Chapter 319 - Participating in the Birthday Party

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Chapter 319: Participating in the Birthday Party

Mo Rao hugged Mo Yuan, her eyes burning. “Brother, it’s so good to have you. God let me reunite with you. I have family now…”

Hearing Mo Rao’s words, Mo Yuan felt emotional as well. This was the first time in his life that he knew what it was like to have family.

In the future, the siblings would rely on each other in this world. They might have their own families in the future, but they would always be family by blood.

“Oh right, there’s something else.” Mo Yuan recalled another very important thing.

Mo Rao let go of him and asked, “What is it?”

“Qu Xue’s birthday banquet will be held in the Qu family’s home in two days. Shen Feng said that he would bring the two of us to attend and get closer to Old Madam Qu. He wants to find out what her attitude is regarding how Mom went missing back then and see if she had any intention of finding her,” Mo Yuan replied.

If Old Madam Qu didn’t know, then they would let her know the truth of what happened back then. She had to know that her second son and third daughter were the culprits behind her youngest daughter’s disappearance.

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If Old Madam Qu knew but deliberately protected her second son and third daughter, Mo Yuan and Mo Rao would treat the entire Qu family as targets for revenge.

Mo Rao wiped her tears, her eyes shining with determination. “Alright, let’s go together. We must give Mom an explanation!”

Although her mother didn’t know her own background when she was alive and had never thought of returning, as her children, Mo Rao and Mo Yuan had to speak up for their mother now that they knew the partial truth.

Mo Rao remembered that her mother had once told her that she didn’t remember what happened before she was six years old. She had to find out what caused her mother to lose her memories of the time before she was six years old.

Qu Xue’s birthday banquet was very lively. It was a banquet for the upper-class society.

Many high-ranking officials and nobles attended. The Qu family’s decoration was very luxurious.

Mo Rao and Mo Yuan had already arrived at the Qu family’s door, but they had yet to enter because the Qu family had not sent them an invitation.

After a while, Shen Feng’s car appeared. After he got out of the car, he came to Mo Yuan’s car and knocked on the window.

Mo Rao and Mo Yuan got out of the car together.

The moment he saw Mo Rao, Shen Feng’s expression darkened. He recalled Fu Ying fawning over her on the show and Old Madam Shen’s obstruction. It seemed like everyone was stopping them from being together.

“Shen Feng, what’s wrong? Your complexion doesn’t look too good.” When Mo Rao saw Shen Feng, she immediately asked with concern.

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“I’m fine. It’s just that the company has been a little busy recently and I didn’t rest well.” Shen Feng immediately revealed a gentle smile. No matter how stressed he was, he was willing to bear it alone and not let Mo Rao worry.

Mo Rao frowned. “No matter how busy you are with work, you have to take care of your health. I’ll help you get some prescribed medicine. Go back and take it for a week. You will feel much better.”

“Okay.” Shen Feng nodded, his heart warm.

Then, Shen Feng brought Mo Rao and Mo Yuan into the Qu family’s home. With his identity, it wasn’t a problem for him to bring two people in.

As Mo Rao looked at the Qu family’s home, she felt a strange sensation. Was this her grandmother’s family? Were those people from the Qu family her family? She didn’t feel close to them at all. She only felt that this place was very unfamiliar and noisy.

“I might go and chat with some business partners for a while. Rao Rao, follow your brother and be careful,” Shen Feng instructed Mo Rao.

“I know. Brother Shen Feng, just do your thing.” Mo Rao nodded.

After seeing Shen Feng leave, she and Mo Yuan found a place to sit down and wait for the birthday banquet to begin.

Although the Qu family couldn’t compare to the Fu family, they were still a family with a high status in the business circle. Mo Rao saw many people from noble families and some of them appeared on entertainment news quite often.

Mo Yuan let her sit here while he walked around to familiarize himself with the Qu family’s environment.

Mo Rao was wearing a blue gown. Her skin was so fair that it was glowing. Her smooth black hair was draped over her shoulders and there was a crystal necklace hanging in front of her beautiful collarbone. Just like her, it emitted a transparent and beautiful luster.

She picked up a small pastry and ate it while quietly watching the people coming and going. At this moment, a man came up to strike up a conversation.

“Hello, beautiful. Why are you sitting here alone?” The man was about 30 years old. He looked average, but there was a wretched look in his eyes as he sized Mo Rao up.