Chapter 320 - Don’t Be Affected By Him

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Chapter 320: Don’t Be Affected By Him

In the end, the man’s gaze landed on Mo Rao’s chest. Her cleavage looked so attractive.

Mo Rao felt very uncomfortable under the man’s gaze. She raised her hand to cover her chest and said coldly, “I’m not alone. My brother and the others have something to do now and will be back later.”

This should be enough to let this wretched man leave.

Although he was rich, she wasn’t interested in such a lewd man.

“I see. Let me tell you, there are many playboys here. If they see a beauty like you alone, they will definitely have designs on you. Before your brother comes back, I’ll accompany you and help you ward off some lewd men.” The wretched man sat down beside Mo Rao on the sofa. As soon as he sat down close to Mo Rao, he smelled a fragrance.

Mo Rao felt disgusted. She moved to the side and rejected the man. “No need. We’re not close.”

What lewd men? This wretched man was the worst of them all!

Seeing Mo Rao dodge, the wretched man actually moved and pressed against her again, emitting a disgusting smell.

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“Yan Qiang, get lost!” At this moment, a woman appeared. She grabbed the wretched man and shook him off.

Mo Rao looked up in surprise. It was Qu You.

Qu You was wearing a red dress that made her look elegant and noble. She glared at the wretched man as she said, “Leave quickly. Don’t harass people here, or I’ll tell your wife!”

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll leave!” Hearing Qu You’s words, the wretched man was so frightened that he immediately left.

So this wretched man had a wife? Mo Rao felt even more disgusted. At the same time, she was very grateful for Qu You’s help. “Thank you, Miss Qu.”

When Qu You saw Mo Rao again, she stared straight at her.

She had seen Mo Rao on television before, but seeing was believing.

After two years, Mo Rao actually became prettier than before and had more feminine charm to her. No wonder Fu Ying wanted to win her back.

“You’re welcome. I just can’t stand seeing wretched men. Are you here to attend my aunt’s birthday banquet?” Qu You sat down beside Mo Rao.

Her good impression of Mo Rao came from her disgust for Qu Ru.

Mo Rao nodded. “Yes.”

“Oh.” Qu You started to stare at Mo Rao again.

Mo Rao felt her hair stand on end from her gaze and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong? Is my face dirty?”

Qu You shook her head. She only felt that Mo Rao seemed to look a little like her aunt, Qu Xue, and her grandmother when she was young. Of course, she had only seen her grandmother’s young appearance in black-and-white photos.

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“Who are you with?” Qu You suddenly asked. If she wasn’t mistaken, Fu Ying was with Qu Ru now.

“I came with Shen Feng and my brother,” Mo Rao replied. She didn’t have a good impression of Qu You, but she didn’t hate her either. Coupled with the fact that she had helped her just now, she felt a trace of gratitude.

Qu You nodded thoughtfully before blurting out, “I thought you came with Fu Ying. He’s in the back garden with Qu Ru now.”

Hearing Fu Ying’s name, Mo Rao paused and her expression darkened.

As soon as she finished speaking, Mo Rao’s expression turned even uglier.

Qu You was speechless. The more she spoke, the more she offended Mo Rao.

Mo Rao was stunned. She actually felt that what Qu You said made sense.

It meant that she hadn’t let go yet. Otherwise, why would her mood get affected again and again?

“You’re right. I’ll try.” Mo Rao finally smiled again.

“That’s better. Look at how beautiful you look when you smile. Don’t pull a long face. Qu Ru will be here later. If she sees you moping, she will be overjoyed.” Qu You just didn’t want Qu Ru to get what she wanted.

Mo Rao realized that this eldest daughter of the Qu family was very straightforward and true to herself. When she hated someone, she wouldn’t pretend to like that person.

It was easier to get along with such a person.