’s expression darkened.

“Yan Jiuchao.” She suddenly spoke.

“Yeah?” Yan Jiuchao replied.

Yu Wan smiled at him with a calm and tranquil expression. “It’s fine even if you don’t have Father. I dote on you.”

Yan Jiuchao’s heart seemed to have been hit by something. It was probably because… no woman had ever said such things to him. Those who wanted to marry him and recommend themselves all hoped that he would dote on them. No one had thought that he also needed to be doted on, and even he did not think so.

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She said, I dote on you.

Yan Jiuchao turned his face away uncomfortably, his ears red. “Who wants you to dote on me!”

Yu Wan used her actions to show how she doted on him.

There was a large bath in the Qingfeng Courtyard. After taking a walk, Yan Jiuchao went to take a bath. As he soaked, he felt that something was wrong. A slender figure slowly swam over from underwater, pushing aside the layers of petals like a beautiful mermaid.

This was a little exciting.

In the past, the Princely Heir would come out in fifteen minutes after taking a bath, but today, it was a full two hours. The servants looked at each other, not knowing what had happened inside. They could only vaguely hear… the Princely Heir’s… voice.

When they returned to their room, no one expected that just as Yu Wan put down the curtain, she heard a drip, as if something was dripping. The lights in the house were out. The air was filled with the faint smell of blood.

“Yan Jiuchao!” Yu Wan quickly lifted the curtain and lit an oil lamp. Under the dim yellow light, she saw the blood dripping from his nose. It was… it was black!

Yu Wan had not taken Yan Jiuchao’s pulse for a while. After all, his poison curse had been removed and he had drunk most of the medicine to remove the remaining poison. Who would take a normal person’s pulse all day for no reason?

Yu Wan pinched Yan Jiuchao’s pulse again. Indeed, he was poisoned!

Yu Wan’s first reaction was that the poison curse had not been completely removed, but her second reaction was that if the harmony of Yin and Yang could detoxify, then the poison should not have acted up at this time. If it was not the poison of the poison curse, could it be another poison?

But wasn’t this strange? They were already very careful. Who had the chance to poison his food? Besides, she ate and lived with him. Why wasn’t she poisoned?