Chapter 384 - I Dote On You (3)

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Chapter 384: I Dote On You (3)

Yu Wan used her golden needles to seal Yan Jiuchao’s acupoints and tried her best to protect his heart.

Yan Jiuchao fell asleep.

Yu Wan called Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six to the study. The two of them were even more surprised than Yu Wan.

Yu Wan said seriously, “I’ve thought about it. No one in the manor has a chance to poison him. During this period of time, he’s been going to court and working in the cabinet. Has he come into contact with suspicious people?”

Shadow Thirteen thought for a while and shook his head solemnly. “At least one of us will accompany Young Master. We didn’t meet anyone suspicious.”

Yu Wan only hated that her medical skills were too shallow and she could not tell what poison Yan Jiuchao was poisoned with. “Thirteen, go to the Xiao Manor.”

Yan Jiuchao’s antidote for the past few years had always been concocted by the doctor Xiao Zhenting had hired. He might know Yan Jiuchao’s illness better.

Shadow Thirteen left without stopping. Shangguan Yan had already rested. This matter did not alarm her for the time being. Xiao Zhenting went to an old residence in the Capital to invite the old doctor over.

The old doctor had prescribed medicine for Yan Jiuchao for many years and indeed knew more about his illness than ordinary people. However, he could not diagnose what poison Yan Jiuchao had been poisoned with. From his pulse, it did not look like he had been poisoned recently.

“What do you mean?” Shadow Six asked with a frown.

Yu Wan, Xiao Zhenting, and Shadow Thirteen also looked at the old doctor. The old doctor stroked his beard and said, “I’m not sure if I made a mistake. Grand Marshal Xiao and the Princely Heir Consort should invite a few more doctors to take a look at the Princely Heir.”

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Invite more? That wouldn’t do. Someone wanted Yan Jiuchao’s life. Before that person was found, Yan Jiuchao’s illness was a secret.

In a flash, Yu Wan thought of someone.

“Who is it? Why aren’t you sleeping in the middle of the night? What are you knocking for!”

Old Cui turned over and fell asleep under the blanket. With a clang, the door was kicked open. A cold wind blew in. Old Cui’s eyebrows twitched and he sat up. “Which bastard—”

Before he could finish his sentence, a cold sword was placed on his neck.

Old Cui was captured by Shadow Thirteen to the Young Master Manor.

Shadow Thirteen threw him coldly on the floor of the study. Old Cui fell flat on his back and screamed in pain. “Aiyo!”

After shouting, he saw Yu Wan and Xiao Zhenting sitting on the seats. His eyes flashed.

Xiao Zhenting’s gaze landed on his face like a knife. He turned around guiltily, but Xiao Zhenting had already recognized him. “It’s you?”

Yu Wan asked, “Grand Marshal Xiao knows him?”

Xiao Zhenting clenched his fists tightly. “Imperial Physician Cui, long time no see.”

Yu Wan was stunned. This old man was actually an imperial physician?

Shadow Thirteen, Shadow Six, and Yu Wan were as surprised. What kind of place was Lotus Flower Village? It was fine they hid themselves, but why was there an imperial physician next door?

To be precise, he was a former imperial physician.

Xiao Zhenting’s gaze was like a torch as he said, “You caused Lady Wan of Bright Deportment’s miscarriage. Do you still remember this score?”

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Lady Wan of Bright Deportment was Master Xiao Wu’s biological sister.

Old Cui cowered. This was an old score. Back then, Old Cui was an imperial doctor in the palace and had joined Worthy Consort Xu’s camp. Worthy Consort Xu’s family was strong and she was in the limelight. Master Xiao Wu’s sister had entered the palace at that time and was conferred the title of Talented Lady after entering the palace.

Talented Lady Xiao had an outstanding appearance, was gentle and considerate, and had good handwriting. She was deeply appreciated by the Emperor. In less than half a month, the Emperor conferred her as a Noble Lady and another half a month later, she was conferred the title of a Lady of Excellence. After that, Imperial Concubine, Lady of Graceful Ceremony, Lady of Lovey Countenance… She rose all the way up. She had already sat in the position of a third-grade Lady of Handsome Fairness without getting pregnant. If this continued, she would not be far from being conferred the title of consort.

On the day that Lady Xiao of Handsome Fairness was discovered to be pregnant, the Emperor conferred her the title of third-grade Noble Imperial Concubine even though he did not know the gender of the child.

Of course, Worthy Consort Xu would not allow a favored concubine to give birth to the Emperor’s son.

Noble Imperial Concubine Xiao “accidentally” fell. Old Cui went to treat her and lied that the child had died in her womb. If she did not give birth in time, her life would be implicated. The Emperor asked Old Cui to prescribe medicine.

When the fetus landed, Noble Imperial Concubine Xiao clearly heard a weak cry. Her child did not die in her stomach, but she would definitely not live under the effects of the medicine. There was no evidence of this matter. In the end, it ended with Noble Imperial Concubine Xiao being too sad, mentally unstable, and even hallucinating.

In order to appease Noble Imperial Concubine Xiao, the Emperor conferred her as a second-grade Lady of Bright Deportment and gave her the title Wan.

Old Cui’s conscience was not black to the end. He knew that he could no longer be the knife in Worthy Consort Xu’s hand, so he resigned from his position as the imperial physician with the excuse that his mother was seriously ill. How could Worthy Consort Xu be willing to let him go? However, Old Cui also had a card up his sleeve. If she did not let him go, he had a way to send the evidence to Lady Wan of Bright Deportment. However, as long as Worthy Consort Xu let him go, he would bring this secret into his coffin.

Worthy Consort Xu naturally would not be threatened by him. It was Yan Huaijing who let him go. However, Yan Huaijing made him swear that he would never use the Cui family’s medical skills again.

Yu Wan said, “No wonder you couldn’t treat any of them in the village.”

Old Cui said calmly, “It’s up to you whether you want to kill me or torture me. It’s my fault. I admit it.”

Yu Wan looked at him and said, “You think we captured you to take revenge?”

Old Cui was stunned. “…Isn’t it?” Then what was Xiao Zhenting doing here! Wasn’t Xiao Zhenting Master Xiao Wu’s sworn brother?

If he remembered correctly, before Lady Wan of Bright Deportment entered the palace, she had interacted quite a lot with the Xiao family. Old Mrs. Xiao liked Lady Wan of Bright Deportment very much. At that time, many people privately guessed that Lady Wan of Bright Deportment would marry Xiao Zhenting. When they found out that she had entered the palace, everyone was secretly shocked.

Putting aside this relationship, Xiao Zhenting and Master Xiao Wu were like brothers. Then, Lady Wan of Bright Deportment could be considered a biological sister in Xiao Zhenting’s heart.

He had harmed her biological sister, Lady Wan of Bright Deportment, right? As Old Cui thought about this, he felt that he was about to die.