Chapter 387 - Helping Each Other (3)

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Chapter 387: Helping Each Other (3)

Could it be Prince Yan’s mistress back then??Yu Wan thought.

Could it be the Little Princess of Nanzhao??Shadow Six thought.

The two of them had guesses in their hearts, but neither of them said anything.

Shadow Six pondered and said, “It’s not the first time Young Master has been poisoned, but other than the previous Emperor, we all thought that no one had succeeded. I really can’t figure out how this Fragrance of Hundred Miles landed on Young Master.”

Yu Wan thought for a while. “Could it be in the Yan Manor…”

Shadow Six shook his head. “Although I hadn’t come to Young Master’s side back then, I heard Uncle Wan mention that when Prince Yan moved to Yan City, Young Master had already been cursed by the late Emperor. From then on, Prince Yan and the Princess Consort have been especially cautious about Young Master’s food and daily life. I think the other party doesn’t have a high chance of succeeding in Yan City.”

Yu Wan pondered for a moment. “In other words, someone in the Capital poisoned him.”

Shadow Six nodded. “It might be before he moved to Yan City, or it might be when he returns to the Capital to visit his family every year.”

Yu Wan also felt that the chances of success in the Capital were higher. She did not have any evidence, but she had this intuition. “Old Cui said that this poison will take ten days to half a month to take effect. By the time it really takes effect, he would have eaten countless things and passed through the hands of countless people. It’s already impossible to find out who did it. But no matter what, to be able to coax Yan Jiuchao to eat it, he must be someone who can get close to Yan Jiuchao without arousing suspicion.”

Shadow Six was stunned. “Princely Heir Consort, you mean an acquaintance?”

Yu Wan sighed. “Is your Princely Heir willing to eat a stranger’s food with his bad temper?”

That was true. For example, if the late Emperor had not personally fed him the poison curse, how could Young Master have eaten it? At the thought of this, Shadow Six felt a little uncomfortable. The enemy’s damage was not terrifying, what was terrifying was his family’s knife. It did not cut his flesh and blood, but his heart.

Old Cui thought of a prescription and taught it to Yu Wan. Yu Wan immediately asked Shadow Six to go to the pharmacy to get the medicine and personally brew it before bringing it into the room.

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Yan Jiuchao had been having a high fever since an hour ago. His face was red and he was frowning uncomfortably, like an aggrieved little fire baby.

Xiao Zhenting looked at him. Whenever Yan Jiuchao frowned, Xiao Zhenting’s face would turn pale, like a ferocious beast that was at a loss because of the little brat’s illness.

Wasn’t he a ferocious beast?

When Yu Wan first saw Shangguan Yan standing with him, what appeared in her mind was a beauty and a wild beast. The only difference was that Xiao Zhenting was not ugly. On the contrary, he was quite handsome, but he looked too fierce.

“Grand Marshal Xiao.” Yu Wan gently walked over and realized that he was drenched. It was unknown if it was because of the heat or because he was frightened.

“Shall-shall I do it?” Xiao Zhenting looked at the medicine bowl in her hand and regretted it after saying that. Cong’er hated him so much. How could he do such a thing…

“Thank you.” Yu Wan handed the medicine bowl to him.

“Uh…” He was stunned for a moment before he took the medicine bowl in a daze. Because he was too nervous, his hand trembled and he almost dropped the spoon. He had big hands too. Yu Wan had to use two hands to carry this bowl, but it was small in his bear paws.

He picked up the spoon clumsily and asked nervously, “Is-is it like this?” He had never fed a child.

Xiao Yan was already old when he was brought over. He didn’t need to feed him anymore. Moreover, Xiao Yan was more clingy to Shangguan Yan. Shangguan Yan took good care of Xiao Yan.

Yu Wan gave him an encouraging look.

Xiao Zhenting braced himself and finished feeding him. After all, he was a newbie and he was terribly bad at feeding someone. The dizzy Yan Jiuchao rolled his eyes from his way of feeding.

“That… that… I…” Xiao Zhenting scratched his head in embarrassment.

Yan Jiuchao glared at him resentfully, turned his face away angrily, and fell asleep. Xiao Zhenting was extremely embarrassed.

Yu Wan shouldn’t have laughed when her husband was so sick, but Xiao Zhenting’s appearance was really comical. Her husband’s rolling of his eyes was really cute. She had never known that Grand Marshal Xiao, who could command a thousand troops, was so silly in front of her husband, nor did she know that her husband was so childish in front of Grand Marshal Xiao.

Yu Wan smiled and took the medicine bowl. “I’ll change my husband’s clothes.”

Xiao Zhenting wanted to say, “Let me do it.” But thinking about his world-shattering strength, he gave up.

Yu Wan changed Yan Jiuchao into dry clothes. Xiao Zhenting waited at the door.

‘The source of this ?ontent is’,

Yu Wan said softly, “It’s getting late. Go to the room and rest.”

Xiao Zhenting said, “No, your mother doesn’t know that I’ve left. She’ll be suspicious when she wakes up and sees that I wasn’t there. I want to hide Cong’er’s illness from her for the time being.”

Yu Wan nodded. “Alright.”

Xiao Zhenting paused and said, “I’ll find the antidote for Cong’er.” As long as he was alive, he would not give up the antidote.

It started to drizzle in the latter half of the night. Yu Wan missed her sons from Lotus Flower Village, but there was nothing to worry about with her parents taking care of them. On the other hand, her husband had been schemed against so many times at such a young age. She always felt that her life was difficult, but compared to him, her past hardships were not worth mentioning.

Yan Jiuchao was sweating profusely.

Yu Wan changed him into a dry thin shirt and looked at him quietly for a while. She whispered into his ear, “Don’t worry, it will definitely be cured. After the poison is cured, I’ll give birth to a child for you.”

In his sleep, Yan Jiuchao’s eyebrows twitched. Yu Wan’s lips curled up slightly. She bent down and kissed his forehead. She pulled open his arm and crawled into his arms. She hugged his strong waist and fell asleep sweetly.

At dawn, Yu Wan woke up. She was still sleeping in his arms, hugging his waist tightly. The two of them had been married for so long. Although they had done incomparably intimate things, he stood well, sat well, and slept like a gentleman. Holding hands was the limit. It was also because he was sick that she took advantage of him.

Yu Wan touched his forehead. His fever had subsided a lot. Then, she pinched her husband’s soft face.

“Princely Heir Consort.” Zi Su heard the commotion and called out softly from outside the door.

“Come in,” Yu Wan said.

Zi Su carried the hot water into the house.

Yu Wan quietly got off the bed, dressed, and went to the ear room. “The Princely Heir hasn’t woken up yet. In a while…”

“He woke up,” Zi Su said.

Zi Su was afraid of waking Yan Jiuchao up, so she whispered, “An hour ago, the Princely Heir woke up. I entered the room and asked the Princely Heir what he wanted. The Princely Heir shook his head and fell asleep again.”

At that time, the Princely Heir Consort was sleeping like a little pig in the Princely Heir’s arms. The Princely Heir was probably afraid of disturbing the Princely Heir Consort, so he endured it even though his mouth was dry and he wanted to drink water.