Chapter 314 - Zhao Meng’s Thoughts

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Chapter 314: Zhao Meng’s Thoughts

After a while, the director arrived in front of Fu Ying. The two of them naturally avoided the camera.

Under Fu Ying’s instructions, the director nodded and understood what he meant.

“President Fu, are you really going to sleep on the ground tonight?” The director glanced at the tent. Although the terrain was relatively flat, the ground was covered in small stones.

“Yes, get me a small blanket according to your production team’s standards.” Fu Ying didn’t want them to make exceptions for him. Moreover, sleeping beside Mo Rao was exactly what he wanted. Although, they were separated by the tent.

The director was a smart person. He could already tell that Fu Ying was head over heels for Mo Rao. The man who was usually so aloof was simply a loyal lap dog in front of Mo Rao.

What he could do was to try his best to give Fu Ying a chance to interact with Mo Rao more.

“I understand.” The director immediately sent someone to deliver a small blanket.

Fu Ying slept on the blanket. Although he was very uncomfortable, when he saw the tent close by and his beloved woman sleeping in it, he felt very satisfied.

That night, Mo Rao didn’t sleep well. Of course, she knew that Fu Ying was sleeping outside since she could hear his breathing.

When dawn came, Mo Rao had dark circles and she wasn’t in good spirits.

Her toes still hurt and she didn’t get enough rest, so of course, she was mentally and physically exhausted.

On the other hand, while Fu Ying slept very uncomfortably the entire night, when he woke up, he was energetic and exuberant.

“Did you sleep well?” Seeing Mo Rao come out, he asked with concern. There was no fatigue on his handsome face.

“No,” Mo Rao replied directly. It was because he was outside that she couldn’t sleep well!

Every morning, Mo Rao and the other five had to gather to accept the production team’s mission, so Mo Rao had to limp to the gathering point.

She could barely walk today, so she refused to be carried by Fu Ying.

“Then I’ll support you.” Fu Ying held Mo Rao’s hand domineeringly. She couldn’t gain weight no matter how much she ate, and her arms were always thin and soft. Fu Ying could hold her entire arm with one hand and even free a finger.

Mo Rao glared at him. If not for the fact that she couldn’t argue with Fu Ying in front of the cameras, she really wanted to scold this man. Wasn’t he deliberately making people think that they had some sort of relationship?

She didn’t want to have anything to do with Fu Ying now and couldn’t wait to draw a line between them, but Fu Ying kept clinging to her.

Just as Fu Ying was helping Mo Rao walk, Zhao Meng appeared.

She slept in two days ago, but she woke up earlier than a chicken today, mainly to find Fu Ying.

Seeing Zhao Meng, Mo Rao felt happy for the first time and thought, hurry up and take Fu Ying away!

“What’s the matter?” Fu Ying asked coldly.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that we have to gather every morning. I was afraid that you would be unfamiliar with the route, so I specifically came over to show you around.” Zhao Meng had a kind expression.

“With Mo Rao around, there’s no need to trouble you.” Fu Ying’s answer made Zhao Meng’s expression darken.

Mo Rao was already crippled. Could she not stay in the tent to recuperate? Why did she have to occupy Fu Ying’s attention?

Zhao Meng laughed awkwardly. “That’s right. I forgot about Mo Rao. Alright, let’s gather now.”

She followed behind Mo Rao and Fu Ying. When she saw Fu Ying supporting Mo Rao so attentively, she felt jealous, so she took a step forward. “President Fu, why don’t I support Mo Rao? I’m about the same height as her, so it’s not that difficult for me to support her.”

“Alright, help me.” Mo Rao couldn’t ask for more. Zhao Meng helping her was better than Fu Ying.

Unexpectedly, Fu Ying rejected her bluntly. “Let me do it. It’s fine.”

Zhao Meng pursed her lips. She had taken the initiative but failed to obtain an opportunity. How exasperating.

Fu Ying felt that Zhao Meng was an eyesore. Originally, he could be alone with Mo Rao on this part of the road and there wouldn’t be any cameras. However, when Zhao Meng came, the cameras followed, so he couldn’t act too intimate with Mo Rao.

When they arrived at the gathering point, Qi Tuo and the others had already arrived. Everyone looked at Fu Ying meaningfully.

Yesterday, they had agreed that Fu Ying would make do with Qi Tuo for the night, but he didn’t go to Qi Tuo’s place. He must have stayed in Mo Rao’s camp. Everyone knew what this meant. Only a fool like Zhao Meng would still covet Fu Ying.

“Alright, everyone is here. Then let’s begin issuing today’s mission!” When the director saw Fu Ying, a respectful look flashed across his eyes. Then, he loudly announced today’s mission to the others.