Chapter 388 - Call Father (1)

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Chapter 388: Call Father (1)

Yu Wan was insensitive. How could she think of this? She only thought that her husband was seriously ill and did not have the strength to push her away.

However, she was a doctor after all. She knew that he would inevitably be a little dehydrated after a night of high fever. She asked Zi Su to add half a bowl of warm water and gently coaxed him to drink it.

Zi Su felt that the Princely Heir treated the Princely Heir Consort as his child and doted on her. Wasn’t the Princely Heir Consort the same? However, neither of them let the other know.

Yu Wan tidied up and went to Old Cui’s room.

Shadow Thirteen had already brought his book collection over. He had been flipping through it for most of the night, so he was still catching up on his sleep. The door of the Young Master Manor did not creak, but Old Cui had locked the door. With a loud crack, the latch broke and Yu Wan walked in.

Old Cui, who suddenly woke up: “…”

Old Cui sat up and pulled the blanket over his chest. “You, you, you, you… What are you doing?!”

‘?????? ???? No(ve) l Bi n’,

“To look for you,” Yu Wan said.

Old Cui was anxious. “You’re a girl, how can you barge into a man’s room like this? Don’t you… know how to knock?”

“I knocked. You didn’t hear me, so I could only come in myself. Also.” Yu Wan paused and sized him up from head to toe. She sighed and said, “It’s a little too much to call yourself a man. You’re clearly an old man…”

Old Cui, who had been shot ten thousand times in the heart: “…”

Yu Wan was not here to argue with him. She was here to look for him. “I want to enter the palace. I’ll leave Yan Jiuchao to you. If anything happens to him, I’ll kill you!”

Old Cui widened his eyes. “Why are you so fierce!”

Yu Wan said unhurriedly, “You’ve already entered the Young Master Manor. You’ve betrayed Worthy Consort Xu and Prince Jing. Once the news gets out, they’ll kill you even if I don’t kill you.”

“I was kidnapped by you!” Old Cui exploded.

Yu Wan smiled faintly. “Who would believe you?”

In short, the mother and son would not believe it.

Old Cui lay back on the bed hopelessly and pulled the blanket over his head. He no longer wanted to talk to this doll.

Yu Wan had thought about it carefully before entering the palace. The news that someone in the Nanzhao Royal Family wanted Yan Jiuchao dead was revealed to her by the Empress. She thought that she might be able to find some clues from the Empress.

Yu Wan left Fu Ling and Zi Su behind to take care of Yan Jiuchao. After all, these two maidservants were the only ones who knew about Yan Jiuchao’s poisoning. Yu Wan could only say that he had caught a cold to outsiders.

‘?????? ???? NoVELBIN. ???.’,

The Zhaoyang Palace became more and more lively. The number of concubines who came every day was as many as carp crossing the river. There was not much commotion at the Xianfu Palace. Worthy Consort Xu did not come to greet the Empress with the excuse that she was busy with work.

Yes, even though she had been rolled her eyes at by the Emperor, the phoenix seal and the power of the six palaces were still in her hands.

Worthy Consort Xu had learned to keep her cool. As long as she did not make a mistake, the Emperor would not let her hand over her power.

The Empress wanted to find fault with Worthy Consort Xu, but Worthy Consort Xu obediently stayed in Xianfu Palace and focused on helping the Emperor settle his family matters. For a while, the Empress really did not have any evidence against her.

“Princely Heir Consort.” Outside Zhaoyang Palace, Emissary Cui bowed to Yu Wan.

“Is Her Majesty meeting guests?” Yu Wan said politely.

Yu Wan naturally had no reason to come uninvited. She had gotten someone to send a visiting card early in the morning and the Empress had agreed to her coming. However, she thought that this seemed to be the time for the concubines to greet the Empress. She should have arrived later.

Emissary Cui smiled and said, “No, when she found out that the Princely Heir Consort was coming, Her Majesty didn’t keep them to talk. Most of them dispersed.”

As they spoke, a few concubines walked out of the hall hand in hand. They were all very young.

Sensing Yu Wan’s gaze, Emissary Cui smiled and said, “It’s the newly conferred Talented Lady Li, Talented Lady Wang, and Selected Lady He.”

Ever since Consort Zhao was pregnant at such an age, the Emperor felt that he had yet to age and that his youth had returned. He had come to the harem more often than before. Worthy Consort Xu was good at keeping her looks. The Emperor rested in her palace for two days in a row. The Empress was anxious. It was not easy for her to have Consort Zhao, but Consort Zhao was pregnant and could not serve him. In order to compete with Worthy Consort Xu, the Empress chose a few young beauties.

Yu Wan was not very interested in the Emperor’s second wife. She nodded and entered Zhaoyang Palace with Emissary Cui.

The Ninth Princess was studying behind the green gauze cabinet. It was quite interesting to hear the childish voice read seriously.

The Empress sat at the head of the table. When she saw that Yu Wan was about to bow to her, she smiled and gestured for her to keep quiet. She gently stood up and walked to Yu Wan. She held Yu Wan’s hand and gestured for her to come out with her with her eyes.