Chapter 315 - Willingly Doing It

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Chapter 315: Willingly Doing It

Today’s mission was to fish, and the fishing tools had to be made by themselves. The production team only provided fishing lines.

The director looked at Mo Rao and said, “Because Mo Rao is injured, it’s definitely impossible for her to act alone. The guest star will be in the same group as her and the two of them will complete the mission together!”

This was Fu Ying’s instructions.

Hearing this, the others instantly understood what he meant and couldn’t help but look at Mo Rao and Fu Ying.

Mo Rao’s eyes widened. “Director, there’s no need. I can handle it alone!”

“Don’t force yourself. Mo Rao, your toe is seriously injured. I understand that you want things to be fair, but in your situation, it’s very fair to give you an assistant. The others can accept it, right?” The director looked at Qi Tuo and the others.

Qi Tuo and the others immediately nodded. “Yes, Mo Rao, you should ask President Fu to help you.”

“One more person is one more helper. Making fishing rods is very difficult. You can’t handle it alone,” Tao Hai said.

Mo Rao suppressed her anger. Was the director doing this on purpose? Was he trying to increase the publicity of the show?

She really wanted to quit now, but when she thought of the penalty, she endured it.

Just as Mo Rao was about to speak, Zhao Meng said unwillingly, “Why? I don’t agree!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the director glared at Zhao Meng. What was wrong with this woman? Didn’t she know how to act according to the situation?

Zhao Meng pouted. “I’m also a woman. I haven’t slept well in the past two days and my body is even weaker. Why can’t he become my assistant?”

“You’re not injured,” Zhu Ye said angrily.

“But I’m very weak!” Zhao Meng was indignant and looked at Fu Ying. The more she looked at this man, the more handsome she found him. Coupled with his esteemed identity, he simply made her fall head over heels for him. She had to vie for a chance to be alone with him.

Zhu Ye was annoyed by Zhao Meng and blurted out, “Alright, I’ll be your assistant then. I won’t do my own mission!”

His angry tone shocked Mo Rao. Was Zhu Ye that resentful of Zhao Meng?

However, Mo Rao didn’t know that Zhu Ye hated Zhao Meng so much because of her.

“Who wants you to be my assistant? Dream on!” Zhao Meng rolled her eyes at Zhu Ye.

Seeing that the two of them were about to argue, the director said, “It’s settled then. Stop arguing. Zhao Meng, if you have any objections, quit the show. You should be able to afford the penalty.”

These words rendered Zhao Meng speechless. Of course she could afford it, but it would still cost an arm and a leg.

Was the director that eager to matchmake Mo Rao and Fu Ying?

In the end, Zhao Meng could only listen to the director’s arrangements because in the contract, following the program’s arrangements was also a condition.

“Starting now!” The director gave the order and the mission began.

Qi Tuo and the others had already dispersed to find suitable fishing rods. As Mo Rao’s legs were injured, she looked around and didn’t move.

Fu Ying wanted to help her up, but she sat down. “I don’t want to move. Aren’t you my assistant? Go find a fishing rod.”

Since Fu Ying wanted to be her assistant so badly, she would order him around and make him regret it.

Fu Ying was stunned for a moment before he understood that Mo Rao was deliberately making things difficult for him and asking him to do it alone. He smiled. Was she that vengeful now?

“Alright, wait for me here.” Fu Ying agreed immediately. As long as it was Mo Rao’s request, he was willing to fulfill it.

“You have to find the bait yourself!” Mo Rao immediately added when she saw that Fu Ying was actually quite happy.

In the wilderness, they usually used earthworms as bait, so they had to dig through the soil to find them. It was also an arduous task.

Fu Ying nodded. “Alright, don’t worry. I’ll definitely do what you instructed.”

His affectionate promise made countless women watching the live stream go crazy.

“In my lifetime, can I await a man who says this to me?”

“You can, but you won’t get a top-notch person like Fu Ying!”

“He’s so affectionate. He must still have feelings for Mo Rao!”

“Is this a wilderness survival program or a program to show off PDA?”

Shen Feng saw all of these comments. His expression was cold. When he saw Fu Ying’s satisfied expression on the screen, he couldn’t help but clench his fists.

Fu Ying actually used such a dirty trick. He even joined Mo Rao’s program. Fu Ying was deliberately creating the impression that they were in a relationship so that the outside world would discuss it and continue to lump them together.

But what could he do? Shen Feng’s expression became pained.