Chapter 386 - Helping Each Other (2)

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Chapter 386: Helping Each Other (2)

Of course, this only meant that it would not let Yan Jiuchao die immediately. However, there was still poison flowing through his body, so Yan Jiuchao’s body had never been good. Every year, he still needed to take antidotes.

Now that the poison curse of Southern Xinjiang had been resolved, the Fragrance of Hundred Miles was no longer suppressed and gradually erupted.

“Why didn’t I get this from his pulse first?” Yu Wan was puzzled.

Old Cui explained patiently, “Firstly, it’s because there’s still poison in his body that suppressed the poison of the Fragrance of Hundred Miles. Secondly, it takes ten days to half a month for the Fragrance of Hundred Miles to take effect.”

Yu Wan only said that Yan Jiuchao had been poisoned by the Southern Xinjiang Poison Curse, but she did not say who had poisoned him. Old Cui understood that curiosity killed the cat. Since Yu Wan did not say anything, he tactfully did not ask. However, Xiao Zhenting, Shadow Thirteen, and Shadow Six all knew the inside story.

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The Southern Xinjiang poison curse was given to Yan Jiuchao by the late Emperor, then what about the Fragrance of Hundred Miles? It was impossible for the late Emperor to poison him with two fatal poisons. It was really not necessary to deal with a three or four-year-old child.

“Where did the Fragrance of Hundred Miles come from? Who created it?” Yu Wan asked.

Old Cui shook his head. “The Fragrance of Hundred Miles is an outer-realm poison. I don’t know who created it, but it’s said to be very difficult to resolve.”

“It’s said that the poison curse is unsolvable, but we’ve resolved it. When you say ‘difficult’…” Yu Wan’s meaning was obvious.

Old Cui shook his head again. “You don’t understand. The Central Plains people say that there’s no solution to the poison curse. But as long as we find a powerful Gu King and Gu Master in Southern Xinjiang, there’s a way to turn things around. For example, according to what I know, the Nanzhao Holy Artifact will definitely be able to resolve the poison of the poison curse. As for this Fragrance of Hundred Miles…”

When he said the first sentence, Yu Wan almost thought that he had guessed that the holy artifact was in her hands. However, now that his life was in their hands, so what if he guessed? Would he have a chance to expose it?

Yu Wan no longer cared about this. She asked, “Just say whether you have a way to resolve it.”

Old Cui sighed. “My ancestor only mentioned it. No one has tried that prescription before. I wonder if it will work.”

“What prescription?” Xiao Zhenting and Yu Wan asked in unison.

Old Cui said thoughtfully, “Saintess’ blood, Sorcerer King’s tears, Fire Lingzhi, and Snow Toad.”

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What were all these? Yu Wan had never heard of any of them.

“Have you heard of it?” Yu Wan looked at Xiao Zhenting and the other two.

The three of them were silent. They had heard of the Fire Lingzhi and the Snow Toad—a fiery red Lingzhi and a toad that grew under the snow mountain. However, forgive them for being ignorant about the first two. When Southern Xinjiang fell apart, there were no more Saintesses and sorcerers. Where could they get their blood and tears? This prescription was most likely a rumor in folklore and was not very credible.

“Where did you hear that?” Shadow Thirteen asked.

Old Cui: “The teahouse.”

Old Cui stroked his beard and said, “It’s been a long time since I treated someone. I’ve even returned my medical skills to my ancestors. I’ll have to trouble you to go back to the village and bring the books in the cellar for me. I’ll see if there’s any way to temporarily alleviate the poison in the Princely Heir’s body.”

Since it concerned the Princely Heir, Shadow Thirteen left without hesitation.

“Shall I… rest first?” Old Cui asked carefully.