Chapter 385 - Helping Each Other (1)

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Chapter 385: Helping Each Other (1)

Xiao Zhenting gritted his teeth and said, “If you can treat the Princely Heir’s poison, I’ll spare your dog life!”

Old Cui was stunned for a long time before he realized that the “Princely Heir” he was talking about was his stepson, Yan Jiuchao. That’s right, this little trash was finally willing to accept being conferred the title of Prince Yan’s Princely Heir. He really doted on his stepson. For the sake of his stepson’s life, he didn’t even take revenge for Lady Wan of Bright Deportment.

In just an instant, Old Cui collected his thoughts. “I once swore that I would never use the Cui family’s medical skills to practice medicine.”

Shadow Thirteen slashed down. “Then you want to die!”

The sword blade pressed against Old Cui’s neck, and he was frightened. “But… but… I didn’t finish my words!”

Shadow Thirteen’s sword blade stopped.

Old Cui wiped his cold sweat and said, “I only said that I can’t use it to practice medicine. I didn’t say that I can’t teach it to others.”

Everyone looked at him strangely. He glanced at Yu Wan. “Go take his pulse and tell me.”

Wasn’t this unnecessary? Everyone glared at him, but they did not make things difficult for him anymore and handed the decision to Yu Wan. This was just a little troublesome. As long as she could save Yan Jiuchao, Yu Wan did not mind.

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On the way back to the upper room, Yu Wan told Old Cui about Yan Jiuchao being poisoned by the Southern Xinjiang poison curse. Since she wanted him to treat him, she had to tell him the truth about Yan Jiuchao’s illness.

“You don’t seem surprised. Why? You know about Yan Jiuchao’s poison curse?” Yu Wan sized up his expression.

Initially, he did not know, but he knew when Yan Huaijing asked him to “sell” the Cui family’s medical books to Yu Wan.

Old Cui cleared his throat. “No matter what, I’ve followed Worthy Consort before. How could I not know this secret?”

Yu Wan glanced at him. It was unknown if she believed him or not, but Yu Wan did not ask further. In short, this was not important.

Yu Wan returned to the upper room and took Yan Jiuchao’s pulse again according to the method taught by Old Cui. There were some pulses that were not recorded in the medical books, and she could not tell what pulse they were. She only told Old Cui everything.

“Is his fingertip black or purple?”

The people who were poisoned often had black foreheads and black nails. Obviously, Yan Jiuchao was not poisoned with ordinary poison.

There was a screen in front of Yan Jiuchao’s bed. Old Cui was standing outside the screen. When he asked, Yu Wan would answer. Yu Wan would check wherever he asked her to. After all, there was an additional procedure. It was not as convenient as diagnosing it personally.

Xiao Zhenting and the other two stood outside the door with solemn expressions.

Shadow Six scratched his head and muttered, “Doesn’t this Cui fellow find it annoying? Is there a difference between this and him personally practicing medicine? Isn’t it just one more hand? But he’s still the one who diagnosed the illness and prescribed the medicine! Isn’t he deceiving himself?”

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“He’s more or less a little afraid of death after taking a poisonous oath,” Shadow Thirteen said, his tone surprisingly gentle and patient.

“But aren’t you afraid of misdiagnosis?” Shadow Six, who had thought that it was just one more procedure, began to doubt the feasibility of this method.

Shadow Thirteen said, “That’s how the imperial physicians treated the concubines in the previous dynasty.”

The defense between men and women in the previous dynasty was serious. The imperial physicians could not treat the concubines directly. It was always the female doctor who took her pulse and then reported to the imperial physician for a diagnosis. Although this would cause a misdiagnosis, the higher the medical skills of the female doctor, the lower the chances of a misdiagnosis.

“If you press another inch below his navel, will he hurt?” Old Cui said.

Yu Wan pressed it. Although Yan Jiuchao was sleeping, he still frowned uncomfortably.

Old Cui sighed. “I roughly know what poison it is.”

“What poison?” Xiao Zhenting asked.

Old Cui sighed. “Fragrance of Hundred Miles.”

The men’s eyes darkened.

Shadow Thirteen and Shadow Six had been in the pugilistic world for many years and had heard a lot about poison. Fragrance of Hundred Miles was one of the three strange poisons in the world. It was said that once this poison was out, the fragrance would waft for a hundred miles, so they were called Fragrance of Hundred Miles. In fact, the Fragrance of Hundred Miles indeed had a fragrance, but it was far from the exaggeration of the rumors. For some reason, it spread like this.

Old Cui said, “The Fragrance of Hundred Miles is made from more than ten rare flower poisons. I’m not sure what flowers it is or how to make it. I only know that this poison is abnormally ferocious and is even harder to resolve than Southern Xinjiang’s poison curse.”

When they heard that it was even harder to resolve than Southern Xinjiang’s poison curse, everyone’s expressions did not look good.

Old Cui continued, “According to his pulse, he should have been poisoned for many years. Logically speaking, this poison will kill him soon, but the person who poisoned him shouldn’t know that he has been poisoned by the Southern Xinjiang Poison Curse. The two poisons restrain each other, and as a result, he’s fine.”