Chapter 316 - Serious Objection

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Chapter 316: Serious Objection

Recently, Old Madam Shen had made it clear to Shen Feng that she did not agree to Mo Rao becoming the Shen family’s granddaughter-in-law.

No matter how Shen Feng explained and objected, Old Madam Shen refused to relent. She even introduced women of equal social status to him and asked him to find a suitable woman as soon as possible.

Shen Feng only had Mo Rao in his heart. He would never marry another woman.

The current Shen family was shrouded in a depressing atmosphere. Even Mo Yun and the others looked gloomy every day because of Old Madam Shen.

It was because he had been distracted during this period of time that Fu Ying had the chance to swoop in.

Just as Shen Feng was feeling frustrated, Old Madam Shen called again. He rejected the call.

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But half an hour later, Old Madam Shen appeared in his office.

“Shen Feng, why didn’t you answer my call?” Old Madam Shen was dressed in black and sitting on the sofa in the office. Her silver-white hair was combed neatly, and her old face had a mean expression. Even when facing her biological grandson, she was extremely stern. “You were raised to be rude and unfilial by your mother. You even dared to reject your grandma’s call!”

No matter what, Old Madam Shen blamed Mo Yun. Shen Feng frowned. He had had enough.

“Grandma, what’s the matter?” Shen Feng suppressed his anger and asked calmly.

“How old are you?” Old Madam Shen took out a few photos from her bag and placed them on the table. “These are a few suitable girls I found for you today. Look, all of them are good girls. They have never had a boyfriend before. They don’t have any dirty past.”

Old Madam Shen was mocking Mo Rao and saying that she was dirty.

Shen Feng stood up with an angry expression. “Grandma, my respect for you stems from your status as an elder, but if you continue to spout nonsense, forgive me for being unfilial!”

Old Madam Shen’s expression became even uglier and she glared at Shen Feng resentfully. “Look at you. Even when I scolded your mother in front of you, you’ve never been this angry with me. Now, I’ve only said a few words about Mo Rao, but you’re slamming the table! That vixen has bewitched you!”

“Grandma, Mo Rao is not a vixen. She is my beloved woman and a very good girl!” Shen Feng said coldly.

“A good girl? She came from an ordinary background, but she was able to enter the Fu family and marry Fu Ying. Do you think she doesn’t have any dirty tricks up her sleeve? It’s just that you can’t see it!” Old Madam Shen was filled with resentment towards Mo Rao. “You and Fu Ying can have any woman you want. Why are you two infatuated with that kind of person?”

Hearing that Old Madam Shen was still badmouthing Mo Rao, Shen Feng lost his patience. “You don’t have to look for me in the future. I definitely won’t listen to you. I’ll either marry Mo Rao or be single for the rest of my life. Let the Shen family’s lineage end at my generation!”

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“How dare you!” Hearing this, Old Madam Shen was so angry that she pointed at Shen Feng’s nose. “If you dare to let the Shen family’s lineage end at your generation, you will be a sinner of the Shen family!”

“If I want to have children, I will only have children with Mo Rao,” Shen Feng said calmly.

“Shen Feng, you don’t take me seriously anymore, do you? You’ll regret it. I definitely won’t let you be with Mo Rao!” Old Madam Shen was enraged and turned to leave the office.

As Shen Feng watched the door close, he heaved a sigh of relief before sitting down. He did not know what method Old Madam Shen would use to stop him and Mo Rao from being together, but he would definitely persevere.

The sun was very bright. Beside a wild pond, Fu Ying was sitting on the ground and fishing with a bamboo pole.

Mo Rao sat under the shade of a tree not far away and slept. She did not care if Fu Ying was hot or tired. She wanted Fu Ying to regret appearing on this show.

“Fu Ying, I’m thirsty.” Suddenly, Mo Rao sat up and ordered Fu Ying, “My feet hurt. Help me get water.”

Fu Ying glanced at Mo Rao under the shade. She was clearly bossing him around on purpose. Was she still angry?

“Alright, I’ll go now.” Fu Ying wasn’t angry at all and was happy to be ordered around by Mo Rao. He fixed the bamboo pole and immediately went to his backpack to get water for Mo Rao.

Mo Rao looked at the water that was handed to her and rolled her eyes. “Forget it. I’m not thirsty anymore, but I’m not comfortable sleeping here. Can you make your clothes into a cushion for me?”