Chapter 318 - Got a House

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Chapter 318: Got a House

At noon, Fu Ying caught two fish. Although they were not big, they should be enough for lunch.

He took charge of everything. After roasting the fish, he blew on it to cool it and handed it to Mo Rao.

The netizens could no longer tell if this was an outdoor variety show or Fu Ying and his wife’s exclusive show.

However, he also attracted many fans this time. Most of them were women. To be liked by such an affectionate, rich, and handsome man, Mo Rao must have saved the entire universe in her previous life.

There were also people who felt indignant for Qu Ru and Shen Feng.

“Fu Ying went to the hot spring with Qu Ru some time ago and even had a candlelight dinner with her. Is he two-timing?”

“I feel like Shen Feng is being cuckolded… What a pitiful man.”

“I think Fu Ying and Mo Rao are very compatible, so give Shen Feng to me to comfort!”

“He even picked out all the fish bones. This man is very attentive and meticulous. I like him.”

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The first season of “Wilderness Beginner Camp” ended amidst Fu Ying’s dedicated care of Mo Rao. Mo Rao spent the last two to three days very comfortably. She had forgotten that she was here to participate in the show and even had the feeling that she was simply here for a vacation.

However, she wasn’t grateful to Fu Ying, because Fu Ying did all of this of his own accord. She didn’t ask for it.

After the show ended, Mo Rao immediately instructed Chen Zheng, “Brother Zheng, let’s go!”

“Alright.” Chen Zheng nodded and got into the car with the assistant, Li Li, before driving Mo Rao away.

She couldn’t wait to get as far away from Fu Ying as possible.

In the car, Mo Rao replayed the show. When she saw the jeering comments, she was speechless. This was the effect Fu Ying wanted, right? What a sinister and cunning fox!

After returning home, Mo Rao took a shower and changed her clothes. She felt refreshed.

Although she could bathe in the stream on the show, she still felt unclean and uncomfortable, but she endured it.

At this moment, Mo Yuan returned. He was initially very busy, but when he thought about how Mo Rao was at home after the show, he took the time to come back and take a look.

“Brother!” When Mo Rao saw that Mo Yuan was back, she ran down the stairs happily. She was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt and blue denim shorts. She looked beautiful and energetic.

“Be careful!” Mo Yuan shouted nervously. “Aren’t your feet injured? Why are you still running?!”

Mo Rao came in front of Mo Yuan and held his hand. “My toes were just a little injured. It’s been two to three days already, so I’ve recovered. Don’t worry!”

Mo Yuan saw that Mo Rao was a little tanned, but even if she was a little tanned, she was still much fairer than others. This was Mo Rao’s natural advantage.

He sighed. “Rao Rao, why is Fu Ying so obsessed with you?”

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At the mention of this topic, Mo Rao became frustrated. “I don’t know either. What happened on the show made other people misunderstand us again.”

“I saw it. He’s clearly trying to woo you. This bastard is flirting with Qu Ru while trying to win you back. How shameless!” Mo Yuan was still very unhappy at the mention of Fu Ying.

“Brother…” Mo Rao hesitated for a moment before telling Mo Yuan what Fu Ying had said. “Fu Ying told me that there’s nothing between him and Qu Ru. The rumors arose because of circumstances he had no control over…”

“Do you believe it?” Mo Yuan interrupted Mo Rao.

Mo Rao was silent for a moment before shaking her head. “No.”

How could someone like Fu Ying have no choice?

Mo Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s good that you don’t believe him. He’s too hypocritical. No matter what he says, don’t believe him. Otherwise, you’ll be the one who gets hurt.”

Of course Mo Rao knew. She nodded obediently.

At this moment, Mo Yuan took out a property certificate. “Let’s move in the next two days. I bought a property. The two of us will live together.”

“You bought a house?!” After Mo Rao took the property deed and took a look, she jumped up happily. “We finally have our own house. That’s great!”

Before her parents passed away, she had a home of her own. After that, she had always been living under someone else’s roof.

Now, she and her brother had their own house.

“We have a house now. We’ll have more houses in the future. I promise you, I’ll definitely make you happy!” As Mo Yuan looked at Mo Rao’s happy expression, he also felt delighted. As her brother, he was very satisfied as long as he could see his sister happy.

All he wanted was for her not to meet another scumbag!