Chapter 317 - Defend Him

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Chapter 317: Defend Him

In the wilderness, the sun was scorching and there were mosquitoes. It was simply torture for Fu Ying to take off his clothes.

Mo Rao deliberately looked at Fu Ying expectantly with her big eyes. Then, she pouted. “If you’re unwilling, forget it. What if President Fu gets a sunburn?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fu Ying had already taken off his short-sleeved shirt, revealing his perfect muscles, like those of a human sculpture carved by God.

His abs were ripped. Mo Rao felt her face heat up. This was a little awkward.

“Alright, I’ve padded it for you. Rest quickly.” Fu Ying carefully spread out the clothes and smiled at Mo Rao dotingly.

Mo Rao was too embarrassed to look at Fu Ying, so she laid down and slept on the clothes.

Her revenge was a feast for the eyes of millions of netizens.

“My tears couldn’t help but flow out from between my legs…”

“What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a pervert?”

“He’s so handsome and masculine!”

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“These muscles are amazing!”

The comment section was filled with lovey-dovey emojis and wonderstruck comments from women.

The director was very satisfied with this effect. Fu Ying’s arrival increased the popularity of the show.

Fu Ying sat down by the pond with his upper body bare. His shoulders were extremely broad. Mo Rao couldn’t help but take a look before quickly closing her eyes to stop her imagination from running wild.

The sun shone on Fu Ying’s skin, and sparkling sweat dripped from his pores, making him look even sexier.

Zhao Meng had been looking for an opportunity to approach Fu Ying. After fishing for a while, she started looking for Fu Ying. Finally, she saw Fu Ying by the pond. When she saw Fu Ying’s bare upper body, her eyes widened.

Fu Ying had a perfect figure. If she could sleep with Fu Ying, it would be worth it even if she had to sacrifice a few years of her life!

“President Fu!” Zhao Meng waved at him from across the pond and called out in a sweet voice.

Fu Ying pretended not to see her and continued fishing.

A bold thought flashed across Zhao Meng’s mind. She glanced at the pond. She didn’t believe that Fu Ying would leave her in the lurch if she fell into the pond.

Zhao Meng pretended to stagger and fell into the pond while splashing around in the water.

“Help!” she shouted. In fact, she wasn’t flustered at all because she could swim. She just pretended not to know, so that Fu Ying would save her.

She didn’t believe that Fu Ying wouldn’t be tempted at all.

Fu Ying looked at the woman struggling in the water indifferently and then at the security guard on the shore. He frowned slightly while thinking that Zhao Meng probably scared the fish away. It had to be known that their lunch was the fish that they had caught. If they didn’t catch anything, they would have to go hungry.

Fu Ying could go hungry, but he didn’t want Mo Rao to go hungry too.

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“Huhuhu…” Zhao Meng didn’t expect to be saved by the security guard. She pretended to be afraid and patted her chest hard, but she stared at Fu Ying. “President Fu, why didn’t you save me?”

Fu Ying glanced at Zhao Meng. “The water is only waist-deep. Are you an idiot?”

Only waist-deep? Zhao Meng was stunned. She had not noticed this.

The security guard also realized Zhao Meng’s true intention. Wasn’t this causing trouble for them?

“Miss Zhao, the water is indeed very shallow. Be careful next time and don’t fall in again.” After the security guard said these words helplessly, he quickly left.

Zhao Meng’s entire body was wet. She wanted to wet herself to seduce him, but now, she was covered in mud and looked quite woeful.

As Mo Rao watched her performance, she couldn’t help but laugh.

This woman’s interest in Fu Ying was really obvious.

“Even if it’s waist-deep, for someone like me who can’t swim, there’s a risk of drowning. Shouldn’t you be more compassionate?” Zhao Meng felt indignant as she wiped the mud off her face.

“Zhao Meng, if I remember correctly, you even filmed a television drama about swimming in the past and specifically learned how to swim, right?” Mo Rao said as she padded Fu Ying’s clothes with an indifferent expression.

Zhao Meng was speechless. If she continued to quibble, she would become a joke. She glared at Mo Rao, stood up, and walked away.

Fu Ying turned around and looked at Mo Rao. “You paid special attention to her?”

“I just happened to see it before, so I remembered.” Mo Rao closed her eyes again to rest.

Did she speak up for him just now and expose Zhao Meng’s scheme?

Fu Ying smiled. He felt overjoyed to be defended by Mo Rao for once.